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How to Attract Customers In Retail Stores With Coupon Code Marketing

Attracting new customers and generating continuous businesses are vital concerns for any retail store, especially for small retail stores. Offering coupons to customers is an excellent tool for retailers after attracting customers, increasing sales, building customer loyalty, and increasing traffic to their store. Each consumer is open to an opportunity to receive a discount and More >

Does your retail app deliver all these features in 2020?

There is no single doubt that the retail market is driven by speed, convenience, customer experience, and technology. Consumers are increasingly demanding for a personalized experience. Retail businesses can no longer relax simply because they have the best products in the market. Technology has become the most significant competitive advantage in today’s digital era. More More >

Collect Data at Your Next Event with a Social Media Kiosk

No doubt connecting with your clients and customers at your events has a significant impact on how you market your business in the future. Collecting valuable event attendee information has replaced direct product selling at events. Any brand aiming for success must leverage technology to collect data the easy and smart way. Events are full More >

Best Email Collection Apps For 2020

For many brands, mobile apps are changing the way business is being conducted. Data collection apps have quickly replaced scanners that were for a long time popular for capturing data at events and trade shows. The best email collection apps instantly provide you with the data you need. You also get to start customer engagement More >

What Is the Ideal Waiver Format for Your B2c Events

If you are a brand running a business that hosts outdoor activities, you should probably be wondering whether you should get your customers to sign a waiver form. Waivers are not new in businesses and they set terms right from the start. What Is the Ideal Waiver Format for Your B2c Events – OnSpot Social More >

Best Event Promotion Ideas For 2020

Whether you are aiming at driving sign-ups or trying to build brand awareness, a well-thought-out event promotion strategy is vital. The benefits of creating an event marketing plan are countless. All focused on growing your engagement, brand awareness and other important aspects of your brand. Event promotion can be overwhelming when you intend to accomplish More >

Best iPad app for data collection in 2020

Collecting data can be daunting and too relaxed at the same time. What makes all the difference is the tool that isused. Unfortunately, it is not easy when there are several brands that you could choose from and then knowing which one is your ideal data collection app that will do the job well. Best More >

Best Customer Lead Management Software for Businesses

Lead management software has changed the face of sales team operation and marketing at large. Lead management software makes it easy for a brand to build relationships with potential customers leading to fast conversions. With several of those tools in the market, it will not be easy to tell which one is suitable for your More >

How to Create and Execute a Successful Lead Generation Strategy

High-quality lead generation is the heart of every successful business. For this reason, each brand should learn how to create and execute a successful lead generation strategy. Desired return on investments, increased conversions all depends on how a business optimizes its lead generating strategy. What is lead generation? Lead generation marketing is the process of More >

Collect Offline Form Submissions from Any Location

The reliability of electronic data collection apps, even when there is no internet, has opened doors to new possibilities. These apps are now part of every meaningful data collection exercise. Use of smart devices has significantly increased in the last few years. However, internet availability is still an issue in several parts of the world.  More >

Top 5 Lead Capture Apps for Trade Shows

Depending on your trade show goals, you may want to capture leads and retrieve them as well. There are quite a number of trade show lead capture apps that can be of help. The question is, which one will enable you to achieve your lead capturing goals? You cannot make sales without having captured enough More >

What Is The Best Way To Collect Email Addresses?

Email collection can no longer be ignored by brands that wish to grow. Unfortunately, most companies are unable to collect emails addresses effectively. Whichever type of business you run; the truth remains one can never collect enough emails. Email gives brands a good ground to engage their prospects and turn them into loyal customers.   More >

What Makes A Great B2C Lead Collection App?

Email capture is the key to any successful marketing strategy. Without your customer and prospects’ data, your business is unlikely to strive in this digital era. Reaching your target audience is easy when you have a great lead collection app at your disposal.   There are several businesses that are collecting prospects’ emails but lack More >

Why OnSpot is considered the best email capture app in 2019

The process of assigning multiple forms to teammates and continuously tracking their records is daunting. Mobile data collection apps are here to save you the frustrations that come with manual data collection.  Here is  why OnSpot Social is considered the best email capture app in 2019: 1.    Seamless setup Each email capture app in the More >

How to Promote an Event on Social Media

Is it possible to get more out of your social media? Attendees that can be at your event hang out on social media. As a brand, you have to realize that each time your post, you compete with several brands. So how do you stand out from the rest and win the hearts of your More >

How to collect email addresses at events

For any business, newsletters are a great way to keep your product or service at the front of your customers’ minds. For your emails to be successful, you need a quality email list. Luckily, there are several ways of collecting email addresses at events for a  great list. This article has looked into how to More >

Best Experiential Marketing Examples of 2019 So Far

We live at a time when businesses and brands want to be more elaborate and do better. The most successful brands are not reliant on passive audiences; they mainly create fun experiences that initiate customer engagement through hands-on approaches that are meant to encourage them to be an active part of the brand. Experiential marketing More >

Best Email Collection App for Your Next Event

Attendees and exhibitors are the most crucial groups of people at any outdoor event. They are undoubtedly the key to making your events a success.  Unfortunately, building long-lasting relationships with them is not easy. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be.  Email collection apps let you capture leads and follow up on More >

Best Data Collection App for Building Your Leads

There are several methods of collecting data at events and exhibitions.  Unfortunately, most businesses are stuck on the same data collection method year after year.  Business events are one of the best marketing channels for B2B companies. Such events offer a vital opportunity for data collection that can be used to better various aspects of More >

Your Perfect Mobile Event App to Increase Engagement

Attendee experience is the only key to the success of your events. Besides realizing your business goals, you should focus on ensuring that your attendees are having the best experience ever. No matter the type of event you wish to host, attendee engagement is the number one definer of the attendee experience and capitalizing on More >

How To Boost Your Sales With A Retailer App

Learning how to boost sales can be time consuming and exhausting. You might not even know where to begin! Fortunately, retailer apps are here to save you the headache. An iPad in a retail environment is nothing new. Businesses are now taking advantage of the retail apps to get so much done within a short More >

How to Grow Your Social Media List In 2019

Do social media followers matter? Social media list building is vital for any business since no business thrives without generating leads for nurturing. In this article, we have given a road map on how to grow your social media following.  Remember healthy followers generate a positive proof for your brand on social media, lead to More >

Develop Winning Lead Generation Techniques That Work

Use of mobile data collection software is no longer a choice in this digital era. Several data collection techniques can help you generate leads in no time. However, real lead generation starts with a well- laid out strategy. We have discussed some of the best data collection methods that you can ride on to improve More >

6 Winning Event Promotion Secrets Revealed

How do I promote my event online? We all know that promoting an event can be a daunting task especially when you are trying to tackle all tasks at once.  The good news is that there are several event apps in the market to help you do the job within a short period. Even though, More >

What Is Amplification Marketing?

Do you find yourself creating fantastic content but lack people to see it? Well, that’s the story among many businesses that lack proper content amplification strategies. Fortunately for you, this article will highlight the important aspects of content amplification marketing and how to do it right. But first… Amplification meaning Amplification is a marketing term More >

7 Tips for Running a Successful Live Event

Running a successful live event is no joke. Even though, with proper strategies in place, you are not likely to face any frustrations. This article has put together the 7 tips for running a successful live event and the application you can use for planning and running your events effortlessly.   Running a successful live More >

How to Do Publicity for an Event

Wondering if there is any existence of cool promotional event ideas that yield results?  The truth of the matter is that you will still feel anxious about your upcoming event even after putting so much effort into organizing it. As a business owner, you must have a marketing strategy for your events that will encourage More >

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