What Is The Best Way To Collect Email Addresses?

Email collection can no longer be ignored by brands that wish to grow. Unfortunately, most companies are unable to collect emails addresses effectively. Whichever type of business you run; the truth remains one can never collect enough emails. Email gives brands a good ground to engage their prospects and turn them into loyal customers.


Collecting email addresses effectively can make all the difference in a winning campaign - OnSpot Social
Collecting email addresses effectively can make all the difference in a winning campaign – OnSpot Social


15 Proven ways to collect emails

Here are 15 ways to capture emails addresses for your brand growth:

1.   Facebook ads

It does not matter the size of your brand, Facebook is a great platform to grow capture new leads for future nurturing. Even when you have less money to spare for ads, you will be able to capture a good number of leads each day.

The most interesting aspect of capturing leads using Facebook is that they are already influenced to buy your products or services. The ads let you target the audience based on their age, buying behavior and location.

2.   Subscription pop-ups

Lightbox pop up works impressively when it comes to capturing new leads. The pop-ups make it effortless for your website visitors to subscribe to your email.

To attain fast success with pop-ups include a strong and irresistible offer such as product discounts. It is important to experiment with different pop-ups depending on how visitors use the website.

3.   Contests

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Running a giveaway contest is also an effective way to collect emails.   They usually attract unending attention and this is good news when you intend to build your email list. You can take advantage of an email capturing app such as OnSpot Social to host a digital contest at your events or on social media. All participants have to submit their email details before they are allowed to participate in digital games and contests.

4.   Gated content

Offer your best content in exchange for an email address.  The trick is to make your customers feel special about getting content that is not just available to anyone. This way they will be intrigued to sign up thus making it easy for you to grow your email list.

5.   Ask for them

Just ask for the email addresses! The best time to do this is when talking to a prospect on one, on phone, on social networks or as they sign in for a service on your website. All you have to do is tell them how they will benefit from your brand. People need a convincing reason to give out their contact, so make it sound as genuine and valuable as possible.

6.   Include links on forms

Make use of the email signature to get newsletter sign-ups. Include a link to the signup with the signature. One thing you have to understand is that not everyone is ready to be part of your newsletter mailing list. This gives your audience a good chance to join your list and stay updated with your products and services.

7.   Refer a friend

Are you using the list of friends and leads you to have your advantage? If not, start now! The most common way to capture emails through a refer-friend system is by making it possible for your email list to forward the email to their friends. Include a link in your email to make the process easy for them.

This will help you get gain leads through word of mouth which works very well. The person the mail is forwarded to will likely sign up for your newsletter which is already attached in your email signature. They may also visit your website and find out more about your service and products.

8.   Give content upgrade

Create an appealing blog post tackling the needs of your audience. Include a line of copy at the beginning and end of the article that offers to send the list in printable, pdf or any other format when they enter an email address. You can include a link in the post and a pop up with an email sign up form to make it more tempting and easy for your visitors.

9.   Offer email series

This is an excellent method of keeping your audience engaged. Choose to offer tutorials or short courses of subject matter that address their needs. Let your first email introduce them to what you are offering and the benefits.  To collect emails through this method, you need to showcase your series in a separate platform where you can collect the emails.


Collect email addresses to boost your next campaign and form part of your overall marketing strategy - OnSpot Social
Collect email addresses to boost your next campaign and form part of your overall marketing strategy – OnSpot Social


10. Live video tutorials

People are more attracted to images than words. Take advantage of this fact and come up with a live tutorial. During a live tutorial, your audience is likely to ask questions expecting answers from you. This is the best time to ask for their email addresses to engage further and have their questions answered in details.

  • You can also store these videos on your website and only give access to the users that provide their email information.

   11. Offer gifts

Be smarter and offer gifts that you know your audience needs to use immediately. These offers include eBooks, product samples, free course and much more. Makes sure that whatever you offer can solve a problem today and not tomorrow!  Create a pop up to help you capture leads interested in your offer.

12. Use a scrolling box

A scrolling box pops up when your website visitor scrolls down on a landing page. The scrolling box should have an eye-catching message to reduce the chances of your visitors closing it down.  Create a short form, preferably one that only asks for the name and the email address.

13. Use webinars

Webinars are a goldmine when you want to showcase your expertise in your industry. This helps you portray your brand as a leader in the field.  Tell your visitors what value the webinar has so as to trigger them into signing up for your email for updates on the same.

14. Host an event

Events are good places for engagement and email collection. You may include a sign up for the attendee or use one of the many email collection apps such as OnSpot Social to collect the emails at the event.

With an email capture app, your leads contact information is automatically transferred to a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) platform of your choice where you will be able to segment the list depending on various factors for nurturing purposes.

15. Reach out 1-2-1

Reaching out to your audience is also an effective way to collect emails. Each time you are out there discussing your business, do not miss that chance to capture emails. Inform your prospects that you may send vital information about your offers via email.

Our final words

Building an email list takes time. The key is to provide quality content often and wrap it in a beautiful manner that will attract people to give their emails in exchange for it.

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