Case Study: Realtor App for Open Houses

Realtor App used for open houses via the OnSpot Social App
eXp Realty | Real Estate Agent case study using the OnSpot Social App

Industry: Real Estate

Company Type: Real Estate Brokerage

Company Location: Seattle, Washington

About the Company: eXp Realty is one of the fastest growing real estate brokerage firms in North America. Experts are calling eXp Realty the “Amazon” of real estate.

Marketing Challenge

eXp Realty employs a large number of real estate agents, each of whom are running open houses every day. eXp realized that they were missing opportunities to capture leads, and engage buyers, during open houses.

eXp Realty needed a real estate tool that all realtors could use for lead generation and marketing at open houses.

Marketing Solution

eXp Realty started using OnSpot Social as a realtor app to collect home buyer contact information, as well as, collect feedback on the open house.

With an iPad set up in the kitchen of each home, buyers could quickly enter in their information, fill out the open house survey, and submit their results back to the realtor.

Marketing Results

In real estate sales, open houses are critical to selling homes. In a single day, a realtor at eXp Realty collected critical buyer feedback from dozens of home buyers using the OnSpot Social realtor app.

Of the data collected:

45 open house surveys completed

40+ leads collected

Example Auto Text & Email Screen

Instantly send real estate materials to leads collected at open houses with the OnSpot Social realtor app by letting people select if they want to receive your information as a text message or email message.

Realtor App Case Study with the OnSpot Social App

Stop Using Paper & Pen Signup Forms at Your Open Houses

Collect contact information and send marketing content to buyers during open houses with the real estate app, OnSpot Social.