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The App for Email Collection and Lead Capture at Events and in Stores


Set up an iPad to engage customers and market your brand ANYWHERE


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Email & Lead Capture

Unlimited email collection, sign-ups, lead capture, contact information, and social media followers

Customer Engagement

Create fun experiences anywhere with branded games & contests, a photo booth, and unlimited mobile surveys

Product Promotion

Increase ad conversion rates with digital signage, product videos, and texting mobile coupons on the spot.

Works At Every Location With-or-Without Internet

In Your Business

Stores, restaurants, offices, colleges, and more.

At Events

Trade shows, conferences, community events.

In The Field

Client meetings, off-site visits, sales calls.

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Key benefits they love

Significantly Increase Email List & Social Following

Saves times, reduces errors, no more pen & paper forms

Digital coupons & games entice customers to take action

Our Integration Partners

Extend the customer experience with real-time data transfer from OnSpot Social to your existing sales & marketing platforms.