Case Study: Lead Capture

Lead Capture Case Study with the OnSpot Social App
Nutrition Systems Logo - OnSpot Social App

Industry: Sports Nutrition

Company Type: Health/Fitness/Weight Loss Distributor

Company Location: Sydney, Australia

About the Company: Australia's leading Sports Nutrition Distributor, supplying only the most trusted and premium quality brands. These products are designed to help people achieve their health, fitness and weight loss goals.

Marketing Challenge

Nutrition Systems needed an easy way to collect leads at various trade shows and B2C events.

Collecting contact information on a paper form was not effective, and for those consumers who did sign up, adding their information into a spreadsheet took Nutrition Systems employees far too long.

Marketing Solution

Nutrition Systems attended 3 large trade show events, utilizing the OnSpot Social lead capture app at their booth.

People walking past their booth would be drawn in by OnSpot Social’s digital signage feature and ultimately enticed to enter their contact information on iPads running the OnSpot Social app.

Nutrition Systems collected thousands of leads during their events.

Marketing Results

During 3 trade show events Nutrition Systems was able to successfully collect a total of 15,674 qualified leads using the OnSpot Social app for lead generation.

Of the data collected:

6,300+ leads provided contact information which included name, e-mail address, & mobile number

9,000+ Facebook Likes were collected

Example Lead Capture Screen

Collect leads' contact information from name and mailing address, to mobile number and email with the OnSpot Social lead capture app.

Lead Capture Example with the OnSpot Social App

Are you collecting as many leads as you could be?

Collect leads at events, in stores, and during sales meetings in the field with the OnSpot Social lead capture app.