Why Use an Estate Agent App to Prospect Customers

We live at a time when the world is obsessed with screen time. Still, real estate apps are almost ignored completely by most real estate businesses. This in return leaves a huge competitive advantage open for any business that has a real estate app.


Use the best estate agent app on the market - OnSpot Social
Use the best estate agent app on the market – OnSpot Social


What are the benefits of using an app in the real estate business?

There are so many advantages of using a real estate app to prospect customers. Here are some of the reasons we came up with:

1.   Lightweight

The best real estate apps such as OnSpot Social apps are not complicated at all.  The app focusses mainly on what your prospects need the most. OnSpot Social, for example, focuses on creating the best property search experience for each device used. The app’s features are created and optimized for specific devices hence stronger user experience.

The app developers understand that most users will access the app through their smartphone. They, therefore, build it for micro-moments that highly guide the prospect’s decision about a particular property.

  • You will love the fact that realtor apps will not slow down your devices, they will work seamlessly to give your and prospects an easy time.

2.   Increase customer engagement

Research shows that 85% of new generation hardly part with their phones. This is good news for a real estate agent as it makes it possible for you to connect with a large audience in the app.

Another research concluded that apps deliver twice the user retention than other means of communication.  This is because they can build loyalty and conversations much fast.

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OnSpot Social app lets you send push notifications directly to your prospects smartphone. You can trigger push notification in different ways such as:

  • New listing updates
  • Discounts
  • Price reduction
  • Property recommendations

Unlike the use of an email, the above push notifications are likely to increase customer and prospect engagement tremendously. They will keep the user coming back to the app severally.

3.   Personalize   your services

With the help of an excellent CRM, a realtor app will help you keep records of types of homes your clients are looking for, neighborhoods they desire, price ranges, number of bedrooms needed and much more. Every small detail you capture from your prospects can help you personalize your real estate services as much as possible. This will in return help you convince the prospect hence converting them into a client.

It is unprofessional to send listings to a prospect that does not match their criteria.  Chances are you will lose the prospect of your competition. Remember that if you are not doing things right, your competition is.


Use the OnSpot Social App as your best performing estate agent app to sell your next property
Use the OnSpot Social App as your best performing estate agent app to sell your next property


4.   Automate tasks

Time is of the essence of any business.  A realtor app such as OnSpot Social lets you automate different tasks so that your mind is at peace for other aspects of your business that cannot be automated like taking your prospects to an open house. Again, with a robust CRM, you can compose an email and send it to the specific dates and the CRM will automatically deliver when the time comes. This will not only help you stay engaged with your customers, but it will also show them that you value their loyalty

5.   Boost brand visibility

Increasing brand loyalty and recognition might take some time.  However, because apps are used more frequently and for larger periods, you are likely to gain some real subscribers. Mobile users spend most of their time on mobile apps than on business websites. In relation to this, mobile applications are basically the best investment for any businesses that aim at increasing their return on investment significantly.

6.   Optimized user experience

Users deserve a better experience as they shop for properties. Realtor apps adapt website information for mobile use. OnSpot Social app boosts a search feature so that users can type in and discover new properties. On the other hand, realtor websites contain newsletters, email subscription boxes, buyer guides and biographies which may confuse and distract your prospects.

7.   Immediate responses

Responding to queries on time is a vital component of a successful conversion.  OnSpot app includes a customizable autoresponder feature that enables you to give an immediate response to your prospects.

The good news is that autoresponders can be personalized for a specific set of prospects. It is only important that you get as responsive as possible; it is one way of engaging your customers.


Use an estate app to prospect customer to snatch up that next property - OnSpot Social App
Use an estate app to prospect customer to snatch up that next property – OnSpot Social App


8.   Return traffic from your real estate website

Truth be told, prospects dislike using the website to search for properties, they well know that mobile apps are well optimized for the same purpose.

The top real estate businesses are taking advantage of this simple fact and have developed apps that help users get what they want in less time.

9.   Get real-time feedback

Progress is built on customer feedback. It is not professional to keep on throwing ideas out there hoping that they will stick. With a realtor app, you can measure and track your business success over time.

You will be able to look at your campaign email open rates, click-through rates, type of listings that your clients mostly prefer and much more.

  • An app gives you proper insights so that you can focus on what works for your clients and prospects.

Summing it up

There are just too many reasons as to why a realtor app is a must for any real estate business. You no longer have the option of including it in your marketing budget. OnSpot Social is the best real estate app and we are positive that it will help you close those deals fast than never before.

Remember that enhancing customer engagement and loyalty are the main reasons as to why you should invest in a realtor app. As a business, you are unlikely to establish stronger ties with your prospects without a proper app. This is the best time for real estate agents to step up and take advantage of this road, less followed.




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