How to Attract Customers In Retail Stores With Coupon Code Marketing

Attracting new customers and generating continuous businesses are vital concerns for any retail store, especially for small retail stores. Offering coupons to customers is an excellent tool for retailers after attracting customers, increasing sales, building customer loyalty, and increasing traffic to their store.

Each consumer is open to an opportunity to receive a discount and save money. The key to a successful coupon campaign is to come up with a strategy to ensure effective coupon code marketing that is in-line with your store’s business objectives.

Attract Customers In Retail Stores With Coupon Code Marketing - OnSpot
Attract Customers In Retail Stores With Coupon Code Marketing – OnSpot

Here are ways to use coupons to attract customers in retail stores:

1.     Coupons as an incentive

Each business, whether online-based or brick and motor, needs a loyal customer base. It is not easy to attract a following. However,  It is much easier to build one when you offer your target audience a few incentives.  In this case, there is no better  incentive than a discount in  the future purchases

You can provide a coupon code as a reward to any individual who can complete the desired action, such as email sign up liking your faceBook business page.  The coupon code will significantly attract a following and increase customer engagement.

2.    Coupon to increase online following

Every business has quite a good number of offline following. There are several individuals that you can be able to get to in person. One of how you can reach your offline audience is through events, trade shows, festivities, and more industry meetups. It is always good to meet face to face with people who are interact ting with your brand.

While at it, you need to give out promotional material or a card that features a coupon code. This is one of the easiest ways to increase sales and capture emails for maturing. You will have turned a good number of your offline parties into online customers within a short while.

3.     Use coupons to attract repeated purchases.

It is easy to scale your business to the next level if you are not able to attract repeated businesses. The good news is that coupon codes can help you make sure that your business enjoys the privilege that comes with repeated buying.

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The best way to go about this is to email your previous customers a coupon code for a good discount on the next purchase they make.  Most of your customers will feel like they are; losing some money by not buying using the coupon, and this will; prompt them to take action as soon as possible.

You can go a step further to make them feel special by including a thank you note with a full printed coupon to be shipped along with their purchase.

OnSpot Social app lets you send a post-purchase email that includes a coupon code to your customers.  The app’s automated triggered emails provide a significant engagement with the customer and encourage action as you build loyalty to your brand.

4.     Coupons to create urgency and attract new customers

It is usual for people to be reluctant about purchasing an item even when your pricing is right. There is always that urge to abandon the cart for later.

You can be able to create unique coupons that will reduce the number of abandoned carts. You must send an email to any individual who has left their cart so that they can go back and complete their purchases.

The best way to encourage your customers is to take action and offer them access to a discount with an expiry date; it might be within hours or even minutes. Alternatively, you can generate a coupon code that needs to be used immediately.

Attract Customers In Retail Stores With Coupon Code Marketing - OnSpot
Attract Customers In Retail Stores With Coupon Code Marketing – OnSpot

Five types of coupons  to attract  customers in the retail store

Any marketing strategy you put in place should reflect your business objectives and goals. This applies to the kind of coupon you should offer to attract customers in your retail store. Here are the five types of coupons to use:

1.    Pre-sale coupons

This type of coupon lets you advertise way before the sales begin. Offering coupons to your audience for loyalty is one way to make them feel appreciated. It is worth noting that the majority of businesses make the majority of their sales from repeat customers.

You must create a list of your repeat customers and offer them customized pre-sales coupons. This will help them feel valued, and this will, in the end, boost your sales significantly.

2.     Quantity discount coupons

Quality coupon grows in value depending on how much the customer purchases. An ideal card should kick in when a customer has bought three or more items.

This is the best coupon type for any retailer that is looking to move the product quickly or one that is interested in making space for more new products.

3.     Limited time offer coupon

The best way to attract new customers in your retail store and male sales is to create an imaginable sense of urgency.

The limited-time coupon acts as a trigger. Give your discount a fast timeline to elicit actions as soon as possible.  Remember, you have to make sure that your retail customers are able to see the coupon right on time.  It has to be viewed less than 5 minutes by 98% of your customers.

4.     Trackable Coupon

Trackable coupons are generated by creating a standalone code for multiple users. They are also created by creating a unique system assigned to specific customers. Both of these methods are valuable.

You will have to collect information such as redemption rates, open rates upon sending the coupons to your customers in the store.

5.     Sign – up Coupon

Sign-up coupons are incentives for completing the desired action. This is one of the best ways to start a  customer loyalty program. This type of coupon will be offered at the checkout to each customer and provide instant gratification


There are several benefits of coupons for business as you can already see. The beauty of using coupons is that several strategies can be used at once. Regardless of the direction that your retail store takes, it is crucial to know that couponing is an effective way to grow and maintain your customer base.

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