How to Streamline Your Online Waiver Signup Process Using OnSpot Social App

There is no doubt that you are likely to host a one of a kind event that gets your participants totally excited. Is a liability waiver necessary? It is wise to be prepared for the worst outcome of any event. Using waivers may not be your focus at the moment, but the truth is; signing liability waivers should be the first thing on your mind before you host any event.

With all the technology and software, waivers are no longer bulk papers that they used to be, they are also more than just liability protection.  They are now used for efficient event check-in to provide enhanced safety to participants and help update event participants records accordingly.


How to Streamline Your Online Waiver Signup Process Using OnSpot Social App
How to Streamline Your Online Waiver Signup Process Using OnSpot Social App


 Why use on spot social app?

OnSpot Social is an online waiver service that is unique and easy to use. This app lets you speed up your waiver signing process with its robust features.  Here is how to get started with OnSpot Social app:

1. Set up your digital waiver

OnSpot Social app lets you convert your existing papers into a digital waiver, to help you get rid of excess paperwork in just a few minutes. The app’s electronic waiver service is perfect for creating online release forms or liability waivers just when you need them.  You can even create and store as many waiver templates as you need to help you speed up the waiver crafting process.

This is so far the best online waiver system that fits each business needs. With OnSpot Social, creating and signing up waiver forms is easier than you think.

More brands are now more than ever inclined towards eliminating the need for paperwork for their events. OnSpot Social app lets your participants sign their waivers earlier from their computers.

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Create your waivers in minutes

OnSpot Social app lets you create your digital waiver forms in a few minutes by using customizable waiver templates. The app boasts data verified controls and custom keyboard that ensures accuracy and fast keying at all times.


The app lets you seamlessly create your electronic signature and add it directly to your campaign screens.  Add your logo, font size, color, background, waiver text, and more.

Age parameters

The software developers understand that you may have minor participants during your events. For this reason, the app lets you set up an online minor liability waiver for any adult that needs to sign a minor. All you have to do is set the preferred minimum age for the participants.

Intuitive dashboard

Track any information that you want, such as about who is signing your digital waiver forms and when. Also access any information you need in seconds.

Signature capture

The app lets you quickly collect digital waiver signatures online to add to the agreements.  You can add the e- signature screen to your screen campaigns during your events.

Customize your waiver fields

OnSpot Social lets you collect any personal information that you need from your participants. You can then tie the waiver release back to the individual with several screen types that include contact details, addresses, questions, and more.

2. Execute waivers

Works offline

This app works offline. It captures e -signatures on waiver forms or terms and conditions from anywhere. Simply collect waiver signups using your smartphone or tablet, and all the data collected will automatically synchronize to your account once you access the internet.

 QR code

OnSpot Social lets you customize a QR code, print it and use it at any location. You can then let your participants scan the code and fill in from their won smartphone during the event.

 Supports kiosk mode

This app supports Kiosk mode; all you have to do is set up your iPad as a waiver station so that you can collect digital signature waivers.

 Send waivers via email.

Each digital waiver template has an online waiver link that you can email to your participants, so as to fill in the electronic waiver before the day of the event. This helps you save time significantly.  You will receive an email notification once your participants have signed their waiver forms, they will also get a copy of their signed waiver through the email.

 Embed to your website

OnSpot Social lets you upload a PDF to display your event terms and conditions. You can also add the waiver to your event website for the participants to download and fill in.


Streamline Your Online Waiver Signup Process Using OnSpot Social App
Streamline Your Online Waiver Signup Process Using OnSpot Social App


3. Manage your waivers

Get your waivers in seconds

The app lets you search for any desired waiver using the name, phone detail, or even signed date. By using any unique searching criteria, you will be able to access the waiver you are looking for in seconds.  You can also add any personal notes alongside the waiver signatures you collect. Additionally, use letters to search through your waivers effortlessly.

 Easy and safe storage

Unlike paper waiver forms that you cannot keep for long, this app features secure data encryption to help keep your data safe when using the digital waiver forms. You can also add preferred staff users to your account so that you have limited account permissions to ensure optimum data security.

 Email marketing

The app lets you nurture your business through other platforms such as email. OnSpot Social seamlessly integrates with an email marketing platform of your choice. The E-mails on the waiver forms will be added to your list automatically! You can also transfer all the digital waiver form data to a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system of your choice to save your time by automating tasks.

Our final thoughts

You can no longer overlook the role of digital waivers. They have become a seamless and important part of the event registration or check-in process for brands. With OnSpot Social, you will get it right every time you host an event.

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