Sweepstakes and retail games for customers to engage in your store

Contests and giveaways are promotional and professional tactics that the retails are can use to capture leads as well as engage with existing customers. The use of sweepstakes and retail games for customers can help you build brand awareness and grow different aspects of your business.

It is worth noting that the importance of contests and giveaways goes beyond the happiness and excitement that surround the event. You will easily capture all the data you need to build long-lasting relationships with your customers.

You will love the flexibility that comes with instore sweepstakes and indoor digital games. They give you the freedom to spend as much or as little as you wish.  Depending on your marketing strategy, there are so many benefits that you can fetch when it comes to indoor digital contests.

It is crucial to remember that sweepstakes and digital games are not the only viable options for your customers. They are very excellent tactics to help increase your customer engagement and, of course, performance.

OnSpot Social app; Your digital contests solution
OnSpot Social app; Your digital contests solution

OnSpot Social app; Your digital contests solution

OnSpot Social app is one of the best customer engagement software for a wide range of businesses.

The app lets you work from any location with or without the internet. It boasts various digital coupons and games to engage your instore customers and also entice them to take action.

We have listed some digital games and sweepstakes that will help you connect with customers, motivate your employees, and add goodness into your instore shopping experience:

1.    Photo contest

Photography for the contest does not need to be majestic.  You will need to challenges your customers or employees to fun photography contests. OnSpot Social features several campaign screens to help you create an ideal customer experience. One of his displays is the photo capture screen.  This screen lets your users interact with your brand, capture fun photos of themselves while at it and text themselves  the photo filmstrip with on spot social app’s photo capture app

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One sure thing that you have to understand is that photos can highlight your product or brands. This is an excellent chance for the retailer to capture user-generated content.

2.    Scratch and win games

OnSpot Social makes let you engage your instore visitors with scratch and win games. You can quickly customize your screen design to make it appealing and logical. This app has all the necessary tools to get you started.

OnSpot Social app’s scratch and win games let you convert any store visitor into customers so fast. This is one of the best ways to create endless magical customer experiences.

3.    Product customization

Product customization is one of the ways to encourage creativity among your in-store customers.  The best way to go about this s to ask them to customize your product in some way as part of the contests. You may also set up an online platform that lets your customers add different colors to your products.

4.    Guessing games

Guessing games are fun instore games that will get your customers well engaged. You can get to set up a simple guessing game and reward the person who can get the correct answer.

5.    Tag a friend contests

Tag a friend is one of the digital content that you can ride on to increase customer engagement. With this type of competition, you will have to choose a platform that you think will work. Face book is one of the platforms that let you host promotions effortlessly.

What you have to do is post a photo of your brand or product and state rules plus the giveaway timelines. Ask your customers to tag their friends in the comments section as a criterion to enter the contest.

Choose one comment randomly and award the winner. This digital game can also be played instore.

6.    Voting promotions

Voting promotions are another example of digital contests that you can use to engage your customers, both in-store and online. Facebook, for instance,  gives your followers the power to take control when it comes to choosing contest winners.  One way you can go about this is to ask your followers to submit a photo or leave a comment on your post. You can then ask your followers to like their favorite submissions. The award then goes to the individuals whose submission gathers more likes.

7.    Giveaways and sweepstakes

What are sweepstakes? When it comes to sweepstakes, all the participants will have to submit their information through a riffle ticket or online platform. A basic sweepstake usually provides a low barrier to entry and allows you to collect your customer information easily.

Sweepstakes can be used to increase customer engagement instore. For instance, you can have the customers at your customers leave a review of the product that they have purchased. The discussions will open a channel for endless customer engagement and an ability to build long-lasting relationships.

OnSpot Social app also features giveaways and sweepstakes to help you increase customer engagement and retention by running a contest to give away prizes to users who can complete their experiential marketing campaigns.


The best promotional giveaways are fun. They employ elements of gamification to bring about feelings of excitement among participants. The concept of sweepstakes and digital contests might sound complicated, but it doesn’t need to be.

The main goals of giveaways and contests are to capture leads, engage them with the existing customers for long-lasting relationships.

We know that it is not easy to get your customers to notice your brand. However, we feel that you will never go wrong with the OnSpot Social app’s customer engagement features.

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