Case Study: Email App for List Building

Email Collection Case Study with the OnSpot Social App
American Apparel Company - OnSpot Social App

Industry: Retail

Company Type: Clothing manufacturer and distributor

Company Location: Los Angeles, California

About the Company: As one of the world’s largest manufacturers of basic apparel, socks and legwear, American Apparel brings passion, innovation & ethical practices to the clothing industry.

Marketing Challenge

Management was not satisfied with their traditional marketing tactics for growing their email marketing database and wanted to implement an innovative in-store marketing strategy for converting shoppers into email subscribers.

Marketing Solution

American Apparel started using iPads running the OnSpot Social email app in the hands of their employees at each of their 280 store across the globe with the goal of building their email address list.

Marketing Results

In less than 14 months American Apparel successfully used the OnSpot Social email app to collect email addresses & contact information from millions of shoppers.

Of the data collected:

1+ million email addresses were collected

1+ million new leads were captured

Example Email Collection Screen

A simple user interface, custom keyboard for quick data entry, combined with the flexibility to use it anywhere, email list building has never been easier.

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