How to Keep Your Business Thriving During a Pandemic

While the world begins to unfurl from quarantine and businesses open shop, brick and mortar stores may be struggling to keep sales afloat under less-than-normal conditions.  Business during a pandemic for retail stores and restaurants is far from the ordinary. Luckily, there are options available that may stabilize the bottom line while keeping employees safe.

Ways Brick and Mortar Stores Are Driving Sales During Pandemic

Curbside Pick-up 

Allowing customers to place orders via phone/online for curbside pickup helps at-risk consumers continue patronizing favorite establishments. While large brands like Target dominate the curbside pickup game, it could work for any size and almost any field of business including clothing boutiques, home décor, restaurants, office supplies, florists. 

Delivery Service   

Orders placed via email, phone or a website with brick-and-mortar shops could be delivered directly to the customer’s home, much like an on-line company operates.    For small business, one delivery person may suffice and set delivery days could provide an easy-to-manage system.  

Preorder Discounts 

Some businesses may want to consider offering discounts on future purchases. For instance, advertising new merchandise that will be available upon store re-opening and offering a percentage discount for a preorder could provide an income flow while the business is closed or operating on a limited schedule.  An email blast filled with photos of cool new merch could really hit the mark at a time when most people are at home, reading emails, browsing on-line retailers and looking for gift ideas.

retail sales during covid

Stay in the Forefront

Like Arnold, you’ll be back.  In the meantime, keep your brand in the customer’s mind via emails, blogs and social media posts.  Consider some humorous posts to lighten the mood.  Tweet photos of merchandise.  Blog about your exciting new products and advertise buy-from-home sales or just reach out to ask how your customers are doing.  The point is— stay in touch.  Stay active.  Be unforgettable.

Hold a Contest

One of the best ways to reignite a consumer interest is by giving something away.  Use a platform like OnSpot Social, which offers a web-based, contact-free way to run a customer contest, to get customers excited to shop with you.  With an app such as OnSpot Social, you can gather customer information in exchange for percentage discounts or other prizes. You can even encourage customers to share your contest link and reward them with a small gift or discount.   The best part is, this type of contest will help you gather more leads for future events, thus growing your customer base.

keeping business open during covid

Send a Postcard

“Wish You Were Here” is exactly what you want to relay to your loyal customers.  If you are open, let your regulars know you miss their in-person business and lay out the steps you’ve taken to ensure a safe and sanitized shopping experience.  Offer a discount or a free gift with purchase.  Even in the age of technology, nothing adds a personal touch quite like a handwritten snail mail note.

There are many ways to keep your business alive and kicking during a pandemic.   From delivery service to contests, combining the latest technology with your own creativity can help spark interest in your brand and create lasting impressions that keep ‘em coming back.

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