Gain Quality Instagram Followers For Your Business

If you’re like most business owners, gaining social media followers is at the top of your marketing strategy list.  While it’s important to have a presence across a variety of platforms, it can be helpful to turn your focus to one at a time.  Today, let’s look at ways to gain quality Instagram followers.

Engage Your Royal Loyals

Loyal customers are the royalty of your thriving business.   A recommendation from a repeat customer goes a long way to gaining new customers.   Loyal fans will also jump at the chance to interact with you. 

Involving your followers helps to spread the word about your business and also gives your loyalists a sense of belonging.  One way to involve your followers is by creating a hashtag campaign.  Ask your followers to post pictures of your products, selfies while using your product, or group photos in front of your establishment. 

Create a specific hashtag and ask to be tagged in their photos and stories.  Then, repost a handful of those posts in your brand’s stories, putting your customers in the spotlight and gaining new followers along the way.

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Weed Your Insta-Garden

Instagram is full of beautiful photos of flowers…and a whole lot of weeds in the form of spam accounts.  To gain quality Instagram followers you have to weed your insta-garden regularly.  

Once a month, clean up your Instagram platform by blocking spam accounts.  Spam accounts can be easy to spot. For instance, look for accounts that have no posts or repetitive posts.  Also, take a closer look at accounts that originate from Turkey or Argentina, where many fake accounts tend to originate.  Further, block any account that leaves a spam comment on your posts. Weeding out spam accounts will help you amass legitimate followers who will engage with your brand and buy your products.  

Trust the Algorithm

Instagram uses a specific algorithm to decide who sees what.  Accounts that follow over 1,000 other users will likely never see your posts.  To gain quality Instagram followers, block those accounts, and focus on the folks actually reading your posts.  

There’s An App For That

When building your Instagram customer base, use technology to your advantage. The OnSpot Social app was created to help your brand collect data, generate leads, and gain real social media followers. Using the app will allow your customers to connect directly with your business so they can follow your day-to-day posts and keep up with your brand’s product news.

Humanize Your Brand

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Users are fond of brands with whom they can relate.  Give your followers a “look behind the curtain,” to help humanize your brand. Use humor, pop culture, non-controversial current events, and pictures of your team to appeal to customers.  Make your brand relatable by posting about team building, funny mishaps, office productivity, or charitable events.  

Gain Quality Instagram Followers

Learn from the Past

Some Instagram posts will draw more attention than others.  One way to keep your followers engaged is to look back past posts.  To gain quality Instagram followers, find out which photos drew the most likes, and post more of the same.  Look at posts that engaged your users in conversation and boasted the most positive comments.   Then, use your past posts to craft similar future posts that will keep your audience coming back for more.

Shiny, Happy People

Brand fans as well as folks new to your company will follow you for your creative and interesting photos.  Keep your posts fresh, fun, and upbeat by posting provocative and relevant photos.  Use an occasional inspirational quote or industry-specific meme to attract attention to your feed, but be sure to keep them on-brand. 

Gain Quality Instagram Followers

Location, Location, Location

To increase your customer base, turn on your geotagging.  This step is extremely important and will help your bottom line.  Prospective customers are more likely to patronize a business if they know where it’s located. 

In Summary: So, How Do You Gain Quality Instagram Followers?

When building your Instagram campaign, be sure to consider the ideas above.  Set a goal to secure quality followers across your social media platforms, and then get to work on making it happen.  Weed out the unhelpful accounts, engage your followers with enticing posts, use available technology, and make sure your followers can find you.  Before you know it, you’ll be swimming in Instagram followers… and higher sales.

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