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After all this time, OnSpot Social reviews are still top notch. We have been a leader in the lead collection field for over a decade. Our clients have collected millions of solid leads from interested potential customers.  Our app is used at trade shows and events, as well as in-office, at retail locations and for pop-up stores.  Santa’s elves even used the app!

OnSpot Social has been a featured app by Apple for the New and Newsworthy category.  Our product, sales and service draw attention and keep customers coming back. And, we have been a top-rated app in the app store since our inception. Further, we continue to update, improve and add features to the app, often at the request of the customer.

Lead Collection Highly Rated by Customers

Customer Reviews

Why are OnSpot Social reviews so good?  Take a look at some of our reviews and what actual customers have to say about us-

Thiesens writes, “We have been using OnSpot Social for over a year now and could not imagine a world without it. We use it in 24 locations for regular email newsletter sign ups and special events. I have collected over 25,000 emails! The app is easy to use and understand.”

FinFeatherFur’s review reads, “What an awesome app to collect customer information on! We are a small business, that struggle like most to find an affordable, user friendly, app that offered tech support! We looked around and found on spot and have never turned back!”

Earl N. writes, The customers who came to our booth loved this app! The “dancing logo” on the screen definitely drew people to my husband’s booth, also the email sign up process is easy for people.

SipandSavorUSA says, “We loved working with on spot social. Very easy to set up what we needed and the amount of devices needed. Also, they really do their best to accommodate your needs into the app. Their customer service is on awesome.”

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OnSpot Social Pricing

OnSpot Social reviews are also excellent due to our pricing and plan structure. We offer three plan levels, making the app perfect for large and small businesses alike. We also meet the needs of all kinds of companies and campaigns by offering lead capture, email list building, a branded and customizable campaign builder and much more. Choose the plan that best suits your business needs. Find more information and pricing, here.

Highly Rated and Reviewed Features

One of the best things about the OnSpot Social app is the features.  The app offers three subscriptions levels, each with a different set of features that build-upon the previous level. 

The Signature Capture feature is a customer favorite!  Clients use that feature to acquire permissions and signed waivers, among other things.  Another popular feature is our Random Picker.   The random picker chooses a winner at random, from the list of emails collected at an event.   Therefore, clients can hold a contest and choose a winner on-the-spot!

Other highly reviewed features include multiple choice question boxes, surveys, google reviews, and even a Photo Booth.  Utilize the app for basic use, such as email, name and phone number capture.  Or, use the more customized features to suit your brand’s needs.

Signature Capture Highly Rated app

Data Forwarding

One feature that really stands out is our Data Forwarding capabilities.  Integrate the OnSpot Social app with Mailchimp, AWeber, iContact, Constant Contact, Infusionsoft (KEAP), Bronto’s Oracle, Salesforce, or Klayvio and others. The integration process is quick and easy and we’re here to help when you need it.  Create a complex email marketing campaign by coupling the OnSpot Social app with your email marketing platform of choice.

Customer Care

At OnSpot Social, the customer comes first.  Get your questions answered quickly via email or set up a call to speak with someone.  Email us to schedule a live demo to get help with setup, an overview of the app, help with a specific feature or simply ask questions.

Free Premium Trial

Unsure if you’re ready to purchase? Sign-up for our no-risk Free Premium Trial. There is NO credit card required so you can try the app with no commitment.  Then, purchase when you  are ready.

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What Makes Us Different?

OnSpot Social offers the best features at the best price point.  You decide which program level you need.  Choose the Standard, Plus or Premium plan so you pay for only the features you need.  And, change plans at anytime with just an email to customer service.  Further, contact us for advice.  We’re here to help you decide which level is best for you needs.

Let’s Review

The OnSpot Social reviews are consistently high and we are well-regarded by customers. We have been a leader in the lead retrieval field for over a ten years. Customers like that the app offers many useful features.  Signature Capture and customizable branding are customer favorites. Data forwarding makes it easy to set up a comprehensive email marketing campaign that suits all business sizes. Also, our customers tell us they like the ability to choose the plan that fits their needs.  Furthermore, we offer help when you need it.  Pop on over to get started with a Free Premium Trial, today!

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