How to Create Online Quick Surveys to Win Responses

There are so many ways each business can benefit from online quick surveys. Whether it is obtaining feedback or testing out a new product, surveys help you gain valuable insight. Email is one of the best channels to use when conducting surveys.

Steps to creating an effective strategy to win responses

Coming up with an excellent survey can be challenging for most businesses. Creating good questions is time-consuming and the result might even be more frustrating for start-ups.

We have discussed how to create a meaningful quick survey to save you the headache that comes with it.

1.   Know your goals

Do you know what you want to gain from the surveys you intend to create? It is important that have defined goals before you get started.  Your survey goals are best written down. Remember any survey is not useful until you know what you want to learn from it and who it is for.


Quick surveys can collect customer reviews easily with the OnSpot Social App
Quick surveys can collect customer reviews easily with the OnSpot Social App


2.   Identify the right tools to use

There are numerous online survey tools. Even though, not all tools deliver what they promise. An app such as OnSpot Social boasts several features that will help create surveys and email them to your audience effortlessly.  Its automated test and email feature  highly encourages customer engagement by letting you instantly send a link to a digital coupon after your audience complete a survey

The right tool will boost different visual survey features such as emoticons or 5 – star ratings. For the OnSpot Social app, you will the advantage of adding a Net Promoter Score screen to your mobile screen at your retail counter to collect your customer’s responses using a 1-10 rating scale.

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Using a tablet at your retail counter is one of the easiest ways to attract customers and increase engagement. Additionally a data capture app, OnSpot Social lets you collect emails at your store as you engage your customers farther.

3.   Choose a template

The best online survey apps will offer premade quick survey forms depending on your needs. You need to do is edit the questions to suit your survey intentions. Premade templates save you your precious time because you will not start from scratch.


Quick surveys can collect boring form information easily with the OnSpot Social App
Quick surveys can collect boring form information easily with the OnSpot Social App


4.   Brand

Branding helps your audience identify themselves with your business. It also helps your survey to stay consistent with your brand.

OnSpot Social app lets you customize your templates as desired for your particular audience. You can easily add your branding directly into the campaign screens and include a logo,   background design, font style and much more.

5.   Create survey questions

Here are some of the tips that you can use to make your survey questions are relevant to your business, just before you send them out through the email.


Quick surveys can collect vital information easily with the OnSpot Social App
Quick surveys can collect vital information easily with the OnSpot Social App


6.   Make sure all your questions point out to your goal.

Tackle one topic at a time; do not combine more than one element in a single question, you are likely to confuse your audience.

7.   Create clear and straightforward questions

Ask specific questions so that you are to get the right information. Include all the possible answers in the case where you have multi-choices questions.

8.   Revisit your questions

There is nothing as annoying as an email that has not been edited. Before you send your questions to your audience make sure you proofread them. You may pass them to a teammate to edit after you.

9.   Create a compelling subject line

A subject line should include why you want the audience to take part in the survey. It should be brief and straight to the point. The best language to use is an active language.

10.   Create a compelling invitation

Remember that the body of your email should be an invitation to take part in the survey. It should include details such as how long the survey is likely to last. Here are is how to create a perfect survey invitation:

  • Start by greetings, whatever you may choose as greetings, just make sure that you begin your email on an appreciation note.
  • Include the recipient to whom the survey is for and its intention.
  • Include the time needed to fill in the questions. Do not assume that your audience is idling, without explaining the time commitment; chances are your survey will be ignored.
  • Mention giveaway if you intend to give one. An incentive will be beneficial in the case of a long survey
  • Finish your email by thanking the customer. It is important


Quick surveys can collect reviews easily with the OnSpot Social App
Quick surveys can collect reviews easily with the OnSpot Social App


11.   Come up with  a call to action

A clear call to action is needed to make your survey email complete. Include a clickable button that takes the recipient directly to the survey, This makes the process less tiresome.

12.   Email List segmentation

As a brand, your email list includes the customer of different ages, needs, and interests. This is why email list segmentation is vital. You may want to send your survey to a specific group of people in your emails such as the new customers or those that live in a particular area.

13.   Review again

Do not make a mistake of sending the mail without testing whether the links open, send the copy to your customers if you feel it looks and sounds good.   OnSpot Social app lets you schedule your emails so that they are sent out when you want them to. Remember to send a reminder email to the customers who may have not completed the survey on time.

14.   Review responses

This is the last step yet the most critical.  You need to analyze each of the responses you obtain from the survey to help you make better business decisions.


OnSpot Social is the preferred tool for most businesses when it comes to creating surveys. This amazing app will get your survey read in just a few hours.  Investing in a survey app is one of the best decisions you can make as a brand, it will be worth it in the end.






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