Why OnSpot is considered the best email capture app in 2019

The process of assigning multiple forms to teammates and continuously tracking their records is daunting. Mobile data collection apps are here to save you the frustrations that come with manual data collection.  Here is  why OnSpot Social is considered the best email capture app in 2019:

1.    Seamless setup

Each email capture app in the market has a unique set up interface.  With OnSpot Social, you will not worry about the hectic process of setting it up.  The app is so intuitive and it will be up and running in a short while.

It is also easy to use and comes with appealing screens which allow your leads to complete surveys fast.

2.    Excellent integration

The OnSpot Social app team understands that you need other software to carry out different tasks in your business. For this reason, the app features an easy integration interface that lets you transfer data to your Client Relationship Management (CRM) system and email software.


Why OnSpot Social App is considered the best email capture app in 2019
Why OnSpot Social App is considered the best email capture app in 2019


3.    Excellent authentication

One feature that all users love about the OnSpot Social email collection app is the ability it gives business administrators to assign specific roles to different people in their teams for fast and easy follow up. We believe your business needs all the orderliness it can get.  The app ensures that not just anyone can access a link to submit data to the app’s database.

4.    Customizable

For an exciting experience, it boosts customizable keyboard with shortcut keys that lets you type in your leads emails, mobile number and much more in no time.

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You can now make necessary modifications to individual templates and determine how the email capture form field appears on the screen.

5.    Captures error-free data

Unsure of the format of your leads’ email addresses? OnSpot Social app ensures that you make no mistakes while collecting emails out in the field. The app automatically checks the format in which the email address and telephone numbers are entered before you submit them. Amazingly,  the application instantly completes the email address information the moment the postal code is entered.

6.    Excellent customer engagement features

What is the use of collecting leads if you cannot turn them into customers? Customers need to be engaged, they want to feel valued.   OnSpot comes with a text and email automation feature that enables you to send mobile coupons and push emails.  You can instantly send messages with coupons and links to your products to enable you to turn your captured leads into customers and also increase customer engagement.

This amazing app allows your customers to choose which channel they would like to use for receiving the messages.

7.    Acquire email through social media

Social media is a powerful marketing tool for any business when optimally used.  Building your social media significantly increases your brand visibility and that means more leads for your business. As long as you share valuable content and engage your customers well, you should never get worried about them sharing your content.   OnSpot Social through the QR scanning, let you send links to your social media to your leads.  This way you can turn them into social media followers. You may acquire more leads through email sharing or word of mouth by your followers.

  • To be able to capture emails on social media, make sure that your signup forms are visible and not overwhelmed by the current posts in your newsfeed.


Why OnSpot is considered the best email capture app in 2019
Why OnSpot is considered the best email capture app in 2019


8.    Exciting experience

OnSpot Social boosts digital contests and games. Your audience can play scratch and win at your events or instore. You will love the apps automation feature that selects random winners and text them their prices.

9.    Convert your iPad into a kiosk

This app will make it easier for you to collect data at trade shows, events and exhibitions. Several people fill out a form on the mobile device but can’t access other parts of the application.  The app lets you set a passcode to ensure your respondents are not able to gain full access to collected data, you can then use the passcode to close the kiosk mode.

10.   Secure

It does not make sense to collect emails and lose them later on. As a business,  you must agree with me that data collected remains paramount and will, therefore, need to be secured at all times. This app ensures that the emails collected from your leads are encrypted as soon as they are entered into the system.

11.   Collect data remotely

OnSpot email capture app lets you and your team collect emails or information needed remotely where there is no internet or internet is poor. The emails captured are saved and uploaded to the app’s website when the internet is available and are accessible instantly. This simply means that any business intending to use OnSpot Social can stop worrying about WI-FI connection since the app works just fine offline and you will not lose your captured emails.

12.   Features electronic signage

The app’s digital signage lets us obtain emails effortlessly by allowing your leads to sign a form on any of your devices using a finger, a mouse or a stylus.  The digital signage helps you create curiosity among event attendees so that you can attract traffic to your booth.

You can connect the app to a larger screen to show your branded videos of your products and services.

13.   Priced on the lower side

This app features several plans for every type of business. You may decide to start with a 14- day free trial so that you gauge its suitability for your business. You will love the fact all the available plans are billed once per year thus giving you the business convenience you need.


OnSpot Social keep on winning because of several reasons as stated above. Email marketing has continuously shown the highest return on investment as compared to other marketing channels.

So, what else are you waiting for? Think of building your email list today. OnSpot Social app comes with robust features to help you capture those emails effortlessly.

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