Top 5 Lead Capture Apps for Trade Shows

Depending on your trade show goals, you may want to capture leads and retrieve them as well. There are quite a number of trade show lead capture apps that can be of help. The question is, which one will enable you to achieve your lead capturing goals?

You cannot make sales without having captured enough leads for nurturing. This shows how important it is to get the right app to help you with the first and foremost aspect of your business; lead capturing


Top 5 Lead Capture Apps for Trade Shows - OnSpot Social
Top 5 Lead Capture Apps for Trade Shows – OnSpot Social


Lead capture and lead retrieval explained

Lead capture is simply adding new prospects into your database while lead retrieval is going through your database in search of prospects’ information that had been provided before the tradeshow. The database provides you with valuable information such as their qualification scores and more that you will have requested under the attendee information.


The two processes; lead capture and retrieval can be done using similar tools. Even though, you have to be informed when choosing a tool for the two tasks. It is important to know what you should be looking for in such an app before finally paying for it.

1.     OnSpot Social app

OnSpot Social is a lead capture app for iPad. It is ideal for people that are not tech-savvy because of how easy it is to operate. The app will work anywhere, yes, even in areas that lack the internet. You can simply capture data and have it synchronized to your database when you access the internet.

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There is no limit on the number of leads you can capture using this app. Interestingly, with this event lead capture app, you get several easy to use templates and colors so that you can make presentable logos for your business.

The app boasts security features that ensure your leads’ information is not accessible to unauthorized persons. You will love the fact that you can buy this app for a one-off event. You only have the option of choosing an annual subscription.


2.     QuickTap Survey

QuickTap Survey comes with the flexibility you need for your business. The lead capture app is available on Android and iOS. The app comes with several templates that are easy to use and large enough making them a great option for your trade shows.

  • This app, just like OnSpot Social, can be used offline and your data automatically synchronizes to your database as soon as you have an internet connection.

The app offers several customizable templates, fonts, logos and pictures to choose from. All these features are aimed at making your work much easier so that you can put your hands and mind on other tasks of your brand.

The lead collection app lets you transfer your prospects’ information to an email marketing platform of your choice, thanks to its seamless integration.

This app is available in three packages. The advanced package is quite affordable but can be used on a single device only. There is an extra fee when you want the app to be used across your devices.

  • This app is recommended for brands that regularly attend trade shows aiming at generating large number of leads.

3.     Akkroo

Akkroo lead collection app can pre-qualify your leads and direct them to the end of your sales funnel. This lead capture app also provides Return on investment data and easily integrates with an email marketing tool or Customer Relationship Management system of your choice. The app is suitable for medium brands and is billed annually to give you peace of mind and enough room to track results.


Best way to acquire leads with the OnSpot Social App
Best way to acquire leads with the OnSpot Social App


4.     Leadr

Leadr is another easy to use iOs and Android lead capture app. This app comes in different packaging depending on how many leads you want to capture at your tradeshow.

It is the ideal app for your brand if you are not so much into tradeshows. This lead collection app does not integrate with any Customer Relationship Management software. However, it offers you more for less.

5.     ProLeads

Just like the OnSpot Social app, this app is available on iOS and Android devices. It helps you pre-qualify your leads at tradeshows to give you an idea who is likely to buy.

The app can connect directly with the sales force so that you can make the process of acquiring, nurturing and converting leads easy. ProLeads technical team offers enough support and training so that you do not have to waste time guessing how to make it work for you. The app is only available for an annual subscription.

  You are now ready to capture leads

We cannot promise you that you will have it easy capturing and retrieving leads. However, with any of the above apps, you are likely to see a significant rise in your Return on Investment. Not mentioning that your trade show events will be of much value than you would have ever thought.

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