What Is the Ideal Waiver Format for Your B2c Events

If you are a brand running a business that hosts outdoor activities, you should probably be wondering whether you should get your customers to sign a waiver form. Waivers are not new in businesses and they set terms right from the start.

What Is the Ideal Waiver Format for Your B2c Events - OnSpot Social
What Is the Ideal Waiver Format for Your B2c Events – OnSpot Social

What is the purpose of a waiver?

A waiver is a legal document that is obtained as a written confirmation from an individual that they are relinquishing their privilege or right.   A waiver form reduces the legal responsibility that a brand has to its customers as much as possible. In most cases, a waiver form aims to limit liability by

  • Informing participants of the potential risks involved with the parting part in an activity.
  • Prompting the participant to agree to you that you are not responsible for possible consequences of participating in the recreational activity.

One crucial aspect you have to understand is that you cannot fully get away from being responsible for your participants.  You have a responsibility to take care of your participants and any negligence on your part will be a breach of duty of care. Any participant can move to court and file claim against your brand.

 The court is an independent body that examines the circumstances of the claims. The court must determine the completeness of your waiver and decide on the matter.  The court might ask  you to pay compensation for any   duty  that you might have failed to partake

 Should you have a waiver form?

A waiver form protects brands interests. There are times when, as a business, you will not have a duty to take care of your customers; the liability waiver excludes your legal responsibility.

Also, remember there are other cases in which you will be not be exempted from liability.  Examples of such instances include where:

  • A participant is harmed because  of  your brand’s failure   to put measures in place  to prevent personal injury
  • A participant suffers a personal injury due to the brand’s recklessness conduct of the activity.

  Waiver format for B2C events

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Waivers are not to be tampered with; they should follow the exact form provided. Appropriate information should be put in blanks for a participant to sign. They should never be reduced to fine prints.

  • A waiver should specify but not exclusively regarding the risk inherent of an activity. Specifications help cut out the participants who have thought of participating without having thought of the involved risks.  The participant gets to understand that they assume all the risk involved by participating.
  • All waivers should uphold clear language. The primary purpose of a release is for the participant to understand all the risks involved in taking part in the event. All industry terms should be defined clearly if not avoided.  A waiver should acknowledge any other additional information or safety rules that you may have provided. Any document given or posted in the business website should be referenced in the liability form too.
  • A waiver should protect other portions should part of it be termed as invalid in the court of law. It is only fair that different parts of the reservation remain functional. You must include a clause stating that if any part is found invalid, such a finding should not affect the validity of other parts of the waiver form.
Maximise your next B2c Events with a waiver agreement template - OnSpot Social
Maximise your next B2c Events with a waiver agreement template – OnSpot Social

 OnSpot Social app waiver forms

 Here is why OnSpot Social app is your best bet for release forms:

1.   Tailored for your business

OnSpot Social app lets you go paperless wherever you are. You can now streamline your business with digital liability forms to provide a secure tool for your brand’s activities.

The app allows you to add images, short survey questions and fields to your liability forms to collect customer insights and better your brand. With more customization, you can be able to gather as much information for better decision making.

  • The app gives you several customizable waiver form templates where you can incorporate your logo body and texts. You can also add a list of waivers for different kind of participants.

At the events, the app lets the users fill out digital release forms during product demos.  Participants who volunteer to take part in product demonstrations are prompted to sign a volunteer liability waiver.

You can also collect waiver sign-offs and mobile liability forms for product trials in your business store.   The app features e- signatures on terms and conditions during various product and service activations. This makes OnSpot Social the best waiver release form app for any medium business or large brands in the outdoor activity niche.

2.   Unlimited waiver sign-offs

OnSpot Social is a dedicated waiver form app. It features several campaign screens to help collect personal information to add it to your release forms. The app features a kiosks mode which makes it easier to use your iPad at an event and let participants fill in their data on their smart devices.

3.   Works anywhere

This free collection app quickly collects customer data sign- off on waivers and liability forms anywhere by use of a mobile device. This feature makes it easier for any brand to carry out waiver sign-offs.

The app works seamlessly offline.  No unnecessary worries about internet connectivity. Capture e- signatures on waiver forms on terms or conditions from the remote areas. Your data will automatically synchronize as soon as you have access to the internet.

4.   Unmatched accuracy

As you can already note, waiver forms are serious legal documents. Efficiency is, therefore, paramount each time participants fill such forms.  The app uses data verification controls and custom keys to ensure the accuracy of data collected on the release forms.

5.   Endless possibilities

OnSpot Social lets you easily download e- signatures for liability forms for purposes of filling right from the control panel website.

You can put a waiver link on your event website or attach to participants emails. The participants can then open the link in a smartphone or any browser and sign with a keyboard and mouse.

OnSpot Social app comes with a QR scanning feature that lets you place a bar code on participants’ business cards, and the app automatically fills in personal information. This is an impressive and helpful feature, especially when you want to check in a large number of participants in a short time.

6.   Photo capture

OnSpot’s photo capture app is incredible in every single way. It lets you capture unlimited images before, during and after an event. You may also attach several pictures to a signed waiver to keep the participant profile updated within no time.

7.   Secure data

OnSpot Social app comes with unmatched secure data encryption to help keep your waiver forms safe.


A waiver form is not an option for any brand that conducts events, tradeshows and other outdoor activities. It is important that business complies with laws of duty of care for attendees, participants and customers. It is only wise to put measures in place that capitalize on customer safety. OnSpot Social app gives you a seamless way to sign your waivers.

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