How to collect email addresses at events

For any business, newsletters are a great way to keep your product or service at the front of your customers’ minds. For your emails to be successful, you need a quality email list. Luckily, there are several ways of collecting email addresses at events for a  great list. This article has looked into how to collect email addresses at events using the best email capture app OnSpot Social and Facebook.

1.   Host a contest

Freebies at events will increase traffic to your booth significantly.  Giveaways cultivate interest and curiosity among event attendees thus allowing you to capture emails effortlessly.

OnSpot Social app features digital games and contests that let you use your iPad to engage customers and create an amazing experience. You can turn your iPad into a  kiosk and let your customers play scratch and win games. Through the app’s text automation feature, random winners will be texted their prizes.

For you to collect emails effectively, you will be required to ask questions or offer an opt-out option for emails.



2.   Explain your business to collect emails

People do not commit to the business that they know nothing about. For this reason, you need to give people a reason to sign up for your newsletters. Remember you also want your leads to open and read your emails now and then instead of sending them to the dustbin. Make it clear how your subscribers will benefit from your series of emails. Whether it is details about your new products, valuable content or receiving discounts, you need to be true to your word.

3.   The power of influencers

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Another best way to collect emails at an event is to take advantage of the influencers’ attendees. These people already have an audience, if anyone subscribes to content that is similar to what you offer, there are high chances they will like your content.

  • Ask influencers to recommend your content to help you capture email addresses at an event.

4.    Request for emails during purchases

Another easy way to acquire emails is to ask for them when people make purchases. At live events, remind your team members to request an email address from attendees after a successful purchase. You will also need their email to contact them about their orders when they shop online. To increase the chances of people opting into your email, you may choose to offer something in return.

5.   Make use of social media

This email capturing app allows you to convert your event attendee into social media followers for nurturing. OnSpot Social, lets you display your Instagram feed as digital signage hence making it easier to gain several Instagram followers.

By scanning a QR code, your leads can instantly text or email themselves a link to your social media platforms. Use the following techniques to  continuously capture emails on social media even after your event is over:

  • Share content that is relevant to your targeted audience
  • Take part in valuable conversations
  • Share details of your latest events and images from past events to attract more people to sign up for any of your upcoming events.
  • Share a link to your business website and offer gated content to capture more emails.

Always make sure your links and call to actions are visible on all your social media platforms. As long as they are not overwhelmed by the updates or recent posts, you are more likely to grab the attention of your audience.

6.   Facebook for email capturing

Facebook offers ads that are a fast, simple and effective way to target people that are interested in specific products.

Facebook can help you reach all types of audiences seamlessly. You can encourage people to give their email addresses by offering them freebies or discounts on their next purchases.

If you are looking forward to increasing your opt-in from social media, you need to have valuable conversations that your audience wants to be part of.


Using social media to collect email addresses - OnSpot Social
Using social media to collect email addresses – OnSpot Social


7.   Set up free consultations

It doesn’t matter what you offer, a product or service, create a signup list for free consultations. This will help you collect emails and invitations for future nurturing and networking.

8.   Event discounts

Offering event-specific discounts is another way to capture email addresses. Make sure the discounts are only accessible via the emails; always remember to offer the discount as promised to gain customer loyalty.

9.   Raffles at your event booth

An event is a busy place. Not all your visitors can stay for long to offer their email addresses. For this reason, it is wise to place a raffle at your booth so that visitors who pass by can drop their business cards for later registration.

10.  Collaborate with other brands in your industry

There is always a win in numbers. Partnering with other companies will help you increase your email list significantly. They will add your link to their list and you will also include their link in your list. The arrangement should be beneficial to both parties.   Several brands are likely to attend the same events that you do, this is the right place to approach them and ask for partnership.

11.  Go out of your way

Interacting with people one on one during the events is another way to ask for email addresses. Engage with your potential customers on a personal level so that you can know their interests.   Tell them about your business and why you need their email addresses. Always include a sign –up link to your email list when you email your leads about your services and products. This will make it easier for them to share your email with their peers when sharing your content.


Following up on your leads after an event is the main reason as to why businesses collect emails outdoors. We hope that the methods stated above will bring your business a great success. Remember if you do not make it worthy for people to sign up, they will not hesitate to unsubscribe.



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