Best iPad app for data collection in 2020

Collecting data can be daunting and too relaxed at the same time. What makes all the difference is the tool that isused. Unfortunately, it is not easy when there are several brands that you could choose from and then knowing which one is your ideal data collection app that will do the job well.

Best iPad app for data collection in 2020 - OnSpot Social
Best iPad app for data collection in 2020 – OnSpot Social

What makes a great data collection app?

Data collection apps are perfect for capturing all types of information. OnSpot Social app is designed to be the ideal mobile data collection tool both in the field and in-store. The app comes with amazing possibilities that brands can leverage with for optimal email collection.

What exactly makes this app better than the rest? OnSpot Social is the leading database app for iPad data collection for several reasons, as discussed below:

1.   Unlimited Lead capture

OnSpot Social app comes with more than 25 screen campaigns to let you customize your lead capture forms.  The app enables you to quickly add multiple screen types such as name and address, mobile contact and more.  Interestingly, the app also makes it possible for you to brand your email capturing campaigns. It is easy to add your brand logo, fonts, colours, and even customize your background to fit your needs.

OnSpot Social app lets you lure attendees to your booth with content to win free prizes. The attendees are prompted to leave their email address when they tap the iPad screen. It also lets you attract signups by running a contest so as to give away prizes to any new leads who give their contact.

The app boasts an automated email and text feature that makes it easy for brands to send out emails and text messages through an email integration of your choice. All the contacts collected are automatically synchronized to your brand’s CRM of choice.

OnSpot Social makes data collection so effortless due to its versatility.

2.   Offline capabilities

Unlike many mobile data collection tools in the market, OnSpot Social captures data in remote areas where internet connection is weak or not available.

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Data collection during such scenarios automatically synchronizes with the database as soon as you have access to an internet connection.

3.   Accurate and fast input

Data capture is an involving exercise; there should be no room for mistakes. You will love Onspot’s data verification controls, shortcuts and custom keyboards for that easy and fast input that your leads will enjoy. The result is accurate data for your brand’s marketing team.

4.   Offline capabilities

OnSpot Social lets you collect data even in areas where there is no WIFI signal. The responses are saved in the iPad until the device is connected to the internet.

Best mobile data collection tools in 2020 - OnSpot Social
Best mobile data collection tools in 2020 – OnSpot Social

5.   Access your data in real-time

The app makes it possible for you to access your data by using the website’s control panel, which is secure. Data can also be accessed from any location.

You can also check the progress of your lead capture through the marketing team using the robust dashboard on the app’s website. Amazingly you can capture data simultaneously while taking care of your campaigns.

6.   Real-time Customer Feedback

Get to know what your customers or attendees think about your brand by conducting a survey. All you have to do is display a satisfactory customer survey, especially during events, trade shows and in-store.  At the events, view the study on your iPad disclosed within a kiosk at your booth.

Prompt attendees to enter their email addresses to complete the survey successfully.  OnSpot Social app features a satisfaction question each time an attendee gives negative feedback; you receive an email alert so that you can immediately follow up with a sales team member to solve the problem. The app gives you a platform to create multiple types of questions for your survey.

7.   Kiosk features

Kiosk mode feature is another reason why OnSpot Social is the best iPad app for data collection. The kiosk mode lets you display your lead capture form in full screen on the app.  Several people can then fill out the form on their smart devices. The app enables you to set a password to prevent leads from going beyond the email collection form.

8.   Seamless integration

Brands have several apps and software working in harmony to ensure that daily operations run smoothly. The worst nightmare one can have a data collection tool that does not support proper integration.

OnSpot Social app makes it easier for any brand to use this tool with the rest that is already in use. For example, OnSpot Social app integrates perfectly with email marketing software such as MailChimp for an optimized email marketing campaign. The app also works well with the Customer Relation Management (CRM) of choice.

9.   Support

OnSpot Social has dedicated customer support that is standby to help solve any issue that might be dragging business operations down. The customer support team ensures that problems are dealt with in real-time because they understand time is an important factor when it comes to data collection or any other activity that the app takes care of in a brand


Each brand has unique needs. It is almost impossible to get an app that can take of all the needs across several brands. However, with modification, there is so much you do with a collect data collection tool like OnSpot Social App. With the above offerings, it is not a surprise that OnSpot Social is the world’s best database app for iPad. This data collection tool is a choice for several medium and large business brands.

This is one of the best mobile data collection tools that feature customization to give brands a chance to steer their business to the direction of choice.

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