Collect Data at Your Next Event with a Social Media Kiosk

No doubt connecting with your clients and customers at your events has a significant impact on how you market your business in the future. Collecting valuable event attendee information has replaced direct product selling at events. Any brand aiming for success must leverage technology to collect data the easy and smart way.

Events are full of incredible insights to help you take your brand to the next level. For example, social media sharing kiosk at events can significantly boost a company’s awareness and drive sales in the future.

Collect Data at Your Next Event with a Social Media Kiosk - OnSpot Social
Collect Data at Your Next Event with a Social Media Kiosk – OnSpot Social

 What is a social media kiosk?

One of the most vital technology aspects in today’s world is social media. These countless platforms have captured the imagination of different models of business.

Sharing valuable information and active customer engagement is the key to a successful social media campaign. So, how do social media kiosks play a role in data collection at events?

OnSpot Social app

OnSpot Social lets you turn your event attendees into social media followers effortlessly. This iPad app lets you turn your table into a social media kiosk. This means that the app gives them a chance to connect with your brand on preferred social media channels.

At this time and era, your consumers no longer have to search for your business media pages on their devices. 


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OnSpot Social app features a QR function that lets them scan a code using their mobile phone to like your brand business page on facebook. They also have an option of choosing to email themselves a link to your Facebook page. They can then go through it later and like it if they so wish.

OnSpot Social app features all your social media channels on the app. This makes it easier for your attendees to like your pages on your business iPad.

Consumers love to have some little fun! Animations are a great way to attract attention during an event. Display full-screen Facebook animations to help arouse your attendee interest and encourage them to follow you by liking the page on the tablet.


Your customers can follow your brand’s Instagram page instantly using your iPad. They also get an option of scanning QR codes and emailing themselves a link to your Instagram page.


The app lets your store visitors or event visitors quickly follow your twitter business page through the app.  You can also take advantage of the full-screen twitter animation to attract visitors in the field to follow your brand.

Collect Data at Your Next Event with a Social Media sharing Kiosk - OnSpot Social
Collect Data at Your Next Event with a Social Media sharing Kiosk – OnSpot Social

1.   Collect email addresses

OnSpot Social app lets you optimize on data collection for a better marketing strategy.

The app lets you customize your event data collection campaign by branding every aspect of it. You can easily change your background colour to match that of your business logo. In other words, the app allows you to give your customers a fully branded experience.

Customize your email capturing template by adding name fields, contact information, age category and more.  The app lets you capture email addresses and other valuable information that is vital in email list segmentation. This makes it easier for you to target your costumers through online retargeting campaigns.

2.   Digital contest app

People are naturally competitive. Challenges at events can be one of the best ways to collect data. OnSpot Social app features digital contests that you can use to collect data on how impressing your content was and how your event attendee interacted with your products and services.

  • This tool makes it possible for you to offer incentives like prizes where your attendee play scratch and win games, go for photo quest and post on their social media or even check-in at event locations.

There are endless ways to challenge your participants, and the secret is offering prizes that excite them to continue with the challenges as much as possible.

Data collection at Your Next Event with a Social Media Kiosk - OnSpot Social
Data collection at Your Next Event with a Social Media Kiosk – OnSpot Social

 Why use OnSpot Social?

The app’s social media kiosk offers an excellent opportunity for guest to post and share their photos to popular social media platforms. Simply think of a social media centre where event attendees get to share their pictures on social media.

With the app’s social media kiosk, the photos are sent automatically to preferred social media pages.  This app does not use a third-party app for security purposes. OnSpot Social has its secure data access that can be accessed only through the control panel website.

1.   Collect data just anywhere.

You may host events in remote areas depending on your objectives. This tool does not deny you the opportunity to collect data even when you are away from internet connectivity. The app works entirely offline.  Emails and any other data is captured, the app then uploads all the collected data when you can access the internet.

2.    Mobile data app

OnSpot app is a mobile data collection app.  This means that the app can be used on iPad and tablet.  This offers the cheapest and convenient way to collect data during conferences; trade shows instore and many places.

For example, the app lets you conveniently add store visitors to your email list during checkout or as they browse around your store

Final thoughts after social media kiosk

There are several data collection apps in the market. However, it is not easy to find one that offers both convenience and functionality. OnSpot Social app is designed with results in mind. This data collection tool comes with several features to help you optimize each aspect of your business. When it comes to data collection, the app boasts several functions more than most premium data collection tools out there.

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