Create a Legal Waiver for Your Rock Climbing Gym

Why Use a legal Waiver?

Adventure is fun but it comes with both risks and rewards. If you own a rock climbing gym, your goal is to provide a fun experience for your clients. But, you must also safeguard your business from inherent risk.  We can help with that!  Use the tips and tricks below to create a legal waiver for your Rock Climbing Gym.

Creating a Legal Waiver

To protect your brand and release yourself from liability, create a legal waiver for your clients to sign prior to engagement. This step is vitally important for an adventure-based entity that carries the risk of injury.

To create a legal waiver for your rock climbing gym first decide upon the language for your document.  Either seek legal counsel to ensure you’re properly protected.  Or, enlist the help of legal waiver creation software.

Waiver for Rock Climbing Gym

Using Legal Waiver Software

There are a few online companies that offer waiver creating.  Most are low-cost, some are even free for a certain amount of pages.  Here is one waiver template creator you can try: Form Swift.

Getting The Waiver Signed

After you create the legal waiver for your rock climbing gym, get it signed by each customer.  The most efficient way to do so is through collection software such as OnSpot Social.  Easily upload your waiver to the OnSpot Social app giving your customers a quick and simple way to sign.

Sign a Waiver for Rock Climbing Gym

Benefits of Using Collection Software

One benefit of collection software is that you can also ask for other information while collecting signatures.   Ask your customers for a name, address, phone number, and email, or any other information you’d like. Even take a photo of your client for your files, all in one easy process.  Then, use the information provided by the customer to initiate an email marketing campaign, send discount codes or run a fun contest.

Another benefit is ease of use.  Get the legal and informational process out of the way quickly so climbers can get to the fun part- ascending to the top!  Use collection software to help them do just that.  With a few taps, your rock climbing gym will be protected and they’ll be on their way to the summit.

Lead collection software runs on an iPad.  Purchase new or refurbished iPads, which typically come with free shipping, for your facility. Then, place several iPads, secured by closures or kiosks, near your check-in desk thus allowing multiple customers to sign your legal release at once.  

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OnSpot Social collection software also works online. The web-based version of the app allows your customers to sign the waiver before arriving, which eliminates a line of people at your gym. This is especially helpful for social distancing.

In Summary

Shielding your adventure-based business from judicial responsibility is paramount.  To do so, create a legal waiver for your rock climbing gym and use collection software to obtain signatures and other information. Have your clients sign your release online before arriving, or on an iPad at your facility. Follow the steps above to get your clients on their way to the peak while giving you the peace of mind you need while they safely climb.

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