Best Data Collection App for Building Your Leads

There are several methods of collecting data at events and exhibitions.  Unfortunately, most businesses are stuck on the same data collection method year after year.  Business events are one of the best marketing channels for B2B companies. Such events offer a vital opportunity for data collection that can be used to better various aspects of your businesses.

This leads us to the question; which is the best data collection app for building your leads?   You will agree with me that there are more than enough data capturing apps in the market. Even though, it is not easy to dive right into one that will work as intended.

We have reviewed the best app for data collection during your outdoor activities to help you get the value for your money, right from the start.



The best data collection app for building your leads.

OnSpot Social app features several functions that make it easy for you to capture data from any location.

1.   Digital signage app

Forget about the paper forms, by switching up to OnSpot Social app, your business saves time and money significantly. The app lets you accomplish so much with just a push of a button.

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Its digital signage gives you an amazing ability to enhance your marketing campaigns. Use it simply to encourage your attendees to opt-in for your email list as well as visit your website for more content.

  • The feature also lets you display your services and products during events, exhibitions or trade shows on an animated High definition display.

2.   Offline email list building

You will love the fact that OnSpot Social will collect data even when you are not connected to the WIFI.  The app will immediately synchronize your data when you get connected to the internet.

3.   Take control of your data capture exercise

OnSpot Social lets you capture data on your iPad, iPhone or smartphone simultaneously while effortlessly managing any campaigns using the control panel on the app’s website.

As a business, you have to continuously look for opportunities to incorporate social media audience into your event activity.  You can then use this data collection app across every event or trade shows without worrying about the device at hand.

Using such a universal lead capture solution makes your data collection process completely digital thus reducing delays associated with data entry when using other paper data capture methods.

4.   QR scanning

QR scanning is one of the best things that happened in the event world. The QR  code scan store data about your event attendees and can be scanned by reader hardware at any point for different purposes during events, exhibitions and trade shows.

  • The app also lets you scan your lead’s business cards.

OnSpot Social app features a QR scanning to enable you to collect data on traffic flow during your events and individual attendee actions. This method of data collection lets your leads interact with services that are relevant to them.

5.   Increase your social media following

Truth be told, your audience spends a substantial amount of their time on social media. As a business, you have to tap into this amazing opportunity. OnSpot Social app makes it possible for you to get more followers on Instagram, Facebook and any other social media platform you wish by letting your leads scan QR codes.

Through its automated feature, this email collection app also sends a text or email containing links to any of your social media profiles so that you can instantly turn these leads into your social media followers.

  • The app features more than 25 campaign screens that are customizable to collect more data about your social media followers. You may include the email address, phone contact and their names.

6.   Conduct surveys

Surveys are one of the best tools for collecting real-time data from your leads at events.  You can present your survey questions to your attendees at several points during the events or trade shows.

OnSpot Social app lets you customize your survey questions using the available templates.  To get out of your survey, ask questions relating to speakers, sessions, food, accommodations and more depending on the type of event or trade show you attend or host

Through the voice of a customer app, OnSpot Social lets you capture feedback from customers or employees from anywhere. The app lets you easily add your branding to the campaign screens. You will capture data from your leads offline and your data will be automatically synchronized with the database when the internet is available.

There are several ways in which you can gauge lead satisfaction.   OnSpot Social boosts visual surveys such as emoticons and 5- star ratings so that your leads can easily gauge their satisfaction levels at any event you host or attend.

7.   Easy integration

The app developers understand well that you need to make proper use of the data you collect. For this reason, the app features a seamless software integration to enable you to nurture your leads.  The integration lets you instantly transfer data collected to a Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) and an email marketing platform of your choice

8.   Secure data accesses

The data you collect is crucial for your business growth. It is therefore important to ensure its fully secured and accessible when needed. OnSpot Social app boost a control panel website from which you can securely access your data in no time from any location

 Our final thoughts

There is a likelihood that your business has used some lead capture methods if you have been exhibiting at trade shows for a long time. Even though, technology keeps on expanding along with attendee expectations for a personalized experience and instant follow-ups. The question is; is your data capture method able to stand up to the new modern ways of collecting data such as the use of apps?

OnSpot Social is the market’s leading data collection app of all times.  As already discussed above, the app comes with several features to ensure that data collection is optimized at the events, exhibition or tradeshows.

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