Best Experiential Marketing Examples of 2019 So Far

We live at a time when businesses and brands want to be more elaborate and do better. The most successful brands are not reliant on passive audiences; they mainly create fun experiences that initiate customer engagement through hands-on approaches that are meant to encourage them to be an active part of the brand.

Experiential marketing is no longer left with consumer campaigns. Business events have also embraced the idea by finding better ways to exhibit their products in ways that create long-lasting experiences.

Brands are making an effort to interact with their clients through various channels of communication thus creating a more personalized experience and several options for event attendees who might have time for personal level engagement. Any business that aims at doing better can longer measure its success by event attendee logistics but experiences that live on after the event.


Best Experiential Marketing Examples of 2019 - OnSpot Social
Best Experiential Marketing Examples of 2019 – OnSpot Social


We have listed the best experiential marketing examples in 2019, carried out so far using the leading event app OnSpot Social.

1.   Trek sporting goods company

Trek, a bicycle and manufacturing company based in Waterloo, Wisconsin offers each of its new customers a test ride It simply offers an unforgettable experience to the customers who are likely to buy from them in the end.  For the longest time ever, the company was using paper liability forms that were bulk and would get misplaced now and then. By using the OnSpot Social waiver app, the company now uses the digital liability forms before each event. Signing is by the participant’s finger which makes it more authentic. Trek has used the app to capture thousands of emails from participants for customer engagement purposes.

2.   Nutrition system

Nutrition system, a health and fitness company in Sidney Australia uses tradeshows, exhibitions and events to connect with customers and capture new leads for nurturing purposes. But for the longest time, the company used a paper copy to collect email addresses from the event attendees. The process of data entry afterwards was so tedious and some contact information would get lost along the way.

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With the help of OnSpot Social app, the company was able to use the app’s digital signage feature to attract customers into entering their contact information at the booths. The company collected thousands of emails overtime thus increasing their return on investment.

3.   The light group

This restaurant and bar company in Las Vegas was looking for a solution to convert their one-time customers into loyal repeat customers. Additionally, they wanted to find ways to engage their customers to build loyalty.

Through the OnSpot Social app, the light group company was able to collect data from customers who were waiting in line at each of their business branches. The app is currently running in several other light group clubs collecting data and any necessary contact information for customer engagement purposes.

4.   Midway Labs

Midway Labs is a wellness and fitness company based in Florida.  This brand has a difficult time trying to build its social media following. Even though they were already using digital signage at their booth, they were not so sure why the social media following remained the same.  Midway labs now pride itself on using OnSpot Social app to generate leads and achieve their goal which was to gain Instagram and twitter followers. As per now, the business has thousands of social media followers and their visibility is better than before.

5.   Barona Resort and casino

Barona resort and casino, a gaming and hospitality business in California wanted an effortless way to capture their customer email addresses. This was mainly to grow their email list. It was not easy to capture emails via a paper and pen. To increase customer engagement, the company used the scratch and win feature. Customers were to unlock the prizes won by signing in with their email address. A random prize would then be revealed with a simple swipe of a finger.

It is worth mentioning that Barona has acquired close to 3000 email addresses by using only 4 devices in one year.

6.   exp real estate Company

The exp real estate company is located in Washington. The company has several real estate agents who are in charge of running open houses each day. They needed to find a simple way of capturing leads during an open house.

By using the OnSpot Social realtor app, the accompany was able to collect contact information and obtain feedback from its open house prospects.


Real estate app for purchasing your next property - OnSpot Social
Real estate app for purchasing your next property – OnSpot Social


7.   University of Oklahoma

The University of Oklahoma was for the longest time in need of a way to collect student contact information so as to add them to their college recruitment list.  The methods used to collect information among employees were not in harmony resulting in difficulties in getting the data to the systems.

The university used the OnSpot Social college admission app to obtain athletes’ contact information during each recruitment visits and the result was amazing. The college admission process turned effortless for both the students and the university employees.

8.   Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder is a well-known cosmetic company whose headquarters is in New York City. The company wanted to increase its return on investment for the events they host.

The company used OnSpot Social’s automated text and email feature to send marketing materials to their leads and customers. They also included coupons to event attendees. They then captured email address information in exchange for the coupon offers. The customers were able to receive a text message immediately they keyed in their contact information.

The company then tracked every activity through the app’s reporting dashboard. The business was able to increase their return on investment significantly within a short period by running the app on just 6 devices.

9.   California find yourself here   tourism company

The California travel and tourism commission wanted to determine the best way to gather customer feedback from thousands of visitors who pass through their 16 locations.

The commission set up an iPad kiosk at the location and used the OnSpot Social survey app to share feedback about the rest of the locations. This in return helped the commission improve customer engagement and experience at the rest of the locations. They also captured several leads in the process.

10.   American Apparel

American Apparel is a clothing manufacturer and distributor company in California. The company used traditional paper and pen to gather emails in their retail businesses. In a bid to grow their email list the brand started using the OnSpot Social email capture app.

The company was able to collect thousands of emails through the 280 pads across the globe.

11.   Google impact challenge; Bay area

Google set up impact posters in San Francisco which were to be used as public voting booths. Each booth was to address a given issue in the area. The community members were then to press one they thought was important.  Using a survey app, google could record the vote.

The campaign was successful in the end, bringing about more awareness of local community issues.  Just like Google, it is vital to include the opinions of the audience you intend to target. That helps increase engagements and creates long-lasting relationships.

12.   The coca cola’s small world machines

As earlier said, experiential marketing can be used to bring about desired in a given area. The coca-cola company went out and created a  small world machine in India and Pakistan whose aim was to enhance genuine engagement.

The vending machine included a camera that made it easy for a face to face conversation to take place. The campaign was highly successful.  This is a good example of a company creating brand awareness but also a public affirmation of  the brand’s  values which is  also very crucial


Successful experiential marketing should include several forms of engagement. As a business, it is not wise that you restrict yourself to a single channel of interacting with your consumers. Always make attempts to think big and push those boundaries to achieve greater limits.

OnSpot Social app comes in several forms to help you achieve any business goal you set.



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