How to Create and Execute a Successful Lead Generation Strategy

High-quality lead generation is the heart of every successful business. For this reason, each brand should learn how to create and execute a successful lead generation strategy. Desired return on investments, increased conversions all depends on how a business optimizes its lead generating strategy.

What is lead generation?

Lead generation marketing is the process of arousing interest from prospects and is majorly aimed at getting their contact information.  This process is vital, it leads your targeted prospects into the sales funnel where nurturing is done with a focus on conversion.

Why is a lead generation strategy important?

A lead generation strategy helps your business gain following. For example, building an email list by collecting prospects email address gives you the ability to contact them later with the current offers that you may be having. This leads to more sales, better customer engagement, increased lead capture, and long-lasting relationships with your customers.


How to Create and Execute a Successful Lead Generation Strategy - OnSpot Social
How to Create and Execute a Successful Lead Generation Strategy – OnSpot Social


 Offline lead generation

Offline lead generation is a collection of all the actions in the physical world. For example, hosting an event or attending a trade show is an excellent opportunity to meet people one on one, such interactions give you the ability to sell your business through an email or any other method deemed suitable.

Lead generation software such as OnSpot Social lets you capture easily leads during events.  The app enables you to use your iPad at events to collect unlimited emails that are automatically added to your email list in your email marketing platform.

OnSpot Social app also features games and content. By using your iPad, you can create a fantastic experience for your prospects during any event you host. This is one of the best ways to capture leads and do event promotion both online and offline; all you have to do is have your participants sign up for the contests using their contact information. They will, in return, win prizes by playing scratch and win games.

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Organizing live events such as product activations help you attract highly qualified leads. Such activities also allow your points to interact with your brand personality and give them those experiences that they can always associate your brand with.

Online lead generation

Online lead generation strategy focuses on solutions that your business offers to your customers and prospects. People are looking for answers to their problems. Creating a lead strategy that works for your business might take time, but with the following guidelines, you will not go wrong:

1.   Have clear Objectives

What do you want your lead generation campaign to achieve? It is important to write each of your goals down on paper, to help you get a clear picture of the whole process.  Remember, the purpose of lead generation is to get the right traffic to your website. For this reason, here are the questions that are going to help you think along those lines:

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What can you offer to attract the right prospects for business?
  • Where do your prospects spend most of their time?

2.   Research about your audience

Getting the right information about the leads you intend to capture is priceless.  Use the necessary tools to examine the demographics of your website and social media visitors.

  • Check the types of buyers your competitor’s target
  • Conduct surveys using an app such as OnSpot Social to conduct unlimited lead surveys.

3.   Create content that your audience will love

An online lead generation campaign cannot be successfully executed without offering valuable content. To optimize your lead marketing strategy, create content for your business website, social media accounts, or any other channel where you frequently interact with your prospects.

4.   Create an offer

Also known as lead magnet, an offer is simply a simple irresistible tool that provides your website visitors with a compelling offer in exchange for their contact information. An offer can be a webinar, ebook, guidelines, product or service discount, and more.

The main aim of creating an offer is to get permission from the prospects to have their contact information that you will use to follow up on the opportunity in the future.


Execute a Successful Lead Generation Strategy and win more sales - OnSpot Social
Execute a Successful Lead Generation Strategy and win more sales – OnSpot Social


5.   Landing page

A landing page is a single page that your prospects get to after clicking an ad or any other marketing item. Remember, a landing page exists separately from your blog and is a lead generation tool on its own.

A useful landing page is a must for any successful lead generation marketing. An excellent landing page warms up your prospects and lets them into your first stage of the sales funnel. Additionally, a correctly done landing page captures convinces your prospects to give you their contact information without second thoughts.

A landing page should have a clean layout and have clear information with a simple call to action

6.   Do not forget social media

Connecting with leads on social media is what all brands should be doing. Social media offer a chance for more personalized interactions. Social media lead generation campaigns come at a minimal cost. To get started, research the most popular platforms that your audience visits. You can also make a follow up on those visitors who visited your website on social media and initiate engagement to attract their interest.

7.   The power of email marketing

Email is one of the oldest online marketing tools that are still effective. With OnSpot Social lead capture app, you can collect as many emails as you can even when offline. Research has shown that email marketing generates an impressive return on investment.  Email marketing also lets you use other tools to track how many leads have opened your emails and how many have purchased through the embedded links.

8. Lead scoring

Lead scoring is a process of focusing your efforts on the leads that are likely to buy.   With the help of the marketing automation software, you get to prioritize leads depending on their level of engagement with your brand products or services.

Lead scoring is necessary since it also gauges the suitability of the lead generation strategy in place.  There are several ways in which you can carry out the process of lead scoring. Whichever model you prefer, ensure that it looks into how the prospect has interacted with your content and brand in general. Also, determine how well the lead fits into your buyer persona and finally determine the stage in which the prospect is in the sales funnel.

9. Lead nurturing

Lead nurturing guides merely your prospects through the stages of the sales funnel. Your main aim should be to have a loyal customer base; this means that you need to look beyond making the initial sale.

There are several ways to nurture your leads, but the most common ones include offering them valuable content that solves their problem, providing assistance of any kind that you can, and more.

Lead nurturing as part of a successful lead generation strategy will require a brand to send relevant marketing emails with offers that are not easily resistible.

10. Measure your efforts

It is essential to measure success in every possible way. As a brand, you need to see what works and what doesn’t! Lead generation software such as OnSpot Social should be an integral part of any lead generation strategy.  The software lets you into several insights that you need to improve your overall marketing strategies.


Both online and offline lead generation strategies are vital for your business.  One mistake that most brands make is to focus on a single lead generation strategy at the expense of the other.  Remember, leads are anywhere, and it’s upon you to make them interested enough to want to interact with your brand. It is therefore recommended that you combine all the possible lead generation marketing efforts, including the hosting events and using emails to reach out to your prospects.

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