Top 4 Waiver Form Software Companies

If you’re like most small businesses, you have to protect the brand you’ve built.  To that end, you may find yourself in search of waiver form software companies.   And, like most companies, you likely need a solution that doesn’t require a lot of time or money.

Well, never fear! We have compiled a list of free or inexpensive waiver form software companies that let you use templates to create a form from the comfort of your home.   And, you can pick up new leads along the way.

Form Swift

Form Swift (also known as Forms Builder) is a waiver form software company that helps you create a waiver on-line that is personalized to your brand.   They call themselves the modern solution to paperwork. Use their template creator to make, print, and/or export a release waiver for your brand.  

To create a document, choose a category, such as Release of Liability, then choose your state.  Within seconds a waiver is created that allows you to fill in the blanks that are applicable to your situation.

Form Swift offers many categories to choose from, including Non-Disclosure Agreements, Invoices, Employee Handbooks, Contacts, Liability Releases, and more. Easily create a waiver for your company, then pair it with a high-quality lead collection software program to gain new customers.

Jot Form

Another option, when seeking a waiver form software company is Jot Form. This company offers a free online document builder for any business. Using the free version, create up to five documents. Then, you can upgrade to the paid version to create more forms.

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The paid version works on a tier, offering more features with each price bump.  Pricing starts at $24 per month and boasts a 25 form limit.  Their unlimited tier runs $79 per month.   Jot Form provides a fast and easy way to create a business waiver.

Create a Waiver with PandaDoc


Next up we have Panda Doc, which rolls in at #3 on our list of top four waiver form software companies.  This company asks you to fill-in key information on the right side of the screen and then uses that info to customize the template document.  You can try Panda Doc for free, with no credit card required, before purchasing the software.  You can also upload images or tables to the document, if needed.  Once your document is created to your specifications, you can upload it into your lead collection software, as with the companies above.

OnSpot Social

Does your business have a store or attend events and tradeshows? If so, OnSpot Social is the best mobile app for collecting signatures and waiver sign offs when meeting face-to-face with customers or leads. Simply download the app onto your business’s tablet or phone and then let your customers easily sign the waiver form on your device.    

Your patrons can also interact with the app to provide any information you request. Ask for a name, phone number, and email address, for example, and then require a signature on your liability form.

Once you’ve collected this data, it will automatically upload to your OnSpot Social account where you can download it into an Excel form and use it for your email and text marketing.   Further, OnSpot integrates with several email marketing companies such as MailChimp, AWeber, iContact, Constant Contact, Bronto’s Oracle, Infusionsoft, and Salesforce. 

Waiver form mobile app

Using any of the waiver form software companies above is an easy and inexpensive way to create the liability form you need for your business.  Combining your waiver with the ease and usefulness of the OnSpot app and your existing email marketing system gives you a powerhouse of marketing potential.  And, isn’t that just what every brand needs?   

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