Best Event Promotion Ideas For 2020

Whether you are aiming at driving sign-ups or trying to build brand awareness, a well-thought-out event promotion strategy is vital. The benefits of creating an event marketing plan are countless. All focused on growing your engagement, brand awareness and other important aspects of your brand.

Event promotion can be overwhelming when you intend to accomplish all your goals at ago. We agree that there are so many ways to promote your event and it is confusing where to put your focus first.

In this 2020 event promotion guide, we have discussed how you can use an event app to optimize the useful event marketing ideas listed below.

Best Event Promotion Ideas For 2020 - OnSpot Social
Best Event Promotion Ideas For 2020 – OnSpot Social

How to promote an event successfully in 2020

The key to successful event marketing lies in diversity. An integrated marketing campaign yields results with less effort. Here is how to market an event in 2020 for a better return on Investment:

1.   Use QR codes

Technology keeps getting better each day. It is therefore essential that you allow people to see a promotion for an event through their smart gadgets. OnSpot Social app allows you to use QR codes to drive attention to your activities, remind people of your upcoming event and more. The best way to make sure you get people to scan your QR code is to give a small prize.

2.   Take a chance and sponsor an event Booth

Sponsoring an event booth is another event promotion idea that will still be effective in 2020.  Choosing to sponsor a booth at an event with similar attendees gives your brand a chance to increase its visibility and awareness in general.

Your brand can attract attendees to the booth by using appealing displays at an event booth. OnSpot Social app features several campaign screens that you can use to customize your event promotional campaigns. The OnSpot Social app makes it easier for you to show digital ads with an iPad at your event.  Also, use the digital signage feature to encourage attendees to  opt-in for your email, follow you on  social media  and more

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The app also lets you display products on a High Definition Display; this makes it possible for you to draw as much attention as possible. 

3.   Attendee sharing

We are living at a time where people are constantly checking on what their peers, colleagues and friends are doing! OnSpot Social app lets you take advantage of attendee purchase in several ways. One of those ways is to give them a chance to share their event participation experience on social media networks.

Another simple way is to show people that there are others participating, by sharing the content that you think well represents your brand. It is no longer a secret that people enjoy being in the limelight at any capacity, if their content is re-shared, enter them in a drawing to win a prize at the event.

OnSpot Social app also lets your event attendees interact with your brand by capturing fun photos at the event. They can then text themselves the filmstrip with on spot Social’s photo capture app. They then get to share their images with their followers across different social media platforms. This is just a simple way to get a word out there about your event.

4.   Use hashtags

Hashtags are unique. It is vital to remember that event promotion begins when there is engagement. People are always checking what is trending by using hashtags. Hashtags make it easier for customers to find out about your event seamlessly

You can select random winners using the app, those that heed to posting content using your brand’s unique hashtag.  It would be best if you remembered that hashtags are still meaningful even after the event is over. They do a good job boosting the brand engagement.

Having the best event promotion ideas to promote your next event - OnSpot Social
Having the best event promotion ideas to promote your next event – OnSpot Social

5.   Event Countdown

Countdowns build anticipation among event attendees. They make people talk endlessly and take action. There is a higher possibility that an event will receive so much attention when a countdown clock is used on the brand website, social media pages, email outreaches and more.

A countdown reminds your attendees when the event will take place; it also gets followers excited and more prepared for the upcoming event.

6.   Ticket Giveaways

People love gifts. In most cases, people are excited about free things that they even never get to use. Brands can use this fact to their advantage. Ticket giveaways attract people to an event more than anything else.

You can post event ticket giveaways across your brands’ social media platforms to attract as many people as you can. This is a perfect way also to get people to talk about your event and even purchase additional tickets,  the secret is to give them a reason to. People want to invest their time where value is!

7.   Email marketing

Email is not dead! This “old school” platform keeps getting better every single day. Email is one of the best event promotion channels when you want to personalize your events to potential attendees.

OnSpot Social app lets you send instant emails with a personal touch to arouse feelings and get them excited about the upcoming event.  People want to feel treasured; they want to feel honoured. An actual direct email invitation is quite extraordinary and exciting as compared to generic emails.

OnSpot Social gives you the ability to get creative when sending out emails. First, you get to customize your text message or email message and subject inline in a simple user interface. You also get to create a compelling call to action message. There are endless ways to make your email copy exciting and personal with OnSpot Social.

The final words on how to promote an event in 2020

The above event promotion ideas have been proven to be effective, what is more, impressing is the fact that implementing them becomes so effortless with OnSpot Social app. These event marketing tips are a total win in 2020!

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