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Top College Admissions App Software

The college recruitment process is typically an archaic process that involves a lot of manual procedures requiring a lot of intensive hours of time by college staff and employees. College admissions app software allows admissions staff to spend their time more wisely by helping teams build personalized communications, provide powerful analytics and help admissions teams More >

Top 2017 Marketing Conferences To Book Today

Are you a newcomer to the field of digital marketing looking to gain some insight into the industry? Maybe you’re a veteran who is interested in taking your company to the next level. A marketing conference is a great way to accomplish either of these. There are an abundance of digital marketing conferences to choose More >

Deliver Coupons to Shoppers In-Store Using Tablets

Business is changing. Brick-and-mortar storefronts are evolving. Innovative companies realize if they do not focus on reshaping the customer experience in their stores that they will continue to lose sales to online behemoths like Amazon and Ebay. The result? Companies are using technology to create “digital storefronts” to take advantage of the latest marketing software More >

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