What Makes A Great B2C Lead Collection App?

Email capture is the key to any successful marketing strategy. Without your customer and prospects’ data, your business is unlikely to strive in this digital era. Reaching your target audience is easy when you have a great lead collection app at your disposal.


There are several businesses that are collecting prospects’ emails but lack knowledge on how to use such data to drive sales to the roof.  A decent data capture app will offer support on how to make use of the collected data so as scale your business to the next level.  This article focuses on the features of a great data capture app and why OnSpot Social is the best in the market.

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What is data capture?

Data capture is the art of collecting information and then converting it into any form that can be easily read and used by a digital device. The main aim of data capture is to give room for a better customer and prospect understanding so as to create products and services or improve the existing ones in order to drive more sales.


Data collection for better leads with the OnSpot Social App
Data collection for better leads with the OnSpot Social App


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Is data capture so important?

Collecting data allows you to keep the most vital information about your customers and potential customers. Your business will then use this information to build a database of customers and prospects for marketing and retargeting.

Data collection saves you the headache of marketing to the audience that is not likely to buy. You will now focus on strengthening your marketing efforts towards an audience that is likely to buy from you.

Digital data collection allows you to data capture from a wider audience as compared to in-person data collection. It is also cost-effective with no bias and errors.

To get the most of out your data capture efforts, it is always advisable to customize your data collection in line with your business needs. There are several data capture apps in the market today such as OnSpot Social that are able to help you make most of the whole data collection process. Continue reading to find out the features of a great data capture app and why we vouch for the OnSpot Social app.


Data collection for more social sharing with the OnSpot Social App
Data collection for more social sharing with the OnSpot Social App


Features of a great data capture app

The market is full of data collection apps, Here is a buying guide to help you determine the best for your business:

One step set up

Each data collection app in the market varies in terms of interface and processes involved for entering, analysing and exporting data to cloud servers. Some of the apps are very easy to set up while others may need in-depth training and technical support. To save time, choose an app that is intuitive.

Security compliance

Each business has its own security procedures and standards that must be followed to the latter. You will want to make sure that the data collection tool you choose protects the clients’ information. A secure tool will encrypt or anonymize data as they are entered into the system. This is the only way that a business can protect the personally identifiable information that can compromise the security and privacy of customers and prospects.

Technology integration

A topnotch email collection app should allow users to submit data even in the absence of smartphones. The Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) is a service system that allows a user to use any type of mobile phones that they have to any necessary information.

Have you considered your preferred language of data collection? It is important to be aware that some data collection apps in the market are developed for major languages such as French and English. Foremost, determine whether the app is available in the language that you prefer. Remember that the app language will affect the kind of data that you will collect through short message services (SMS)

Offline data collection

To be realistic, you may not always be having internet connectivity in some areas that you intend to capture data.  For this reason, it is vital that your email collection app allows you to collect data efficiently in such cases.

Proper authentication

Some of the apps in the market allow just anyone to access a link so as to start submitting data. Others will require that the administrator assigns roles to specific people in the team.  Your business deserves an app such as OnSpot Social app that allows you as the administrator to assign specific roles to different people in your team for easy follow up. However, this is only possible if you have a trained data collection workforce.

Data analysis

A great data collection app will display results in real-time. Most apps use graphs and charts that are instantly generated during the data capture process. However, some apps will also give you the privilege of easily working with any analysis and reporting platform that you may prefer to use. Data transfer should be a simple process so as not to waste so much time that could be used on other tasks.

Why OnSpot Social app for data collection?

Is OnSpot Social any different from other data capture apps in the market today?  Here are some features of the app that distinguish it from the rest:

Variety of data collection

OnSpot Social does not only let you collect emails but also any type of information that you may need. Here is the type of information that the app allows you to collect from your customers and prospects:

  • Names
  • Telephone numbers
  • Birthdays
  • Surveys
  • Feedback and suggestions
  • Social media likes and follows
  • Email addresses

Accurate data entry

OnSpot Social makes sure that the data you collect is error-free. It checks the formatting of emailing addresses and mobile numbers and links before they are submitted. With OnSpot Social there is no need to ask your users to enter their mailing address, the app automatically enters the information depending on the postal code entered.

Real-time reviews

The app collects customer reviews and feedback so as to enable you to evaluate your services and products. Besides, it allows you to conduct unlimited customer surveys. The app also facilitates real-time reporting dashboard so as to ensure that you are at par with the data you are collecting.

Multiple devices syncing

The application allows you to effortlessly manage all your tablets remotely from a single device such as a computer.

The app also displays digital signage anytime so as to help you capture your customers’ attention in events and conferences. You can easily connect to a larger screen and show branded product videos or even show digital ads with the help of an iPad.


Data collection for increased revenue with the OnSpot Social App
Data collection for increased revenue with the OnSpot Social App


Affordable plans

OnSpot Social has plans for every kind of business out there.  The app gives you an option of starting with a 14-day free trial. All the app plans are paid annually which gives you peace of mind and the convenience your business deserves.

Customer engagement

The app‘s developers understand very well that continuous customer engagement makes it easier for any business to put the word out there about new products or services. For this reason, the app allows you to use your iPad to engage customers through digital gaming and contests. The app allows customers to play scratch and win as they shop. As if not enough, OnSpot has the ability to select random winners and text them their prizes.

Software synchronization

OnSpot Social allows you to download data as a CSV file or even instantly and automatically sync to your email or CRM of your choice.

Other great features of the OnSpot Social app include:

  • Offline data collection
  • The app allows you to collect data in any region even where internet is not available.
  • Broad data collection
  • With OnSpot collect just any type of data you need; from your clients and prospects’ email addresses to data from questionnaires.
  • Fast data input

OnSpot Social comes with a customized keyboard with shortcut keys that allow you to type in information fast. The large buttons and formatted input areas also ensure that the intended information is entered correctly.


Data collection for better engagement with the OnSpot Social App
Data collection for better engagement with the OnSpot Social App


Where can you use OnSpot social?

OnSpot Social data collection app can be used in different fields as stated below:


The app can be used in this area to attract customers with digital signage. The business owners can also make use of the app to instantly text coupon apps to customers’ mobile phones.  Businesses such as those of retail, automotive, restaurant and hotels can make use of the app to achieve just that.

In the field

Use the OnSpot Social app in the field to answer survey questions, sign a waiver and collect contact information of your target audience.

In events

During trade shows or conferences, OnSpot Social will help you engage your audience with a product demo either a video or game; whichever that you prefer. It will also send an instant follow up email to your prospects’ phone. Besides, the apps help you capture useful data that will help you strategize your marketing efforts in the future

Our Final Thoughts

A business that is striving to be the best in the market can no longer overlook the importance of data collection.   Choosing the right data capture app from the many in the market will set your business up for huge success. We believe that OnSpot Social has what it takes to take your business to new heights.

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