Best lead generation software to build leads effectively

It is not a surprise that leads are hard to come by; we are not even talking of quality leads. A lead generation software brings an end to all your lead acquiring miseries. With the right lead generation software,  your business will be able to generate m more leads and eventually convert the leads into valuable customers.

Leads can be found from any channel,  right from email to social media, to website landing pages, OnSpot Social app takes care of its all.  Your business deserves software that provides all- in- one lead generation and marketing automation solutions.

Best lead generation software to build leads effectively - OnSpot Social
Best lead generation software to build leads effectively – OnSpot Social

OnSpot Social as the best lead generation software

There is no doubt that the OnSpot Social app is the best lead generation app in the market. This app comes with several features that are incredibly versatile and customizable to meet your business needs.

  • This app supports peer to peer social media sharing.

The OnSpot Social app lets you segment your audience depending on the criteria you choose so that you can reach your target leads with nurturing materials.

  • The app ensures that you seamlessly capture leads even at high traffic events. You can turn your iPad into a kiosk and capture leads without any issue as the form automatically reloads a blank form after each form submission.

OnSpot Social has excellent integration capabilities.  The data collected on the app can be quickly sent to the email marketing tool of your choice. This will enable you to send out leads nurturing emails such as newsletters, product links, sales materials, and more.  This is a very incredible feature as it makes sure that your turn your leads into customers with a short time.

The app comes with an automation feature that lets you send instant emails and texts with links to your products. You can also include a link to your website so that your visitors can sign up for newsletters and other nurturing material that you might offer.

The app’s control panel lets you monitor your campaigns across your devices. This makes it possible for you to track your reports and determine your return on investments over time.

1.   Easy to use

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OnSpot Social app features a friendly user interface that will ensure you get started immediately. With this app, you will not need an indebt training to get started. Any of your team members can use regardless of their technical background.

2.   Accurate

The lead collection is not accessible, as many individuals might assume.
The app ensures that you get the data entry right each time, Figure out different peoples’ handwriting on a single piece of paper. To start with,  not all handwritings are legible; this will make it hard for you to understand the data collected. The app saves you the headache of having to enter data manually which leads to errors. Each of your lead’s information will be accurate, thus ready for nurturing.

3.   Seamless monitoring

Any brand looking forward to a better Return on investment must take pride in the power of teamwork.  OnSpot feature lets you track your teammates so that you can motivate them in the processes that they undertake. You can even allocate duties from the app and monitor how the team members perform.

Best lead generation software to build leads effectively - OnSpot
Best lead generation software to build leads effectively – OnSpot

4.   Image capturing

What of the clients who walk around with their business cards. This lead generation software allows you to achieve the card’s details using its image scanner, and you will no longer need space to keep the tags or the paperwork.

5.   Real-time feedback

Real-time customer feedback is one aspect of your business that you need to enhance at all costs. The app makes it possible for you to create your surveys so that you can get the desired customer feedback. The app comes with several customizable templates so that you can conduct an unlimited survey thanks to the app’s fast reporting dashboard. This means that you will always be on par with the information you collect.

6.   Works offline

There are quite several apps in the market. Some of the apps do not feature offline data collection capabilities. OnSpot Social makes it possible for you to capture data from any location without the availability of the internet. The data then automatically synchronizes to the main account once you have a stable internet connection.

7.   Affordable

As you may have noted from descriptions, OnSpot Social comes with several features that will make your lead capturing easy.  You will be surprised to find out that the software is priced on the lower side. It comes as a package of one-time use and annual subscription. The box that is suitable for you will depend on the type of business you ran, and it’s needed.


Lead generation can be hectic, especially when you do not have the right tools in place. It takes work to come up with a proper lead capturing strategy and a second strategy to keep the points engaged until they are warmed up to become leads.

The OnSpot Social app helps you find a better way of working around significant issues related to data capture and nurturing. The app is developed by minds who understand that any business needs loyal customers, and the beginning of its all is an effective lead generation strategy.

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