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Have you ever attended a networking event or tradeshow and wished that there was an easy way to collect contact information from participants? Sure, you could pass out business cards or write down people’s information on a piece of paper, but now it’s easier than ever to keep track of contacts with an app. So, forget paper forms! Start collecting essential contact information in seconds. And, track it all with ease with OnSpot Social

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Never heard or OnSpot Social? No problem. Let us explain.

OnSpot Social is used by small businesses or large brands across verticals such as Education, Sporting Goods, Apparel, Hospitality, Cosmetics, Healthcare, Restaurants, Automotive, and more. The app helps brands seamlessly collect contact information at events, using a mobile device. And, it works with-or-without internet!

Why should OnSpot Social be the go-to choice for your next event?

Our easy-to-use app offers 5 reasons why it should be your go-to choice to collect contact info at your next event:  1) streamline data entry 2) minimize human error & increase efficiency 3) use with-or-without internet – works at any location providing quick and easy setup 4) organize all your contacts in one place and 5) enhance your customer’s experience!

Collect Contact info on iPad

1) Streamline Data Entry

Looking for a smarter, faster way to collect contact information at events? Quickly capture contact information at events, streamline data entry for accuracy and store valuable info efficiently. Tap into our advanced technology and save time on tedious data entry on your mobile or tablet device! Forget about manually entering data into your systems. Your contacts can now input their information in seconds with just a few clicks. 

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Plus, businesses can count on accuracy while easily storing useful customer data all through our user-friendly platform.  All data collected can then be downloaded by your business into a CSV/Excel file. Alternatively, you can select to have all data forwarded automatically to the CRM or email marketing platform of your choice through one of our integrations.

2) Minimize Human-Error & Increase Efficiency

One of the key benefits of using an app to collect contact information is that it eliminates human error by automating the process. Automation helps ensure accuracy in your data entry. It also eliminates typos, misspellings, incorrect phone numbers, and other common mistakes. Additionally, our app allows you to customize forms so you can make sure all the necessary information is collected in a consistent format. No more haphazardly thrown-together spreadsheets! 

Using an app also increases efficiency. The automation eliminates the need for manual input of data. This saves time and money in the long run as you need not manually review data entries. Plus, as mentioned before, our app offers integrations with other CRMs and email marketing platforms. Therefore, all your customer information is stored in one central place for easy access. This makes it easier to keep track of customers and quickly retrieve their contact information when needed. 

Collect customer address for business with iPad

3) Use With-Or-Without-Internet

Have you ever been at an event and couldn’t connect to the internet? Of course you have. But, have you been at an event without the internet and needed to collect contact information? Well, there is an app for that! Introducing the new way to collect contact info—even without an internet connection. Whether you’re at a tradeshow, expo, or networking event, this app will make it easy to keep your contact list up-to-date. Let’s take a look at how this app works and some of it’s advantages.

The OnSpot Social app allows users to collect contact information without requiring access to the internet. All you need is an Apple or Andriod device running running the latest version of the OnSpot Social app available through the App Store and Google Play Store. Once installed, the user can quickly and easily create custom forms with various fields. Collect contact data such as names, phone numbers, emails, addresses, etc.

It doesn’t just work without the internet; it also works with it! This means that users can enter contact information on the go and sync their devices when they get home (or back in range of the WIFI). If a device is already connected to the internet while collecting data, it will automatically sync the data to the cloud instantly in real time. In general, it’s great for companies who want to collect customer information quickly and easily—without having to worry about whether or not there’s WIFI available!

4) Organize Your Contacts All In One Place

Keeping track of contact information can be a hassle. It’s essential to have a way to store and organize all the data in one place. The good news is our app is designed specifically for this purpose. Let’s take a look at how you can use OnSpot Social’s app to save time and energy when it comes to managing and organizing your contact information. 

Our mobile application allows you to collect, store, and manage contact information from different events like trade shows, expos, or other networking events all in one convenient location. The app streamlines the process of collecting contact information by allowing users to quickly enter their contact info into an organized database (i.e. our app interface). The app also simplifies the task of searching through your contacts since they are sorted by name or by categories/groups (e.g., company, event, etc.). 

You can also include and capture unique fields like email addresses, phone numbers, social media accounts, while also enabling customization of fields such as the ability to add notes pertaining to each contact so that you can have everything organized in one place. 

5) Enhance the Customer Experience

What makes an app user-friendly? The best apps are designed with the end user in mind—they are intuitive and require little effort on the user’s part. In other words, they should feel like second nature. 

When it comes to collecting contact information, there are a few key features that will improve the user experience that we’ve incorporated into our app: 

  • Users can use our app on an iPad or iPhone
  • The ability to easily add custom fields so users can enter specific pieces of info required for their business. 
  • The app includes large input fields and big font sizes within its forms so that users of all ages and technology skill levels can easily use the app to enter their contact information.
  • The ability to add games and interactive components into the contact forms help entice event attendees to provide their contact information to your company.
  • Real-time data synchronization so that any changes made to the contact forms are reflected immediately across all devices used by different members of your team. 

These features make it much easier for users to collect and manage their contact data which in turn leads to improved accuracy and efficiency. And when done right, this process should feel seamless and painless for everyone involved.  

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In summary, OnSpot Social:

  • Is an easy-to-use app that helps to streamline data entry
  • It minimizes human error and increases efficiency when collecting contact information at events. 
  • It works both with or without internet connection, allowing users to quickly enter their contacts into a database in real time. 
  • Allows contact info to be collected, stored, and managed in one convenient location with custom fields for specific pieces of info required by businesses.  
  • The app also offers intuitive dashboards which provide detailed insights into the customer database, enhancing user experience and leading to improved accuracy & efficiency.

How Much Does it Cost?

Try OnSpot Social for FREE today. Get access to our 14-Day FREE trial that includes full access to all features to be used on one device.

Don’t want to provide a credit card for the free trial? No problem! Begin your FREE trial today WITHOUT a credit card required.

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