Best Email Collection Apps For 2020

For many brands, mobile apps are changing the way business is being conducted. Data collection apps have quickly replaced scanners that were for a long time popular for capturing data at events and trade shows.

The best email collection apps instantly provide you with the data you need. You also get to start customer engagement as soon as possible. They offer seamless integration with other software that may be already in use in your business.

Best Email Collection Apps For 2020 - OnSpot Social
Best Email Collection Apps For 2020 – OnSpot Social

Here are the best email collection apps for 2020

1.   atEvent

atEvent is a tool mainly for trade shows and other outdoor events.  It enables you to monitor the progress of your sales team while in the field, thanks to its dedicated tracking tool.

  • The app has a friendly user interface that allows the sales team member to interact directly with the captured leads.
  • The app also features customizable fields to help sales team easily come up with a survey for capturing insights during events.

The event planners can also benefit from atEvent as it provides tools to help monitor lead capturing progress, generate reports and scan event attendee badges.

2.   QuickTap Survey

QuickTapSurvey is a lead capture app that is designed to help you customize your surveys in minutes. The app comes with several templates and lets you add logo colours, fonts and more.

Amazingly the app lets identify quality leads and those that are not likely to be interested in your brand, just instantly after the survey has been delivered. Each response is counted to create an overall score for each lead captured.

  • The app features a seamless integration that lets you quickly export your leads to an email marketing tool such as MailChimp for nurturing purposes.

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The app comes in different packages to fit each brand’s need.  It works fine offline; therefore an excellent email collection in remote areas. The app can also collect any data but is more dedicated to gathering feedback.

Email Collection App for your ipad for 2020 - OnSpot Social
Email Collection App for your ipad for 2020 – OnSpot Social

3.   Momenco

Momenco is a data collection app that is more of a scanner. It scans budgets of the potential leads and builds information around that. The sales team members are allowed to start engagement with he captured leads.

  • The app users can capture event attendee data by scanning badges, business cards or by digging up old customer records.

Momenco allows users to store any digital marketing material of their choice in its interface. This gives the marketing team immediate access to data whenever they are engaging with leads.

  • The app automatically emails trade show attendees; the emails usually contain a personalized microsite.
  • The app’s dashboard provides feedback on lead acquired, repeat attendees, lead qualification, follow –up emails and more.

This email collection app lets users set their sales goals before any event; they are then able to track progress pf every sales team member or the entire brand.

 Just like most email collection app iPad, this software integrates seamlessly with the CRM of your choice.

4.   CamCard

Cam card is a unique email capturing app. It lets you collect your client’s business cards.  The app features a  card scanner that is multi-language and easy to use.  The app enables you to add notes as a reminder of what you and your lead talked about.

 CamCard also allows you to synchronize up all your data across all your preferred devices. This ensures that the contact information is always available.

5.   iCapture

iCapture is a flexible email collection app as it is suitable for both large and small brands. The app, just like TapQuickSurvey, focuses on collecting feedback. It can also be used to capture emails and any other valuable information.

This email collection tool lets you customize the survey templates according to the brand’s needs. The app also works offline and instantly integrates with emailing marketing platform of your choice. 

Best Email Collection App ipad for 2020 - OnSpot Social
Best Email Collection App ipad for 2020 – OnSpot Social

6.   OnSpot Social app, (leading email capture app)

OnSpot Social app is the leading email capture app for several reasons.  First, it features a simple user interface that makes it easier for you to navigate through the app.

  • The app offers a variety of customized keyboards and shortcuts keys to make data entry fast and accurate.

This tool turns your event attendees into social media followers by letting them scan QR codes to your social media pages. It also enables you to create attractive product videos that you can display at your booth during an event.

The app lets you collect personal information, conduct surveys and contests during tradeshows and events for better customer engagement.

During email collection, the app automatically populates mailing address based on the zip code entered. This significantly helps reduce the amount of time used in email collection.

This software gives access to a personalized online account to help you manage your business. Control all your devices remotely. Get real-time reports on data collected across all your tools within your subscription

  • It easily integrates with email marketing software for further marketing actions.

The app comes with various plans to take care of each business needs. Each plan starts with a 14-day trial to help you familiarize yourself with the app before you can finally commit. OnSpot Social app offers three package subscriptions, which are fairly priced than all the competition above. There is no doubt that this is the best email collection app in 2020.

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