Best Customer Lead Management Software for Businesses

Lead management software has changed the face of sales team operation and marketing at large. Lead management software makes it easy for a brand to build relationships with potential customers leading to fast conversions. With several of those tools in the market, it will not be easy to tell which one is suitable for your business. Keep reading to find out which one we highly vouch for.


Best Customer Lead Management Software for Businesses - OnSpot Social
Best Customer Lead Management Software for Businesses – OnSpot Social


What is lead management?

Lead management is simply a collection of practices and processes of acquiring new customers for a business. Lead management is not an easy process. However, with a simplified tool in place, it becomes effortless for companies to acquire, track sales, accelerate sales, and connect with a targeted audience.

There are several lead management tools in the market, but very few live to their promises.  Fortunately, we have reviewed the best lead management software to help you get past the marketing noise.

Why is OnSpot Social the best lead management software for businesses?

Here are the features of the best lead management software in the market today:

 1. Email and lead capture

Lead management starts right when you capture potential customers. For this reason, a leading management app must include lead capture features such as an email collection option. OnSpot Social lets you collect unlimited emails from any location. It works seamlessly offline; all the data collected automatically synchronize when you access the internet. Lead capture is a must-have feature for any dedicated event promotion tool that is usually integrated with any campaign management platform.

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OnSpot Social comes with several customizable templates to help you create lead capturing forms in seconds. This makes it easier for you to collect any type of data you need from your prospects. You can include fields such as contact details, names, where they heard about your brand, and more.

The app lets you automatically store your templates to help you evaluate your marketing strategy in the future. OnSpot also lets you export and merge your prospect’s data from other systems that your brand has in place.

2. Customer engagement

It is not easy to keep your leads interested in what your brand offers. Remember, other brands in the market offer similar products and services.  How do you make sure that your prospects are not falling off the funnel?

OnSpot Social app lets you establish a good relationship with your customers and leads so that you can make the sales you desire and stay ahead of your competition.

For better customer engagement, this app boosts automated text and email to enable you schedule or instantly emails or messages with links to your sales material,  blog posts, or any other necessary materials that you are willing to offer to engage your leads. What is more surprising is that this software lets you customize your email or text copy.  The message subject editor is easy to use to enable you to create better call to action and compelling messages for increased engagement and conversions.

This app also lets you personalize your digital content. All you have to do is connect email and auto email to the multiple screens to make your leads select the materials that they want to receive. You can offer links to your websites, branded videos, or any other digital materials available.

3. Built-in Communication Options

Sales representatives are the voice of any brand. For this reason, they need to have a single view when engaging with leads and customers. This is not likely to happen if there is no proper communication among them.

Fortunately, OnSpot Social boosts email integrations, built-in voice communication feature, SMS, and live chat features. All these features make communication between sales reps effortless. The app lets them engage with their clients without having to log out.

This app has a notification system that instantly alerts you of an issue during an event promotion, lead capturing process, and many instances where an action is needed. This makes it easier for you to assign a sales rep to take care of the issue instantly.

4. Reports

Feedback, whether good or bad, helps a brand evaluate its event promotion ideas or other marketing strategies in place. This enables you to come up with better marketing techniques for better conversions.

OnSpot Social comes with robust reporting features that will help you monitor your event promotion efforts, marketing efforts, and much more. The app gives you all the information you need to keep your business afloat.

5. Advanced Security Features

Leads trust your brand with their personal information. Any brand must keep such information safe.  OnSpot Social comes with robust security features. During lead capture, the app will automatically log the user out after they have submitted necessary information, thus ensuring no access to information by any unintended user.

The app also features an Encrypted SSL Data transfer for customer email address collection.


Lead Management Software for Businesses - OnSpot Social
Lead Management Software for Businesses – OnSpot Social


Seamless integration with other software

Brands have different software in place to help them do their tasks effortlessly. A lead management tool, such as Onspot social can easily integrate with your existing systems.

OnSpot Social app has no compatibility issues, and it comes with open API and custom builders to support any third-party tool that you already use.

 More about on the OnSpot Social App

1. Easy to use

There are several lead management tools out there, but tech-savvy teams can only use most.  An excellent lead management tool comes with a simple interface that can is easy to navigate. OnSpot Social lead generation software has a user-friendly design that can be used by technically averse team members

2. Flexibility

Business needs change day and night. It is for this reason that you need a lead management tool that can take care of a wide range of needs. OnSpot Social app comes with a modern design that lets you add and remove options to suit your needs better.

3. Dedicated customer support

Your lead management software must boost 24/7 customer support. OnSpot Social software has a dedicated customer care staffs that are available around the clock. You can live chat on their website, email then, or simply call them! The app does not charge any money for any technical support you receive!


OnSpot Social lead management software is the best solution for medium and large-sized brands thanks to its capacity to handle the large prospect databases. The app comes with the scalability and the features necessary to take care of your business needs; this software will simply give your brand the ability to connect with prospects like a pro.

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