Collect Offline Form Submissions from Any Location

The reliability of electronic data collection apps, even when there is no internet, has opened doors to new possibilities. These apps are now part of every meaningful data collection exercise. Use of smart devices has significantly increased in the last few years. However, internet availability is still an issue in several parts of the world.  Amazingly, event and data capture apps such as OnSpot Social have the capabilities to store data as soon as it is entered. The software then synchronizes it later on when the internet connection is available.


Collect Offline Form Submissions from Any Location - OnSpot Social
Collect Offline Form Submissions from Any Location – OnSpot Social


Why should you use OnSpot Social for collecting?

Data collection apps come with different designs and features. For this reason, it is necessary to choose software that is flexible enough to be used for a range of data, even in remote areas. Here are the features of the best data collection app that also has several event marketing features:

1.   Choose the type of data to collect

OnSpot Social comes with several data collection features to help you get the right data that your brand needs to move forward.  The fact that you can use your iPad to collect data eliminates the need for paper forms. The app lets you customize your data collection campaigns so that you receive all the information that you need with several screen types.

You also get the privilege to add your branding directly into the campaign screen; simply add your logo, font style, custom background, and any feature that you wish to have on your data collection template.

  • This app also allows you to create as many data collection forms as possible. Include files such as email address, contact information, date of birth, residence, name, and more.

2.   Use QR codes

The QR code feature of the app allows your leads to scan a QR code to your social media pages. All you have to do is let them add their email addresses and automatically get an email with a link to your Facebook brand page. This enables you to build your online presence and collect more leads as well.

OnSpot Social app now enables you to collect Facebook likes through your iPad with or without an internet connection. The app comes with a Facebook Like Collection feature that you can quickly turn on to get the process started.

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The app lets you turn on the QR code/ Email- the- link feature. This feature also works offline and can be used remotely without an internet connection; all you have to do is tap on the general tab at the administrative panel on the app.  All the data you collect will be uploaded to the server when you click on the” transmit to the server now” button.  Your prospects will receive the emails through the app’s “email the link” feature.

3.   Digital contents and giveaways campaigns

People are naturally competitive.  OnSpot Social gives you the ability you tap into this so that you can start your campaigns and competitions both in the field and on social media. This enhances your marketing ideas for your events, by converting your iPad into a kiosk, you can let your leads win prizes by playing scratch and win games. There is no better way to market your upcoming events than by offering people what they want.  Digital games and contents increase engagement and also get your leads talking!

You can also run social media ads around a given giveaway.  Use of hashtag is one of the best event marketing ideas of all time, hashtags simply get your audience interested, and this is a chance for you to collect more leads. You will also get the benefit of word of mouth marketing for your event as your attendees will spread the event word and share related photos with their followers.

Different social media platforms have regulations on how to market an event. You must go through each of their terms and conditions so that you avoid any trouble.  Finally, award the contest’s lucky winners with an irresistible prize such as a free ticket.


Data Collection Offline from Any Location - OnSpot Social
Data Collection Offline from Any Location – OnSpot Social


4.   Seamless integration

OnSpot Social app effortlessly integrates your data to the CRM and email marketing platforms of your choice. This means that you can use any integrated platforms to access any relevant data that you may need for marketing your future events.

5.   Surveys

This app lets you into so much data that you need to better your brand. OnSpot gives you an insight into who your attendees are meeting during any of your events. The app comes with several analytic tools to help you identify gaps in your customer engagement during events.  For example, you will be able to see how your attendees are engaging at your event and which sessions were of much interest to them.

  • Each data that you collect during your event helps you come up with new marketing ideas that will take your business to the next level.

OnSpot Social as an event app supports real-time attendee feedback. You can customize your feedback templates to include emoticons, five-star ratings, or a 1-10 rating scale. This app gives you the ability to review customer feedback immediately from its secure control panel; this helps you quickly diagnose trends that will help you make better business decisions.


Data collection apps are a vital part of any data collection process. They come with so many possibilities and security.  With an app such as OnSpot Social, you won’t have to worry about sending your team to remote locations for data collection. This data collection app never fails to deliver the desired results!

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