How to Promote an Event on Social Media

Is it possible to get more out of your social media? Attendees that can be at your event hang out on social media. As a brand, you have to realize that each time your post, you compete with several brands. So how do you stand out from the rest and win the hearts of your audience? Here is how to promote an event on social media.


Use the OnSpot Social App to promote your next event or exhibition on social media
Use the OnSpot Social App to promote your next event or exhibition on social media


1.   Gather testimonials

Testimonials are such a powerful event marketing tool. You must keep the collection of videos and any other past event materials to show your new audience the value you offer.

  • You have to understand that people trust word of mouth from their friends way more than they trust business messages.

The easiest way to get attendees’ testimonials is to conduct surveys during and after any event that you host. OnSpot Social app boosts a survey feature that lets you get real-time feedback from your attendees at any events that you host.

The app also features digital videos to allow you to make a short and meaningful eye-catching video during your events. Share such videos on your social media platforms to attract more attendees to your events.

2.   Engage with attendees and use them

There are several ways to engage your attendees on social media. You are tasked to start a conversation around meaningful content to keep the conversations going. Ask your attendees what they are looking forward to at your upcoming event. Comment on any materials that are shared from the previous events.

Rewarding your loyal attendees is another one of increasing engagement and promoting your event on social media.  A reward does not have to be anything big, a gear or a VIP pass is enough when starting.

  • Ask your audience to share your event details with their followers across all social media platforms. Social media still remains of the most inexpensive ways to promote your events.

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During the event, On  Spot social app gives you the ability to turn your iPad into a social media kiosk. Your event attendees can connect with your business on social media through your business tablet. It is no longer necessary for your attendees to get out of their devices to search for your business’s social media profiles. This seamless feature makes it possible for you to convert more visitors and grow your following in less time.

3.   Giveaways for free event registration

We can’t hide from the fact that people all over the world love free things. Free registration to a highly valuable event is priceless.

Host a contest on Facebook or Instagram and reward the person with most likes on your event image. You may also host a giveaway for a randomly selected individual who shares your images and tags their friends.

Such a contest is highly successful when it comes to event promotion on social media. They simply have the potential to reach a larger audience.


Use the OnSpot Social App to promote your next event on social media
Use the OnSpot Social App to promote your next event on social media


4.   Use an infographics

Create an infographic that showcases what the event offers

Visuals are one of the best ways to condense facts. People are attracted to a good piece of art. Remember to tell them how they can benefit from attending your event.

There are numerous tools online, one that can help you make beautiful and meaningful infographics. OnSpot Social app allows you to add your preferred colors to your images thus making them as appealing to the eye.

5.   Paid ads

The use of ads may require you to dig a little deeper into your pocket. However, it is all worthy in the end. It is one of the ways reaching out to a larger audience that may not interact with your brand before.

Design a professional-looking image to attract the attention of your audience. Remember your first impression means everything when using ads.

OnSpot Social app comes with several customizable templates that you can use, Additionally, the app lets you incorporate your brand logo and colors to the image to tell a story about your business visually.

6.   Give a sneak peek about your upcoming event

Post a behind-the-scenes photo on your social media platform to let your followers into the actual event preparations. This technique works well because it makes your audience feel like they have been let into a big secret. It also builds anticipation among them thus starting conversations around the event.


Marketing tools for events used at a baseball game - OnSpot Social
Marketing tools for events used at a baseball game – OnSpot Social


7.   Identify your biggest promoters

There is no doubt that your event speakers are influential people and have a large following on social media.  It is therefore beneficial to you that they share the event details with their followers.  Tell them that the more attendees at the events the more people they will have to listen to their content. Mention them on twitter with high hopes that they will retweet.

8.   Make your images sharable on social media

Some of your website visitors may not be your social media followers. However, creating sharable social media-friendly images is one way to make sure that attendees can share your event images on social media.

Several plug-ins can be used to share your images as they move their mouse on your website. This simple call to action is the best way to have your visitors share a word with their followers on social media thus increasing your brand visibility and event attendance.

9.   Create an event hashtag

Hashtags enable people to search for specific items on social media platforms. Hashtags are popular on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

  • It is recommended that you share an event image with your official hashtag so that your attendees can follow along with any available updates.

Picking a unique and exciting hashtag is vital for social media event promotion. Additionally, engage with your followers who use the hashtags and tell them how excited you are to host them. People on social media love to get recognized by the brands they follow.

Final words

OnSpot Social app is the world’s leading event promotion app. It simply integrates social media to help you build a highly interactive event community thus increasing engagement between organizers, sponsors and attendees. Businesses use the OnSpot Social app to capture leads and increase their social media following. The app is simply a breath of fresh air to any business that intends to change their event promotion strategy on social media.


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