Does your retail app deliver all these features in 2020?

There is no single doubt that the retail market is driven by speed, convenience, customer experience, and technology. Consumers are increasingly demanding for a personalized experience. Retail businesses can no longer relax simply because they have the best products in the market.

Technology has become the most significant competitive advantage in today’s digital era. More and more retailers are now discovering the need for a mobile retail app to communicate their tech-driven goals.

We have discussed the most crucial features of a retail app and told you why the OnSpot Social app is the best that you can get.

Does your retail app deliver all these features in 2020?
Does your retail app deliver all these features in 2020?

 Features of an ideal retail app

 Here is what to look for in a retail app:

1.    Lead capturing feature

Your retail app should come with lead capturing features to help you gain followers everywhere; in the field or instore regardless of whether you have access to the internet or not.

It is not enough to ask your customers to sign up for a newsletter or like a Facebook page. You may never want to limit your retail business in any way. OnSpot Social app, when installed on your storefront Ipads, will enable your customers to give their information on their terms mostly without feeling like they are forced to.

OnSpot Social app helps you avoid hijacking your store customers at the checkout stand. Allow them to use the app’s iPad kiosk to sign up for your email.

2.    Grow your social media following

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In today’s era, social media plays a significant role in most businesses out there. It is one of the most effective to contact and engage with not only existing customers but also new. The app lets you convert your store customers into your social media followers.

It features QR codes to let your customers scan and send themselves the link to your social media pages. The app automatically triggers a text or email with a link to any of your social media properties so that you can instantly convert leads at the store or events into real followers.

3.    Run digital contests

One of the best ways to increase in-store customer engagement is to create an unforgettable customer experience using games and gaming.

The app lets you convert your iPad into a photo booth so that you can allow customers to win prizes by playing the scratch and win the game.  Through the app, you will be able to select random winners and text them the prizes

4.    Digital signage

Your ideal retail app store should offer you as much convenience as possible. OnSpot Social makes it possible for you to display branded digital signage in your store or at the events to be able to capture customer attention.

You can instantly connect to a larger screen so that you can show branded product videos to your customers to increase sales. 

5.    Customizable customer experience

In today’s world, your customers have several options than they had years ago.  More than ever, each buyer is looking for a more personal experience. This means that you will have to send materials that are tailored towards meeting their needs.

Customizing customer experience allows you to attain customer loyalty, thus helping in increasing your sales significantly. OnSpot Social apps can keep a record of your past activities so that you can study each customer’s buying trends. These trends will help you come up with offers that they are not able to resist.

The app lets you collect the needed data so that you can better understand your customer behavior. This helps you come up with offers to drive sales fast.

6.    Use coupons

It is not easy to create a coupon for each item you have in your retail store. OnSpot Social app makes it possible for you to create several unique discount codes fast so that you can send it to your customers quickly.

Using the app, you can be able to manage the coupons you generate as time-limited or one time.

More and more retailers are now discovering the need for a mobile retail app to communicate their tech-driven goals.
More and more retailers are now discovering the need for a mobile retail app to communicate their tech-driven goals.

7.    In-store customer engagement

One of the best ways to engage your customers is to send the content that they find useful.  It is also worth noting that customers are more likely to buy from a brand that offers much-needed support to solve their issues.

OnSpot Social app comes with several features to increase customer engagement significantly.

The app comes with an email automation feature. The open email rate is quite high, and this explains why it is still one of the most effective marketing methods.

The email features high convenience than most marketing methods. It can be opened and read from anywhere anytime. The email automation feature by OnSpot Social makes it easy for you to schedule your emails earlier enough sp that you can send to them at the desired time.

You can attach coupons, offers, new product alerts, and more than you may wish your customers to know.

8.    Fast sales

Time is everything. You can’t afford to lose a minute that is meant to make a sale. OnSpot Social app lets you shorten the checkout process so that you enable you to increase the number of sales you make due to its ability to accept payments from multiple platforms.

The app gets rid of the need for a cashier at your retail to make each sale more personal.

9.    Get timely reports

Reports of any kind are vital to your business. Reports that will help your retail business grow to include; customer feedback,  number of leads captured, to name a few.

The app lets you track Return on Investment from any location at any time. You can quickly know how many followers you are adding from the app’s control panel. The control panel website also lets you manage your list building campaign across one or more devices.

10.   Secured data Access

Any data involving your business is vital. An ideal app should be able to secure your data to give you the peace needed. OnSpot Social app lets you use the control panel to access your data instantly from anywhere securely.

Last words

The features mentioned above are crucial when it comes to capturing your store customer’s attention and increasing engagement. OnSpot Social app ensures that it comes with all the necessary features to make your customer experience excellent.

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