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Is experiential marketing the future of retail?

Customers no longer rely on what they see on television or social media to decide on whether to buy from a business or not! Experiential marketing creates a long-lasting effect and has more influence on future buying.Why does experiential hold so much value? Strategic planning and execution of experiential marketing require that you forget everything More >

Best Experiential Marketing Examples of 2019 So Far

We live at a time when businesses and brands want to be more elaborate and do better. The most successful brands are not reliant on passive audiences; they mainly create fun experiences that initiate customer engagement through hands-on approaches that are meant to encourage them to be an active part of the brand. Experiential marketing More >

Why Experiential Marketing Is The Next Big Thing?

Why are so many brands investing in experiential marketing campaigns?   The stiff competition in the market has brands thinking outside the box day and night. Customers are now more than ever informed thanks to the several communication channels available. For this reason, as a brand, you will have to do better than your competitors so More >

Why You Need A Customer Engagement Strategy?

Most businesses spend quite a lot of money in sponsoring adverts about their products and services. This is simply because they know the importance of cementing their relationship with both new and old customers. This article will shed more light on the importance of developing a customer engagement strategy so that you are able to More >

Why Is Experiential Marketing Important?

Most brands are driven by Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics and have almost forgotten about creating a personal experience with their customers.  Coming up with the best experiential marketing strategies is the first step towards creating an amazing experience for you and your customers. Experiential marketing explained Customer engagement is vital for any business that More >

How to Maximize Customer Moments

Every. Single. Day. Customers are interacting with your employees. These employee-customer interactions manifest in different ways, from customer service calls to a customer’s request for directions to find a product in your retail store. Interactions can take different shapes and forms. Interwoven within every customer moment is your brand. What it stands for and your More >

What is Experiential Marketing?

Is there a way that businesses can improve their marketing and involve their customers? Customers are the heartbeat of any business. Selling your products and services to non- loyal customers is the fastest way to crumble. As a business, your main aim should not to generate leads, remember that unless the leads are motivated, they More >

How Do You Do Experiential Marketing Campaigns?

How do you create an experience that lasts long in your consumers’ minds? Experiential marketing campaigns are, without doubt, a new way to boost event return of investment.  Your tactic must be engineered towards creating memorable experiences that also make a positive impact on your business. What is experiential marketing? Experiential marketing is a marketing More >

Experiential Marketing Platform for Email Collection and Customer Engagement

What Is an Experiential Marketing Platform? The OnSpot Social experiential marketing platform is a marketing technology product which enables companies to manifest magical customer experiences while collecting critical customer data along the way.  If we are to believe the experts, and the experiential trends, we can infer that marketing is evolving into a more experiential More >

Why Retailers Need To Bring Experiential Marketing To Their Stores

Experiential marketing continues to be on everyone’s radar in 2018. Retail brands across the globe (79%) say they will execute more experiential programs this year compared to last year, and allocate more money into crafting personalized, creative retail experiences for their consumers. These experiences go beyond establishing retail brand loyalty and evoking a positive experience, More >

3 Ways Brands Can Use Experiential Marketing to Manifest Magical Customer Experiences

When it comes to brand-customer interactions, consumers are demanding more than convenience and great prices. Over the course of the past several years an increasing number of brands have been experimenting with experiential. Experiential marketing is all about creating emotional connections between brands and customers. Human emotions are a powerful foundational driver of human behavior, especially More >