All New List Picker Feature

You asked and we delivered- the list picker feature is here! You can now create a custom list for your OnSpot Social campaign with just a few clicks. This convenient new feature lets you add a customized list to any of your customized profiles.  Need to provide a list of countries, colleges, doctors, grocery stores? Go for it; the possibilities are endless.

When Do I Use This Feature?

The list picker feature takes the place of the multiple-choice question tile as it allows a longer-length list from which your users can choose.  When you need to allow your prospects to choose from several possibilities, rather than just a few, you can use this feature to quickly create or upload your list.  For example, a realtor may ask which stage of the buying process the customer is in, providing a long list of choices. The user then chooses an answer and moves to the next screen.   

How Do I Configure it?

The List Picker feature allows you to quickly and easily create a sequence of your choosing.  To set up this feature, simply create your list of responses.  You can also use a pre-existing list.  For instance, to populate a list of countries without having to type each one, simply search the internet for the desired list,  then copy and paste the list directly into the profile set up box (making sure to check copyright allowance). 


The list picker feature is most useful when the user is asked to choose from a long list of possible answers. For a shorter list, providing less than six options, we recommend using the multiple-choice question tile instead.

Set-Up Tips

The illustration below shows where to input the list.  Simply add your options and click Enter after each entry, which will put each item on a new line.  To allow users to select multiple options, just check that option during setup, as shown below. 

Let’s Review

The list picker feature is a handy new part of the OnSpot Social app.  This feature is easy to set up and provides a quick way to add longer option lists to your profile.   When collecting customer data, you can now ask any question you want, providing as many answer choices as you’d like.  It’s that simple!  

You can read more about how to set this up here >https://help.onspotsocial.com/article/131-list-picker

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