Waiver Form for Children's Activities

With school back in session and things getting back to normal, it may be time to get the kids back to their favorite activities. If you run a kid-based program, you must have a waiver form for children’s activities. Below, you’ll find all the information you need to get started.

Why Do I Need a Waiver Form?

Children can be more accident prone and it’s important that we keep them safe while they develop. Child-based brands are particularly vulnerable to litigation. You must protect your livelihood, when you run such a business. Create a waiver form for children’s activities to protect yourself and your clients.

How Can I Create a Waiver Form?

It’s as easy as 1,2, 3 to create a waiver form for children’s activities! Start with an online template creator like Formswift. Use their template while tweaking the words to fit your needs and your brand image. Then, just load your waiver into a waiver form app so you can get them signed digitally on a phone or tablet.

How Do I Get My Waiver Signed Quickly?

The OnSpot Social app is here to help! To get your waiver form for children’s activities signed quickly, download the app onto your tablet or phone, load your waiver and present the tablet or phone to your customers. Alternatively, you can send your waiver form by email or text message directly to a signer through the web-link that OnSpot Social also provides. The benefits of using collection software are many. Collection software stores your signatures both on the device and in the cloud, avoiding misplaced paperwork. The app allows you to download the signatures into an Excel file as well for your records or to upload into other 3rd party software.

Capture Signatures on an iPad

Do I Need a Waiver Form For This Activity?

The simple answer is yes! If you run any of the following child-centered programs, or any other program involving children, follow the steps to create your waiver and collect signatures.

After School Activites

Yes, even after school fun come with a bit of risk. To protect yourself and your school, create a waiver form for children’s activities. Whether you’re providing afterschool care or running a book club for kids, you must collect all your signatures before you begin. Parents will appreciate your diligence and your school will be safeguarded.

Use a Legal Waiver for Field Trip

Field Trips

Field trips are so much fun! They are also a no-go unless you have parent permissions in place. So, you will need a signed legal waiver, permission slip or student information on file for the trip. The best way to do this is to have the forms loaded onto an iPad. This way, parents who forgot to sign ahead of time, can sign on the spot. And, you’ll have those legal forms handy and all in one accessible spot.

Boyscouts and Girlscouts

Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of America are great clubs for children. They provide fun activities, teach survival skills, emphasize kindness and integrity and provide learning adventures for growing children. As some of these activities include hiking and camping, these clubs must have legal permissions in order. Create a legal waiver for children’s activities to give you peace of mind while making campfires. Save yourself the trouble of carting paper waivers on your trip by having all the information you need on your lightweight phone or tablet. Now, go have fun and don’t forget to pack the thin mints!

Use a Legal Waiver Form for Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts

Here’s the Scoop

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You’re doing a wonderful thing, providing children with enriching experiences. But, you must protect yourself and your brand at the same time. Creating a waiver for children’s activities is a must-do. Easily create a waiver, load it into the OnSpot Social app, and away you go! Enjoy the ride in safety and security!

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