Why You Need a Data Collection App for Your Event Promotion

There are several ways to promote an event. However,  it is vital to realize that some tactics are more effective than others. Having a dedicated data collection app is one of the easiest ways to promote an event.

This article explains in details why a data collection such as OnSpot Social is a must-have for successful event promotion.

Why You Need a Data Collection App for Your Event Promotion - OnSpot Social
Why You Need a Data Collection App for Your Event Promotion – OnSpot Social

Data collection app for event promotion

Here is why you need a data collection app for your event promotion:

1.   Collect emails for event promotion

A data collection app lets you collect relevant information about your customers and prospects. The app enables you to receive unlimited emails and automatically add them to your email marketing list. This allows you to engage with your audience in the future accurately.

 Amazingly, OnSpot Social supports offline email list building. Feel free to collect the emails anytime, anywhere.

2.   Increase your social media following

Most data collection apps, such as OnSpot Social feature social media list building. You will be surprised to find out that a more significant percentage of your audience spends most of their time on social media. Social media is also a goldmine when it comes to events marketing. This means that the more social media followers you have, the better for your event.

The app features a QR code to let you gain more followers across different social media platforms.

3.   Gamification as a way of promoting your event

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Games and contest arouse feelings. With such a feature in the best event promotion and data capture app, you are likely to highly develop your upcoming event in the most effortless way ever.

OnSpot Social data capture app features games and contests to help you gain as many event attendees as possible. By using this feature, you will be able to conduct social media ticket giveaways and sweepstakes hence a positive influence on your event.

4.   Engage your customers to promote your event

With a dedicated event and data collection app such as OnSpot Social, you get several ways to engage your audience at your disposal. The app lets you keep the conversations going on social media, through emails and texts to engage your audience entirely. After an event, it is essential to follow up with a gratitude note to let your attendees know how much you appreciate their efforts to make it to your event.

Why You Need a Data Collection App for Your Event Promotion - OnSpot
Why You Need a Data Collection App for Your Event Promotion – OnSpot

The app lets you send videos and event images so that you can keep them looking forward to the next event.

 Warmed attendees are easier to get to commit to your next event.  You already know you need a data collection app to keep all the vital information of your attendees for the future.

5.   Create an effective event marketing strategy

Data capture apps such as on the OnSpot Social app let you figure out what interests your audience most. You also get to know the type of speakers they need on the event, the correct timing and more.

By getting the right information, you can discover their main pain points and what the attendees expect from the next event.

The information that you collect will positively influence your marketing strategy.

Remember that data will give you insights on different target audience so that you can organize your events strategically to get as many attendees as possible.

6.   Increase  your event attendance through data collection

Customers interests should be the most critical aspects of any business.   Event apps help you determine the importance of your services and products. This is because they allow you to collect needed feedback. It is crucial to understand that in most cases, the customers who register or decide not to register for your event can be compared to them considering going for other products in the market.

OnSpot Social provides you with information about how many people have registered to attend your event so that you have an insight into how well or bad your products are doing in the market.

7.   Conduct surveys for successful event promotion

Feedback and surveys are a crucial part of event promotion. The reports you acquire form the events will always influence your event strategies in the future.  Event apps such as OnSpot Social lets you ask questions in real-time, thus making it an affordable and fast way of acquiring desired feedback before, during and after your events.

The app comes with several features to help you get the desired feedback. 

8.   Gain new business opportunities

Your dedicated event app can effortlessly help you secure event sponsorship.  An event app such as on the spot social lets the sponsors with excellent opportunities to showcase your products and services to potential sponsors.

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