What Is The Best Lead Generation Software For B2C Brands?

Despite the large b2c e-commerce platform, most brands are facing challenges when it comes to building a lead generation and marketing strategy.  Not only do we have several resourceful tools for b2c lead generation, but they are also priced on the lower side thus perfect for brands that are on a budget. Remember b2c lead generation tools are engineered towards shortening the sales journey by optimizing engagement, marketing and personalization.

Picked from the many in the market, OnSpot Social lead generation app boasts robust features that are focused on making your lead capturing exercise easy. This article tells you why this app beats its competitors’ hands down.



Capitalise on the best lead generation software available - OnSpot Social
Capitalise on the best lead generation software available – OnSpot Social


Why is OnSpot Social the best lead generation software for b2c brands?

Whether you are contacting your leads online or in person, one sure thing is; you will want to track them using technology. Here is why we vouch for OnSpot as the best lead generation software in the market

1.     Get started immediately

Ever had to deal with a complicated tool? It feels awful when you are unable to crack software that you intend to use.  Easy to use tools are not always ineffective. You have to understand that each b2c lead capture app features a unique interface. With the OnSpot Social app, you do not need in-depth training to get started. The app can be used even by your team members who are not tech-savvy, it is that simple to use!

2.     Get it right each time

Lead collection is not an easy task. No matter how many people attend your trade shows or events, it may not be easy to convince your prospects to try your products and services. For this reason, you want to make sure that you capture your leads’ contact information correctly each time.

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OnSpot Social ensures that your data entry is error-free. The app automatically fills in the emailing address of the prospect the moment you key in their postal code.


Get More Leads with the best lead generation tool on the market - OnSpot Social
Get More Leads with the best lead generation tool on the market – OnSpot Social


3.     Timely feedback

Real-time customer feedback is vital for your brand growth. It allows you to easily create a rapport, gauge customer and prospect satisfaction. OnSpot Social app allows you to create your surveys thanks to its several customizable templates. You can also conduct unlimited surveys and thanks to the app’s fast reporting dashboard, you will always be at par with the data you collect anywhere.

4.     Qualify leads for fast sales

As a brand, you do not have much time to waste with your new leads. Lead nurturing helps you create a relationship with your leads to enable you to determine which lead is likely to taken action
(buy from you). Each lead is unique; some prospects will engage you on social media by asking questions expecting answers, while others will expect frequent emails from you to trust you before taking the desired action.

  • Research has shown that nurturing leads the correct way will result in over 50 % more sales.

OnSpot Social app lets you turn your leads into social media followers by simply scanning the QR codes to your social media using their smart devices. The app then makes it possible for you to track the level of engagement on social media platforms and email and lets you know which channel they prefer to use to communicate with you.

Your marketing efforts will then focus on the prospects’ past marketing campaigns enrolment and information they have about your products and services. By qualifying leads and nurturing them well, brands are likely to realize an increased return on investment fast.

5.     Increased traffic

OnSpot Social app makes it easier for you to attract leads during events or trade shows. All you have to do is connect to a larger screen and show your products on your iPad.  You can easily add your branding into any campaign by adding your logo, font styles, colors and much more.


What Is The Best Lead Generation Software For B2C Brands? - OnSpot Social
What Is The Best Lead Generation Software For B2C Brands? – OnSpot Social


6.     Increased brand awareness

Your leads spend quite a good amount of time on different social media platforms. As a brand, you have to know that social media is big and its ability to nurture leads and increase sales cannot be overlooked in the 21st century.

Use this b2c lead generation software to collect social media signups from anywhere. Use the app to display your Instagram feed as digital signage and turn your leads into your social media followers; Make use every single opportunity to ask your followers to share your brand with their friends and families on online. It is an effortless way and one of the most effective ways to increase your brand awareness; social media sharing!

7.     Increased Customer engagement

Making sales continuously depends on how much lead nurturing you have going on. OnSpot Social lets you engage with your leads without having any headache. Digital gaming and contests are ways to increase prospect interactions. During shows or events, use your iPad as a booth and let leads sign in to scratch and win contest using their emails. The app will randomly choose a winner and text them their prize. Keeping your customers around for some time in your store is likely to increase their chances of buying. Use the app’s contests and games anywhere when you want to attract leads.

8.     Works offline

Imagine not being able to collect leads because of the poor / absence of internet connection! The app lets you capture leads from remotely. It automatically synchronizes the data as soon as you are connected to the internet.

9.     Top-notch security features

OnSpot Social app developers understand how vital leads’ data is to your brand. It is for this reason that the app does not allow anyone to access the database. It only gives access to the administrator to log in and assign duties to other members of the team.  You can rest assured that your data is much safe anytime.

 Last Words

Brands have to be aware that customer behavior can change anytime. This means they must often revisit their lead capture strategies so that they can evaluate them using the new consumer trends.

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