Legal Waivers for Resorts and Attractions

With vacation season underway, people are flocking to resorts and attractions. Adventures are fun but also carry the risk of injury. Thus, establishments and resorts must protect themselves through legal release forms. There are many benefits of using legal waivers for resorts and attractions.

Legal Waivers for Resorts and Activity Centers

Get Legal Waiver Sign Offs on Your Phone or Tablet Using OnSpot Social

OnSpot Social is an app that helps businesses collect emails, phone numbers, and other customer information. One useful feature of the app is an easy way to collect sign offs and signatures on legal waiver forms. Use the OnSpot Social app on your phone or tablet to gain customer information and signatures for your release form in one transaction. Then, utilize those customer emails to build an email campaign that keeps them coming back. 

Create Legal Waivers for Resorts and Attractions

If you do not already have a waiver form for your company, create one using an online template. An easy to use legal waiver template is Formswift. After creating your waiver form, you can then easily load it into the OnSpot Social app. Customers can then quickly sign and get to the fun!

Use Waivers  for Resorts

Vacation resorts are a great place to get some R & R. Pools, saunas, and workout facilities offer a world of experiences.  But, they can also be a source of accidents and injury. So, use legal waivers for resorts and activity centers to release your business from liability.

Use Waivers for Family Fun Centers

Children are anxious to get out of the house.   Pools, slides, rides, and other attractions keep kids happy and active.   Where children are involved, businesses must be extra vigilant with safety and protection.   Use collection software together with legal waivers to keep track of customer information and gain customer signatures.  Keep the fun going while protecting your brand.

Use Waivers for Boat Tours

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A relaxing boat ride on the beautiful blue ocean is a great summer activity. But water-based ventures can be a cause of accidental injury. Use legal waivers for an attraction such as a boat tour. Keep signed releases and passenger lists at your fingertips. This way, your participants enjoy the “seven seas” while your business enjoys peace of mind.

Use Legal Waivers for Water Parks

Use Waivers for Water Parks

Summer is coming and it’s time for some fun! Kids and adults enjoy a refreshing dip or a ride down water slides and tubes.  It’s vitally important for waterparks to use legal release forms to protect themselves.  Add legal waivers to the OnSpot Social app. Then, collect signatures, and send your customers off with a towel and a thirst for fun!

The Bottom Line

Businesses are reopening and excitement is in the air.   You must keep your activity-based brand legally protected. So, use legal waivers for resorts and activity centers.   Collect email addresses to create a comprehensive campaign and turn your customers into loyal repeat visitors.

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