How to Promote an Event: 10 Tips for Promoting Your Event

How you choose to promote your upcoming event has a direct impact on how successful the event will be. It would help if you had every trick and tip to stand out from the crowd when it comes to event marketing.

Your event marketing should start early enough so that you can get the desired outcome and become part of your lead generation marketing methodology.

What are your event marketing goals?

It would help if you determined the main goals of event promotion. The primary purpose of any event promotion effort is to get the desired return on investment. Other goals include the increase of brand visibility, increase customer engagement, and more.

Return on new investment can only be realized when you get the right people to attend your event. We have listed some of the best ways on how to promote your development successfully

How to Promote an Event: 10 Tips for Promoting Your Event - OnSpot
How to Promote an Event: 10 Tips for Promoting Your Event – OnSpot

Ten best ways to market your event

Here are the most creative and best ways  to get as many people as possible to talk about your event and attend:

1.   Email marketing

Email is the oldest digital marketing channel but still supper effective in marketing your events.

OnSpot Social app lets you grow your email list by collecting the address from the field and other venues. The app supports integrates with email marketing software such as Mailchimp to allow you instantly send your event promotion emails to your customers and prospects.

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You may also add your event to your email signature to arouse your audience’s signature and compel them to know about your event.

2.    Create event promotion content

It is not professional to let your event hang in the air. Ensure that your event marketing efforts are worthwhile.

Make an effort to create specific content to promote your event. Remember the event your most loyal attendee is busy, and there are chances that they will miss out on your event announcements. Your content should offer tangible value but not feel too promotional.

Create blog posts and discuss information that is relevant to the upcoming event. Creating compelling event promotional content is one way to ensure a good number of people show up.

3.    Make use of social media

This guide on how to promote your event cannot be complete without mentioning social media event marketing strategy. There are several ways on how to improve your development online. The secret lies in choosing the best channel.

Most of your event attendees most of their time on social media, so should you! The best way to market your event on social media is to determine which channels your attendees spend most of their time on. You, therefore, need to limit yourself to a few essential channels as compared to your preferred social media channel.

Here are the most common social media channels that can get people talking about your upcoming event:

Facebook: Facebook is one of the oldest social media channels. Share your event details on your profile and add a link to where the attendees can get their tickets. Also, engage with your audience as much as possible.

Twitter:  You can use twitter for fast and real-time updates. This can be before or during your events.

Instagram: Instagram is a visual social media channel that can be perfect for sharing some event photos or images.

You can also use social media to run a competition with ticket giveaways or other intended promotions.

4.    Offline event marketing

The old event promotion tactics are still beneficial.  Word of mouth is still a powerful way to promote your upcoming event. Inform your team to mention your fact to each customer that they serve,

Another offline event promotional method includes handing your customers printed postcards that have your event details on them. The postcards serve as a tangible reminder. You may also text them about the event using the OnSpot Social app that allows you to progressively collect customer contacts so that you can text them instantly at checkout.

How to Promote an Event: 10 Tips for Promoting Your Event - OnSpot Social
How to Promote an Event: 10 Tips for Promoting Your Event – OnSpot Social

5.    Influential event marketing

There is a lot of power in influential marketing. Contact your prominent industry individuals and invite them to your event. It doesn’t end there, requests them to talk about the event on social media and other communication channels.

6.    Using Event speakers to promote your event

Assuming that your event is featuring guest speakers, you need to focus on the guest education and industry experience. This will without a doubt create interest among people to attend the event

7.    Free tickets

Free admission is one of the most compelling ways to get people to attend your event. You can offer a free card to media companies or any other reasonable companies and request them to mention the event and the details to their customers as well as share on their social media pages.

8.    Take on cooperate sponsorship to promote your event

Acquiring sponsorship is another way to get your event promoted successfully. The sponsors, in most cases, will advertise your event and ensure that their contacts have details on the same. The results are increased attendance.

9.    Promote your event using attires

Another simple but effective way to promote your development is to use clothes. You can have simple T-shirts printed; they should include your event name and event details. You can get the attires looking as colorful as possible to attract as much audience as possible.

10.    Use videos to market your event

More people are attracted to videos than words. The best way to promote your development is to take advantage of short and live clips from the event. Behind the scenes and event, preparation detail is an excellent place to start.

  • It looks like a minimal effort on your part, but the fact remains that such efforts will pay off seriously in the future.

Live video is extremely engaging, and there are enough statistics that backs that up. There is no doubt that live video will grow your event attendance significantly. Furthermore, live video is affordable, thanks to technology.


Event promotion is not a walk in the park. It requires that you cross several disciplines and have a proper marketing strategy in place. However, with the above steps and dedicated event promotion app such as OnSpot Social app, you will be looking forward to a successful event each time.

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