Best Email Collection App for Your Next Event

Attendees and exhibitors are the most crucial groups of people at any outdoor event. They are undoubtedly the key to making your events a success.  Unfortunately, building long-lasting relationships with them is not easy. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be.  Email collection apps let you capture leads and follow up on new business opportunities on time.

This article reviews the best email collection app to help you make your upcoming events a success!


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OnSpot Social, the best email collection app

Why choose OnSpot Social over the other email collection apps in the market?

1.   Easy email capture

This email collection app lets you capture leads in the simplest and amazing way ever. The app’s multiple screen types let you collect the information you need from your event attendees such as telephone number, email address and more.

  • You can make your email collection campaigns beautiful thanks to its campaign branding feature that lets you add your business logo, font style and background designs to your screens at your outdoor events.

OnSpot Social event app makes it possible for you to capture email addresses from an iPhone, iPad and smartphone simultaneously. This makes it easy for you to manage your campaign progress using the app’s control panel website.

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2.   Customer engagement

The app’s automated emails and text messages feature lets you trigger intended emails and texts from an iPad directly to your customers’ smartphones. Additionally, the automation feature makes it possible for you to send links to sales material to your captured leads so that you can convert them into customers after each successful campaign.

The app allows your potential captures to choose the channel they will like to use for receiving your messages during event campaigns. All you have to do is connect email and auto-text to multiple-choice screens so that your leads can select the materials they want to receive such videos, links and many more.

  • Personalization of content is the key to turning your leads into customers. OnSpot Social features several custom templates so that you can tailor your messages with a compelling call to action.

3.   Digital games

Event attendees want new experiences. It is up to you to give just that and much more. This event app features digital contests to help you encourage lead sign-ups. Use the app’s scratch and win screen with automated text messaging to allow participants to win a prize and immediately receive their coupons.

4.   Real-time reports

Any type of report, whether negative or positive is vital to your business. OnSpot Social app lets you track engagement from any location through the click metrics and campaign completion reports using the control panel website. Such reports will help you make necessary changes to your business’s marketing strategies.

5.   Capture leads on social media

Social media is a goldmine when it comes to event promotion.  Several social media platforms will get you to spread the word about any of your upcoming events fast.

Make use of this app to get more followers on any social media platform you may wish, through the QR codes. Through the automated emails and text messages, send links to your leads containing your social media profiles so that you can convert them into real followers.

  • This email collection app lets you capture vital lead information such as emails, the contact information on social media.

The application also makes it possible for you to add followers on social media channels even when you do not have a strong internet connection.

6.   Tight security

OnSpot Social boosts robust security features so that your mind is at peace to focus on important aspects of your event business. By using the control panel website, you can securely access your data from any location.  Furthermore, the app enables you to upload files in several formats such as Pdf, png, ppt and more. Your content will always be securely hosted and converted into URL and sent to your users through automated text messages.

7.   Works offline

Worried about capturing leads in remote locations? Well, the OnSpot Social app lets you capture emails and contact information from any location. Your auto texts and emails will automatically get delivered to your leads the moment you have an internet connection.


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8.   Seamless integration

OnSpot Social lets you collect data and forward it to other platforms This will help you continue the conversation with the additional messages from the platforms.  OnSpot’s easy integration lets you transfer leads to a Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) or emailing software of your choice.

  • OnSpot simply brings together technology tools to help you bring out the best out of every event you host.

9.   Surveys

OnSpot Social app lets you use its voice of customer app for iPad and iPhone so that you can capture feedback from your employers and customers from anywhere.

The apps’ multiple customizable screens will enable you to capture the type of response you require.  The screens boost ranking, open text feedback and much more.

  • Capture customer feedback at your events even when you are offline and your data will instantly synchronize with your database as soon as you get connected to the internet.

OnSpot Social boosts visual survey like emoticons or 5- star rating so as to let your event attendee determine their satisfaction levels as part of your ongoing mobile customer feedback. As if not enough, you can add a Net Promoter Score screen to your mobile surveys to collect your leads’ response on a scale of 1-10.

Your event attendee feedback can be accessed from the control panel to enable you to quickly diagnose satisfaction trends so that you can make necessary and better business decisions.

10.   Excellent customer support

OnSpot Social app technical team’s expertise is unmatched. You will not have to explain your issue more than once before you are understood. The team is readily available on phone, email or chat.

Our last words

We believe that OnSpot Social comes with several features that are essential to any event business. Remember you are never going to stumble into an easier event lead retrieval process but with the best email capture app, there is no doubt that you will be headed towards the right direction.


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