8 Actionable Steps to Effective data Capture with OnSpot Social

The word “lead”   translates to numbers for most businesses. How do you go about capturing leads and then converting them into sales? Are there actionable steps to effective data capture with an app?

The right data capture and conversion strategies will significantly boost your business. As a business, it is only realistic that you capture numbers and turn them into benefits.

8 Actionable Steps to Effective data Capture with OnSpot
8 Actionable Steps to Effective data Capture with OnSpot

Effective data capture with OnSpot Social app

Collecting data lets, you keep the crucial information about your customers and prospects.  Your brand will then use this information to build the database of customers for marketing and retargeting purposes.

Data capture ensures that you market to the audience that is likely to do business with you.  With such information, your marketing efforts are reasonable to bear fruits within a short time.

1.    Collect relevant information

OnSpot Social app gives you the ability to collect different type of data that is relevant to your business. This means that before you set out to collect data, you will have to determine which prospect and customer information is relevant to your business.

The OnSpot Social app lets you collect email addresses, feedbacks from previous customers, telephone numbers, names, and more.

The app lets you collect unlimited emails for your campaigns. You can also conduct surveys and receive customer feedback in several formats. Remember to customize your app to get the most relevant information for your business.

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8 Actionable Steps to Effective data Capture with OnSpot Social App
8 Actionable Steps to Effective data Capture with OnSpot Social App

1.   Verify data

Data quality is one of the most common problems with lead conversions. Acquiring the wrong email addresses or name is not a simple error that translates to a lost lead.  Understand that if data on your prospect is wrong from the start, most of the steps on lead conversion will automatically be wrong.

OnSpot Social app ensures that you have zero errors during your lead capture process. However, you need to validate the data that you have collected.  This means that you have to test out the information that you have. Send out emails to track how they have been received. With the OnSpot Social app, you will be able to reach out to your lead via emails, text, and through other channels of your choice.

2.   Timely triggers

OnSpot Social app lets you segment your leads depending on how they engage with your content where you have an email capture form.

You will be able to send several types of triggers to capture the lead on your website on time. The result is quality leads that you can nurture.

3.   Use proper communications channels

A good number of businesses use multi-channel when marketing their products or services. To engage with your leads fully, you will have to use their preferred channel. This means that you need to know where they hang out most and when.

For example, if your leads prefer emails, you have to send them emails, call them if that is how they prefer to talk to you.

Whichever channel of communication that your leads choose, OnSpot Social helps you make engagement easy.

4.   Personalization

There are several ways to personalize your reach.  It pays in the end to personalize your email capture campaigns. You can easily do this based on geolocation to show copy in different languages. A good example is that a travel website might personalize an email capture based on destinations browsed by the user.

5.   Follow-ups

When connecting with your target audience and clients, you need to be transparent as much as possible. It would help if you kept on reminding them of your existence in terms of products and services you are offering.

OnSpot Social app comes with an email and automation feature to make it possible for you to make timely and decent follow-ups. You do not need to stop following up after one or two emails. Following up on the right leads is a perfect way to know what they are interested in, so that you can tailor your service and products towards meeting their needs.

A follow up should not be crafty or push; it should arouse the feelings of your clients to make a purchase as soon as possible.

8 Actionable Steps to Effective data Capture with OnSpot Social
8 Actionable Steps to Effective data Capture with OnSpot Social

6.   Feedback

The most successful brands thrive on customer feedback to better their businesses.  Good feedback is vital to building a relationship with your customers.

OnSpot Social app lets you collect vital customer responses so that you can provide your customers with a possible solution to each of your needs.

7.   Integrate CRM database and marketing automation

As early discussed, your ability to convert leads relies on quality processes and proper use of apps such as OnSpot Social. OnSpot Social integrates seamlessly with a CRM platform of your choice to ensure that you make use of your captured leads wisely. The CRM database has the customer details that you have obtained from your lead generation campaigns.

OnSpot Social also integrates with marketing automation of your choice so that you can reach your audience on several platforms.

No doubt, understanding your CRM database and synchronism with an automation platform, you will be able to use the leads appropriately and convert them into sales.


With a dedicated lead capture app such as on the spot social, you can be sure of beating your competitors’ hands down.  Generating leads and measuring conversion is one of the challenges faced by most businesses. The fact is that most companies fail to use the correct conversion strategy for their companies. When talking about lead conversion, the outcome should define transformation.

The lead capture and conversion process should be result oriented from the start. It is essential to measure your efforts because that allows you to manage your results accordingly.

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