Discover the best agency app for marketing agencies

There is no doubt that the world has shifted to mobile.  Marketing agencies have no choice but to use mobile apps on their daily basis. Any marketing agency may feel overwhelmed with operating on mobile. Even though, as you shall discover in this article, the best agency app boost several vital features that are a necessity for any marketing agency.


Discover the best agency app for marketing agencies - OnSpot Social
Discover the best agency app for marketing agencies – OnSpot Social


Why an OnSpot Social app for marketing agencies?

OnSpot Social app has been the market’s leading agency app of all time. We have discussed several features of the app that we believe are the most useful and will help marketing agencies grow businesses significantly.  Read on.

1. Lead capture

Set up your iPad at your retail store and acquire unlimited emails. OnSpot app is the best email collection app that lets you collect emails as you interact with your audience at exhibitions, tradeshows or any other events that you may be hosting or attending.

The app allows you to configure data verification settings to ensure that you can collect high-quality leads. The leads are then transferred to the customer relationship management system (CRM) of your choice through one of the app’s several integrations.

Using the power of automation, the app sends a marketing email with links to digital coupons or sales materials so that you can convert new email subscribers to customers.

2. Increase social media following

It is not easy to convert real-world audience to social media followers! OnSpot Social lets you collect social media signups from any location by allowing the customers to scan a QR code and text or email themselves a link to your social media pages. As if not enough, OnSpot Social displays your Instagram feed as digital signage.

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The app boasts a branding feature which allows you to add your logo, brand colors, font style and other designs to your campaigns so that you can attract an audience for nurturing.

3. Customizable app

Providing the best user experience within the mobile app is still a nightmare for many marketing agencies. Users are looking for effortless navigation, great experience and personalization. It is, therefore, important to provide your clients with an interactive and engaging experience. OnSpot Social agency app comes with customizable features that are perfectly in line with the users’ needs and preferences thus helping them build a strong relationship with your business.

4. Coupons

The best and the quickest way to boost sales is through special offers. It is the reason why shoppers’ coupons are quite popular. OnSpot Social comes with a customizable design so that you can perfect and make the offers as irresistible and effective as possible.


Discover the best mobile agency app for marketing agencies - OnSpot Social
Discover the best mobile agency app for marketing agencies – OnSpot Social


5. In-app chat

The app allows your customers and clients to get to know each other.   Your clients can chat about anything from business to social news; the aim is to get them as engaged as possible. Your clients can now check each others profile and see who is closest to them in terms of location.  Your clients will also use the chat feature to ask questions, raise concerns or place orders.

6. Offline capabilities

It is so frustrating not to use an intended app due to weak internet signal. OnSpot Social lets marketing agencies build in content and interactivity that does not rely on the internet, meaning that the app can work perfectly fine when offline. This feature will allow you as a marketing agency to have a positive user experience even when on the go.

7. Social media integrations

OnSpot Social supports sharing of the same message using different outlets. Social media sharing option is vital because the word of mouth is still effective in building your brand visibility within a short while. Onspot social integrates several social media platforms so that your clients can share the product images or videos directly from the app to the social media platform of their choice. This feature may help some customers get second opinions on the products or services they intend to buy.

8. Optimized for use

This incredible app features an optimized interface, the app does not appear squeezed in various devices. It works perfectly regardless of the device that is being used to browse. The app lets you connect to a larger screen so that you can display your products perfectly.

9. Log in through social media

OnSpot Social lets you give your clients the ability to log in from any social media channel they wish to. It also gives the users options of retrieving their passwords and also reminds them of the social media platform they used while setting up the app. OnSpot Social features user authentication to provide a more personalized experience.   The app lets you adjust content depending on your clients’ needs and interests. This feature lets you avoid mistakes that can be costly such as sending irrelevant offers and information.

10. Visual content

The human mind is programmed to process images before words. OnSpot Social app lets you show your branded videos at the events. You can also showcase product images in different angles at your store thanks to the apps multidimensional features.

Images simply speak volume about your brand as well as the product. It is, therefore, vital to ensure that your products are branded perfectly to help you attract deserved attention from your clients.

11. Easy to use

Ever came across a complicated up you didn’t know what to do to move to the next step?   Your clients will appreciate a simple design that boosts personalization and intuitiveness to make their experience an exceptional one. OnSpot Social comes with a neat design and interactive features that your clients are not likely to dismiss. It offers a simple registration and signing up. As if not enough, your clients will love the simple beauty of colors.

OnSpot Social app’s layout is also simple and navigation is seamless. The app lets you display your products in an impressing manner thus helping you

12. Push notifications

The leading mobile app marketing app OnSpot Social features push notifications that highly enhance customer engagement. Push notifications can be used to tell clients about special offers and discounts.  This in return will help increase your sales significantly. OnSpot Social app boosts several min- app marketing techniques that are linked to the digital channels so that you can get an idea of all the touchpoints that your clients access so that you can come up with a strategy to target them more responsibly.

13. Automation

Automation is always a good option in places where dedicated mobile efforts are not possible. Automation simply makes it possible for marketing agencies to shift the messages from one platform to the other instantly. Software SMS marketing is effective as research shows that out of five SMS sent, four are viewed within five minutes. Remember your clients and prospects are always with their mobile phones or they at least look at their mobile phone once in every hour.

14. Reviews

One fact about any business is that products and services offered cannot always be positive. Always display some negative feedback; it will only lead to a decline in your sales. Buyers are smart and if you only display the positive results they will feel you are trying to mislead them in away.

OnSpot Social app allows you to collect customer feedback from wherever you are. The app can conduct unlimited customer surveys thus making it possible for you to obtain product and service reviews critical for your marketing business.

  • The app boost forms that can be used to collect client emails, receive customer support requests and much more.

15. In-depth analysis

Reports are vital for any business to grow. OnSpot Social app lets you track your return on investment by monitoring your lead capture reports all from a single control panel.

Over to you

The whole idea of using a mobile agency app is to make it easier for you as a marketing agency to get more done perfectly instantly. You have to understand that the success of a mobile agency app depends on the user experience it offers to your clients. OnSpot Social app will help you stand out from the competition.






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