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Can I Send Automated Text Messages?

Wondering if sending an automated text messaging is of an essence? Most businesses in this digital era have discovered how effective text automation is. Research shows that people read at least 90 per cent of the text messages they receive. Sitting at your desk, drafting several messages to your customers will not work in your More >

How to Use AutoText To Build Brand Engagement

With so many brands seeking customer attention, how can your brand come up with an engagement strategy that will earn you rise in sales and customer trust? Autotext is one of the most effective media for getting to your customers in the shortest duration possible. People respond to messages way faster than they respond to More >

What Is The Purpose Of Auto Text?

As a business owner, you might be tempted to focus on big things. However, small things such as reminders to clients, when ignored can lead to a major decrease in sales. So what do you do? With OnSpot Social, you can cut down the workload by automating small tasks. Your customers and prospects are more More >