Case Study: Waiver App for Liability Release

Digital waiver software via the OnSpot App
trek bikes waiver app

Industry: Sporting Goods

Company Type: Bicycle and Cycling Product Manufacturer and Distributor

Company Location:  Headquarters in Waterloo, Wisconsin

About the Company: Founded in 1975 by two friends Dick Burke and Bevil Hogg on the principles of building bikes people love that the Trek team is proud to stand behind. Their constant pursuit of bicycle innovation has helped Trek become a leading bicycle and cycling product manufacturer and distributor.

Marketing Challenge

Trek Bikes knows that when people take their bikes on a test ride, they are more likely to buy the bike. During experiential events, and even at Trek retail stores, consumers can take bikes on a test drive.

For years Trek was using paper waiver forms to have consumers sign off on liability prior to the test ride. The process was cumbersome for employees, as well as, consumers. In the end, Trek ended up with boxes of paper release forms. They knew there had to be a better way.

Marketing Solution

Trek Bikes began using OnSpot Social as a waiver app in order to get rid of paper release forms in exchange for digital release forms that consumers could review and sign off on right from a mobile device.

Whenever someone wants to take a Trek bike on a test ride, either during an event or at a Trek retail location, a Trek employee uses a company iPad along with OnSpot Social to allow the consumer to review the digital release waiver, accept the terms and conditions, and sign the device with their finger.

All of that information is captured on the spot and securely stored in the cloud, creating a seamless process for employees and customers, as well as, removing the need to store thousands of paper forms.

Marketing Results

Over three years of using OnSpot Social as a waiver app at events and in their stores, Trek has successfully used the app with over 23,000 Trek prospects and customers.

Of the data collected:

23,000+ email addresses were captured

18,000+ people used the digital waivers feature

15,000+ digital signatures were collected to sign off on the digital release form

Example Terms & Conditions Screen

Easily allow people to read, and sign off on, digital waivers, liability release forms, and terms & conditions from anywhere.

Combine the Terms & Conditions feature with the Digital Signature Capture feature to allow people to sign off on the waivers with their finger right on the iPad.

Digital waiver software with a digital release form via the OnSpot App

Forget all of the paper waiver forms.

Use the OnSpot Social waiver app to collect waiver signoff from anywhere.