Experiential Marketing Platform for Email Collection and Customer Engagement

What Is an Experiential Marketing Platform?

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The OnSpot Social experiential marketing platform is a marketing technology product which enables companies to manifest magical customer experiences while collecting critical customer data along the way.  If we are to believe the experts, and the experiential trends, we can infer that marketing is evolving into a more experiential discipline. As organizations attempt to bring new experiential marketing ideas to life, an experiential marketing platform is the engine that campaigns are built on top of.

Where Can Brands Use an Experiential Marketing Platform like OnSpot Social?

Anywhere. Brands today need to look at their available sales and marketing landscape as infinite. Wherever your customers are spending time, brands can use experiential marketing combined with technology to get customers engaged. Technology has advanced enough to make this a reality. With the OnSpot Social experiential marketing platform, an iPad and housed in a kiosk for self service experiential marketing campaigns or employees can be enabled with the platform for human-to-human interactions.

The best situations to use an experiential marketing platform like OnSpot Social are:

  • In stores
  • At events
  • In the field during sales & service calls

Let’s now learn about WHAT features are available with OnSpot Social and HOW companies can leverage this experiential marketing platform to increase sales and customer engagement.

Device Profiles

A Device Profile defines the setup for each iPad. This includes everything consumers see and can do in the app, as well as, all of the logic and configuration settings running behind the scenes. Multiple profiles can be saved and used with a single OnSpot Social account.

Whether managing a fleet of iPad devices running the OnSpot platform or a single device, the Device Profiles feature allows Administrators to create and manage profile content remotely by iPad device. This makes it super easy to make changes to OnSpot Social on the fly and push those changes out to all devices real-time.

Experiential Marketing Campaigns

An OnSpot Social Experiential Marketing Campaign is the sequence of branded screens that consumers will interact with through the iPad. Campaigns can be created from the OnSpot Social feature set. OnSpot Social Experiential Marketing Campaigns can be as simple as configuring a single-feature campaign like collecting email addresses or collecting customer reviews on the iPad. Campaigns can also be more customized to take consumers through a sequence of features which flow together creating a unique digitally enabled brand-customer experience in real world environments.

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Device Profiles  can be configured by brands with one, two, or three unique experiential marketing campaigns. These campaigns can each be set up for specific use cases and only used one by one OR the campaigns can be built to flow together to help brands manifest a more robust customer experience. Campaigns can be branded to tie into overarching marking programs.

Email Collection & Lead Capture

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For any company who is still struggling to use paper and pen sign up forms for email collection and lead capture, and then taking time to manually enter all of that information into your email marketing system, there is better way. With the OnSpot Social experiential marketing platform you can collect email addresses, contact information, and leads from anywhere with an iPad. Once data is captured, simply export a .csv file and upload it into your email marketing system OR use one of our many integrations to transfer data real-time to your email marketing system.

No more paper and pen sign up forms!

No more deciphering someone’s bad handwriting!

No more spending time manually entering your email data into your email marketing software.

Benefits of Using an iPad for Email Collection and Lead Capture

  • Using an iPad for email collection and lead capture is much more engaging than paper & pen sign up forms
  • Saves time and the money they would pay someone to manually upload the email addresses
  • Ensures a higher quality email marketing list as OnSpot can detect bad email format and a customers’ bad handwriting doesn’t come into play when using an iPad

3 Ideas for Using an iPad for Email Collection and Lead Capture

  1. Collect email addresses with an iPad from shoppers as they visit your store
  2. Capture leads at events with an iPad whether you have a booth or are simply attending
  3. Collect email addresses and other prospect data during live sales calls

Automated Text Messages & Emails

Have you ever wished that you could deliver super relevant product information, sales announcements, or any other digital marketing content to your customers while they are in your store, at your event booth, or during live sales calls? Now you can!

You can use the OnSpot Social Experiential Marketing Platform to send automated text messages & email which include links to coupons, videos, articles, etc. right on the spot. Customers can elect to provide a mobile number or email address and immediately upon submit, the customer will receive her email or text message to her phone.

The content of the text and email can be customized by the company, as well as, personalized for the customer based on her inputs into OnSpot Social during the experience. For example, if customers are encouraged to play the Scratch & Win game as part of the experience, multiple prizes can be hidden within the game and only the winning prize which was revealed during the customer experience will be sent.

Benefits of Using an iPad to Send Text Messages and Email Real-Time

  • Increase sales by converting more prospects into customers by offering real-time incentives to buy now
  • Enhance customer experiences by conveniently deliver hyper relevant brand content to your customers on the spot
  • Make it easy for your brand content to go viral through social sharing by including sharing mechanisms in the linked content texted to customers from OnSpot

3 Ideas for Using an iPad to Send Text Messages and Email to Customers

  1. Create more engaging shopping experiences by delivering interactive content that shoppers can use to learn about products while they are in your store
  2. Extend sales calls or in-store experiences by delivering hyper-relevant content via text message or email after the initial experience concludes
  3. Generate sales with self service kiosks to allow consumers to send themselves a text message containing a link to your e-Commerce store or a specific product

Digital Coupons

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Kohls does a great job of using coupons in-store to impact customer purchase decisions. Have you been in a Kohls store and an associate pulls out their scratch off coupon which reveals either a 15%, 20% or 30% discount on your purchase? Kohls has figured out a way to increase retail sales by providing customers with hyper-relevant coupons on the spot in their stores.

It’s time for Kohls, and everyone else, to level up!

With our experiential marketing platform brands can increase sales by delivering digital coupons to customers on the spot in stores, at events, and during sales calls in the field. Digital coupons can be sent from OnSpot Social whether the iPad resides in a self service kiosks for customers to engage with or on an employee’s iPad to be used during customer interactions.

Benefits of Using an iPad to Send Digital Coupons to Customers

  • Increase sales by converting more prospects into customers by offering real-time incentives to buy now
  • Deliver hyper-relevant product and service coupons vs. generic discounts to increase sales of new products, high margin items, etc.
  • Track conversions to understand which coupons and promotions are working best

3 Ideas for Using an iPad to Send Digital Coupons to Customers

  1. Generate initial sales for new products and services by incentivizing shoppers with product-specific coupons
  2. Use digital coupons as an incentive for prospects and customers to participate in an experiential marketing campaign in your store or at an event
  3. Create viral coupon sharing by creating “refer a friend” coupons which can be easily shared by customers to their networks

Digital Signage

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Capturing attention is the first step towards sales. Using iPads as digital signs running digital advertisements in real world settings is a great way to capture attention. There are a number of benefits to using iPads as digital signs, but the biggest benefit is that digital signage is more interesting and stimulating than traditional signs, and thus captures attention better than its predecessor.

The OnSpot Social platform also offers companies the option to connect their iPad to a large flat screen monitor to run digital ads on 50+ inch screens for a much more dramatic impact. Imagine running digital ads on a large flat screen which encourages customers to engage with the Campaign you have set up through OnSpot Social on the iPad.

Benefits of Using iPads as Digital Signs

  • Capture attention from customers through visually stimulating signage which cuts through the clutter
  • Rotate multiple messages on a digital sign to tell a fuller story and provide a compelling call-to-action
  • Easily swap messages on your digital sign based on daily, weekly, or monthly objectives without incurring the cost and time delays of traditional signage

3 Ideas for Using iPads as Digital Signs

  1. Use iPads as digital signs as events to encourage foot traffic passing by your booth to “step inside” and learn more about your company
  2. Generate awareness for new products by setting up digital signs displaying new product promotional messaging as aisle display kiosks throughout the appropriate areas of your store
  3. Set up multiple digital signs around your store, each displaying a unique message, and run a contest with OnSpot Social to encourage customers to visit certain areas of your store or review specific products.

Social Billboard

If you thought using iPads as digital signs was a cool feature, how about being able to display your company’s Instagram feed on an iPad in your store or at an event. This social billboard feature connects your brand’s Instagram activities to your in-store or event experience. Creative marketers are using this feature to run creative contests driving social media followers into stores and event booths.

Benefits of Displaying Your Brand’s Instagram Feed In-Store and at Events

  • Generate awareness for your Instagram presence and encourage consumers to follow your company on Instagram
  • Leverage social content in new settings such as your brick-and-mortar location or event booth
  • Promote Instagram contests and engagement opportunities in real world environments

3 Ideas for Displaying Your Brand’s Instagram Feed In-Store and At Events

  1. Share brand-level content from your company’s Instagram feed at the store level
  2. Capture images at your event, post them to Instagram, and then display your Instagram feed and those photos with digital signage at your booth real-time
  3. Encourage Instagram followers to visit your store by posting content on Instagram with special offers for the first people to come to the store, find your Instagram display, and interact with the OnSpot platform

Social Media Community Builder

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Increase your brand’s social media followers by using iPads with the OnSpot Social experiential marketing platform to convert shoppers and event attendees into social media followers. Growing your social media community used to be something you did through online-only tactics. Now you can capture Facebook Likes, collect Twitter Followers, and increase your Instagram Followers from anywhere, like your store, event, or even during in-person sales and service calls. Simply connect your social media accounts to OnSpot Social and then use an iPad to allow your customers and prospects to follow your social accounts.

Benefits of Collecting Social Media Followers with an iPad

  • Growing your social community has become non-local. Add people to your social channels from anywhere with an iPad.
  • Add your biggest advocates, your customers, to your social channels by providing them with an easy way to connect with your brand while your brand is top of mind; when they are in your store or at your event booth
  • Track where your social followers are coming from, which is not easy to do online

3 Ideas for Increasing Your Brand’s Social Media Followers

  1. Run contests in your store or at an event that require participants to connect with your brand on one or all of your social channels
  2. Send anyone who follows your business on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram a follow-up text message with a promotional message and a call-to-action to share the information with friends in order to attract even more potential social followers
  3. Enable all employees with an iPad with the OnSpot platform so that they can build your social community whenever they engage with a potential social community member

Multiple Choice

Collecting customer feedback in a store, at an event, and during sales calls has never been easier.  With or without an internet connection, collect basic multiple choice responses to your survey questions with an iPad. All of your data is securely stored and easily accessed on-demand by .csv download. Mobile data collection through tools like OnSpot Social is allowing brands to conveniently learn about their customers anywhere brand-customer interactions occur.

Benefits of Collecting Data with an iPad

  • Easily capture basic customer survey data during ALL brand-customer interactions, not just online
  • No more paper and pen sign-up forms and surveys – capture all data digitally and upload it into your CRM or ESP
  • Completing multiple choice questions on an iPad is much easier for your customers than filling out paper and pen forms

3 Ideas for Collecting Multiple Choice Survey Data with an iPad

  1. Collect lead segmentation data through multiple choice feedback questions at events and tradeshows
  2. Collect product feedback in store on an iPad
  3. Enable sales reps with the ability to collect multiple choice responses on an iPad during sales meetings

Surveys & Customer Reviews

Video Player

The OnSpot Social experiential marketing platform allows brands to easily share video content with customers anywhere brand-customer interactions occur. Video is a great way to engage customers and share brand stories. Until the release of OnSpot Social, it has been impossible for brands to provide hyper-relevant video content to customers when those customers have a need real-time. Now, through OnSpot Social, brands can engage customers with video content on the spot from anywhere. All that is needed is an iPad and the OnSpot platform. Brands can also include survey questions within your campaign to capture feedback after the video finishes.

Benefits of Including Video In the Customer Experience

  • Video captures attention better than static imagery or content, and is much more engaging than both.
  • Being able to deploy video it in hyper-relevant situations through OnSpot Social and mobile devices like the iPad will create brand loyalty from customers, and aid in driving sales.
  • Video content is much more scaleable compared with using humans to deliver that same message. Not that videos should replace human interactions, but it should compliment and enhance. Being able to tap a button to watch a video on an iPad located right next to the product which you’re trying to learn about is much more convenient than having to find a sales associate who may or may not know much about the product.

3 Ideas for Using Video to Create Unique Customer Experiences

  1. New product or service promotion can be amplified in stores, at events, and during live customer demos by complimenting the traditional brand-customer experience with video-based content.
  2. Want to show customers how products were sourced? Consider using video content displayed on iPads next to the products in your store.
  3. If your company has a technical product or service which needs to be a explained, video content is a much more engaging and scaleable way to provide those instructions to customers. The OnSpot platform can be loaded onto to sales reps iPads so that they can use video tutorials to better educate customers and prospects.

Scratch & Win

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A great way to get customers and prospects engaged in brand-related activities is through games and contests. Everyone loves to win something. The OnSpot Social experiential marketing platform brings the concept of lottery scratch off tickets to the iPad. When executing an experiential marketing campaign, pay it off with customers by allowing them to scratch and win a prize. Consumers simply slide their finger back and forth wiping away the prize border to reveal the hidden prize or coupon. Prizes can be customized so up to four different prizes can be revealed and won by participants.

Combine the Scratch & Win feature with the Automated Text Message feature to let winners text themselves their coupon or a link to their prize. This is a great way to convert shoppers into customers on the spot in-store OR convert leads into customers at events.

Benefits of Using iPads to Run Games and Contests In Stores and At Events

  • Reduce costs associated with executing games and contests by removing the need to develop and print contest materials. Far too often running a game or contest for your brand can be super expensive before even spending money on the prize. Using a tool like the OnSpot platform can reduce the need to spend big on gaming materials. Everything can be executed through the platform and the iPad.
  • Interactive games and contests running on mobile devices can be more engaging than traditional brand contests which leads to more participants
  • Contests and games lead to social sharing. People love winning prizes. They also love capturing those moments and sharing them on social media. Brands can take advantage of this predictable behavior to generate more awareness for their products and services.

3 Ideas for Using Games and Contests to Engage Customers

  1. Car dealerships can use the OnSpot Social experiential marketing platform to let car shoppers play games and win prizes while shopping for a new car. Dealerships love running contests like Spin the Wheel and Scratch & Win to draw consumers into their dealership. The OnSpot platform provides car dealerships, and other similar businesses, with the ability to execute fun games in their store, while also collecting valuable customer data which is not currently possible with traditional games and contests not powered by technology.
  2. Retail stores, like Kohls, can use OnSpot Social to offer coupons to shoppers in store. I use Kohls as an example because they are notorious for sending out the printed 15%, 20%, and 30% off coupons to shoppers. The Scratch & Win game can be used to let shoppers win coupons for use in-store on the spot.
  3. Sponsoring an upcoming event? Spending big bucks to have a booth at the big trade show later this year? Why not run a lead capture contest in your event booth with an iPad and the OnSpot Social experiential marketing platform to let booth visitors play a game and win fun brand-related prizes in exchange for capturing their contact information with the iPad.

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Features Included in All Plans

All of the features detailed above are critical in creating remarkable technology-enabled customer experiences. That said, without some of the “behind the scenes” features, our core features would not function as well. Here are 6 features which are included in all OnSpot Social subscription plans:

  • Easy set up – The user-guided configuration feature set within the web admin makes setting up Profiles and Campaigns for the platform super simple and quick. There are built in templates for even faster set up.
  • No internet required – The platform will function and collect customer data with-or-without an internet connection. When using the platform in offline mode all of the data will be stored locally on the device. The next time OnSpot Social detects an internet connection the data will automatically be pushed securely to the server.
  • Branding & customization – As mentioned above, templates help companies looking to get started right away. For the brands who want to create custom branded experiences, that is also possible to. Brands can upload custom background screens, logos, and brand materials within the Profile builder. If branded materials are approved and ready to upload, set up can still be completed in minutes even for a branded experience.
  • Remote Device Management – Easily manage all devices, subscriptions, and profiles from a single web dashboard via the OnSpot Social web admin site. If you are running the OnSpot Social experiential marketing platform at multiple locations and on multiple devices, the single login and remote device management feature saves time for the person in charge of managing the program.
  • On-demand data transfer – At the core of the OnSpot platform is the ability to collect customer data from anywhere through mobile technology like the iPad. As brands use the platform to enable customer experiences, all of the data that is collected throughout those interactions is securely stored with OnSpot Social. Brands can then download data into Excel or even take advantage of one of our many integrations with email service providers like Constant Contact and Aweber and sales / CRM platforms like Salesforce.com.
  • Real-time analytics – Where there is data being collected, reporting and analytics are sure to follow. One of the most critical features of OnSpot Social is real-time analytics. Through the web admin, executives and program managers can check performance both in aggregate and down to the device / store level through our on-demand reporting dashboard.