4 Ways to Boost Customer Engagement with Auto Text

Coming up with effective ways to engage customers is the biggest nightmare of all time for most business. Fortunately, a text lets you reach them anytime and can prove to be one of the best forms of customer engagement software tools available. Research shows that about 94% of texts are read.  Everyone has a messaging service on their phone.  The service cannot be installed at any particular time, as a business that is good news.

You can no longer ignore the positive results that come auto text engagement. Also called text marketing, this strategy is one of the most preferred communication strategies for most businesses because of its increased promotion success,  tremendous open rates and the responsive audience just to name but a few. Read this article to the end to find out the best ways to boost your customer engagement and also how the OnSpot Social app comes to your rescue

customer engagement software
customer engagement software

How to boost customer engagement with auto text

Auto text is one of the most effective marketing tools in 2019. Even though,  as a business, you will have to adhere to look into some factors to make this work in your favor. Here is what to do to boost your customer engagement with auto text:

1.   Seek approval

Your customers need to be respected at all times.  In line with this, it is unethical to send texts to people without their permission.   Remember that your customers are protected by unwanted solicitation by law t all times. Permission-based marketing dictates that you seek your customer approval first before you send them any messages. Rather than forcing your text on them, here are simple ways you can entice them into your SMS opt-in:

  • Ask your customers to opt-in on your website
  • Let your customers fill in contest entries during events
  • Request them to text a particular keyword to a short code (explained in a minute…)

In order to boost your customer engagement with the auto text, you will need to adhere to this simple principle.

2. Brand yourself differently

Texts use shortcodes. A short code is that  4 or 5 digit phone number that your business will use for its mass mobile communication. You need an auto text shortcode for larger, marketing purposes.

Shortcodes are easier to remember because they are shorter than typical phone numbers. Any shortcode has to be approved by a wireless communication service for marketing purposes.  They are optimized to send the messages fast to a large audience.

As a business, you need to stay open to new trends that better how to carry out operations.  Getting your business a shortcode is one best way of boosting your customer engagement with auto text

2.   Be Short and sweet

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Your customers are busy people; do not assume that they have all the time in the world to go through a long boring text! Do not abuse the privilege of your customers wanting to hear from you. Your message has to give them valuable information and of course an offer they can’t resist.

How do you minimize opt-outs? It’s simple, find a balance between your offers and the information you give your customers.

Besides opting out, some of your customers may even file complaints with your wireless carrier and this may lead to your messages being permanently blocked.

3.   Make use of keywords

Keywords are simply the terms that your customers will use to text to the shortcode in order to engage with you. The keywords should be relevant to what your business is offering in terms of your services or products. This is just a simple way of boosting customer engagement, that is often ignored by most businesses.

4.   Time is everything, it is all you got!

Time is money! Yes, that’s right. Auto texts help you build personal relationships with your customers. This also gives them a good opportunity to ask questions about your products and services or even give feedback about the same. A customer might narrate you their experience with certain products or services that you offer, they may also tell you what you need to do to improve your services or products. All this information is priceless to your business! To keep them engaged at all times, you will need to make use of an app such as OnSpot Social that will automatically send personalized follow-up texts.

5.   Offer text-based customer care

Research shows that most people are using their phones at least once per hour. You can use this information to your advantage and create convenient customer engagement. Let your customers be able to reach you through your text so that you quickly respond and engage further.  Of course, you will not have to be walking around with your phone, you can simply use a web platform for this function.

6.   Send Reminders

We all need to be reminded about something at one given time. To optimally engage your customers, schedule automatic messages to your customers to remind them about ongoing promotion, discounts or new products and services.

7.   Re-evaluate your business

How will you improve your return on investment when you have no idea how your campaigns are performing? As a business, it is vital that you thoroughly evaluate which auto texts are working and which ones aren’t. This is the only way that you can come up with strategies to improve your auto text game.

An app such as OnSpot Social lets you capture leads effortlessly. This allows you to sit down and think of how to polish your auto text campaigns for increased business returns.

customer engagement solutions
customer engagement solutions

Why OnSpot Social for increased auto text engagement?

OnSpot Social is one of the leading auto text marketing apps in the market today. The app comes with several features that are aimed at changing the way you run operations as a business.

  • The app enables you to fully collect your customer contact information and classify your audience based on factors that you deem significant. It then sends out auto texts to your clusters.
  • The app sends pre-scheduled texts thanks to its drip campaigns that let you do more including sending automated birthday messages to your customers. Remember that appreciating your customers builds trust hence increased loyalty. Small acts of kindness such as sending the birthday messages will significantly build your engagement and relationship.
  • The app comes with a unique reporting feature that helps you evaluate your messaging marketing strategies often. The OnSpot Social app lets you into opt-in rates, click through rates so that you are able to know how engaged your customers are.
  • The app features an automated message drip campaigns. As if not enough, it lets you create auto responses fast so that you are able to engage with your clients on time.
  • OnSpot Social is more focused on customer engagement and satisfaction more than anything else!. For this reason, the app easily integrates with other marketing platforms so that it is easier for you to import and export customer information for follow-ups. This in return boosts your customer engagement significantly.
  • OnSpot Social probably has the most robust support resources out there. The customer support team can be effortlessly reached through phone, SMS, live chat or email.

OnSpot Social is one app that comes with several excellent features but with a surprisingly affordable price. It comes with an annual and a one-time purchase plan. Whichever plan works for you, we are confident that the app offers a solution to your auto text nightmare.

Wrapping up

As a business, you may have other of engaging your customers. However, one cannot ignore the power of an auto text. Market automation is taking the world by storm and yes, the results are visible!.

We hope that our tips above helped you boost your auto text customer engagement as desired.

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