Why Is Experiential Marketing Important?

Most brands are driven by Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics and have almost forgotten about creating a personal experience with their customers.  Coming up with the best experiential marketing strategies is the first step towards creating an amazing experience for you and your customers.

Experiential marketing explained

Customer engagement is vital for any business that aims at building a positive image in the market.  A brand usually involves its customers in a series of activities that are fun, special and not easily forgettable.

In other words, experiential marketing simply allows customers to have tangible and memorable experiences that in the end help create a stronger long-lasting bond between them and the brand.

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Is experiential marketing important?

This aspect of product and service marketing is highly personal and involving. This is almost the only way to stay ahead of your competitors in today’s tactical business world. Here are several reasons as to why you need to look into experiential marketing if you already haven’t!

1. Creates brand awareness

Each brand aims at people knowing their visions, background and unique story. Experiential marketing gives any brand an ability to engage customers widely in a uniquely special way so as to keep them spreading the word to friends and family.  Customers are not likely to share what they don’t believe in. For this reason, experiential marketing helps customers interact with brands’ products and services so that they are able to spread the word about the brand to those close to them.

2.  Initiates long-lasting relationships

Customers all over the world are craving for a more personal experience. Fortunately, experiential marketing gives brands a chance to create that long lasting unique relationship. Events carried out by business are usually aimed at giving an audience a one on one experience that they are not likely to forget. Any brand that shows how much they value their customers usually makes more sales constantly thanks to its loyal customer base.

3. Creates room for business analysis and evaluation

Experiential marketing gives brands a chance to interact with their clients, especially during events.  Business can take advantage of this to track attendance so as to define how engaged their clients are. Data simply gives a business the information they need in order to improve or cement their marketing strategies in the future so as to reach a larger audience.

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Information gathered from experiential marketing has helped several companies change their marketing game for the better including refining their social media campaigns.

4. Increases sales directly

Allowing your customers to try your physical products during an event is a sure way to increase your sales. It also gives you honest real-time feedback. Additionally, event apps such as OnSpot Social enables you to engage your customers with product or service demos hence increasing your chances of making sales.

With the help of your iPad, OnSpot Social app lets customers play scratch and win game as they shop. It then selects random winners and texts them their prizes making the whole experience entertaining and unforgettable to your customers.

best experiential marketing

5. Boost brands loyalty

Brands that create the best experiential experience enjoy endless loyalty from their customers. You can bet that no one forgets an emotional hands experience easily.  Creating a brand affinity is not easy; however several experiential marketing events can result in that. Most brands are only able to enjoy brand repeat customers after years of creating the best experiential experiences.

6. Attracts investors

Creating the best experiential experiences is one the best effortless way to earn respect from several media channels and influencers. Experiential marketing simply helps a brand attract influential parties that are willing to share the brand’s mission and co values to a larger audience. Other experiences may lead to long-lasting beneficial business partnerships.

7. Helps target a larger audience

One of the best ways to let people know about your products and services is to go to their comfort zone and talk to them. You may use data from various event organizers platforms to help you find out where your target audience hangs out most.

Experiential marketing, in this case, gives you a chance to meet your goals in a simple way.  OnSpot Social will then help you collect social media signups using your iPad. The app simply converts your leads and real-life customers into your social media followers.   Social media is a powerful marketing tool that will help you boost your sales and brand image tremendously.

During the events, the app also helps you collect unlimited emails and captures customer information so that you are able to automatically send mobile coupons and text messages from your iPad directly into your customer’s mobile phones

8.  Generates content Ideas

Creating unique content is a vital component of any successful marketing strategy.   Generating unique content still remains one of the worst nightmares among several brands. Fortunately, experiential marketing events give you endless ideas of the type of content that your audience loves to interact with.

  • Your brand will find it easier to supplement the existing Search engine Optimization tactics with each content you create after the marketing events.

One great content idea for your brand is writing on the details of each event you host and impact it creates among your customers, your content is likely to increase your brand awareness across several media channels once shared.


We all love attending events or at least I do! Events are fun, especially when providing meaningful services or products. Brands should seriously consider hosting excellent events so as to create experiences that are not just aimed at making sales.

Creating a genuine experience will help you make sales from even from the most resistant audience. Experiential marketing, when combined with the fun factor, yields great results that your brand needs to stay ahead of the stiff market competition. Remember that experiential marketing has gained much popularity among top brands because it works!

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